Catching Pokémon with the new Pokémon Go Plus -
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Catching Pokémon with the new Pokémon Go Plus

TechCrunch - 16 Sep 2016
All you have to do to pair is open Go on your device, go to the main menu (tap the Pokéball icon) and then hit Settings. There's a new “Pokémon Go Plus” menu item provided you're on the latest version, and then you just press the physical button on ...
pokemon go plus

Pokemon Go Makes Massive Changes to Raids - 22 Nov 2017
The big news here is that Pokemon Go is doubling down on EX Raids taking place at sponsored locations. Players will be rewarded for frequenting those gyms, since EX Raid Passes will be handed out to players with high-level Gym Badges. On the plus side, ...
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Pokemon Go Plus Deluxe Accessory Set Launching in Japan

AOTF - 28 Oct 2017
Pokemon Go is testing a new product in the Japanese market, launching a Deluxe Set with various accessories related to Pokemon Go Plus. Apart from the main device, the box includes a series of stickers to customize our Pokemon Go Plus, a ring accessory ...
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Pokemon Go AR Photo Winners Announced

Future Game Releases (press release) (blog) - 18 Nov 2017
Out of that number, they've selected 10 winners. Here are the 10 best AR photos from the first AR photo contest: The winners get Pokemon Go Prize Pack with Pokemon Go Plus, a poster autographed by the Pokemon Go team and wireless Bluetooth earbuds.
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Pokemon GO Halloween has a new star: So says Reddit

SlashGear - 25 Oct 2017
With a capture ratio of around 0.3%, users are having one heck of a time capturing this new Shiny Pokemon – but it's out there! It doesn't matter what part of the world you're in, nor does it matter whether you've got a Pokemon GO Plus – it's out there!
pokemon go plus

Pokémon Go Halloween Event: Rare Shiny Sableye Pokémon Available

International Business Times - 26 Oct 2017
This year's event is expected to spawn the rare Shiny Pokémon Sableye, which generally has a low spawn rate of 0.3 percent, that too in the Pokémon Go Plus version. The Pokémon was found during a new survey submitted on Wednesday regarding the ...
pokemon go plus

Pokémon GO Plus iOS 11 bug bijna opgelost volgens Niantic

NWTV - 19 Nov 2017
Al sinds september hebben gebruikers van iPhone's last van de Pokémon GO Plus iOS 11 bug. Toen werd de laatste versie van de software van Apple vrijgegeven en ondanks dat deze problemen al bestonden tijdens de bèta, werd toen pas opgemerkt door ...
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Halloween Pokémon Go event comes with with Gen 3 Pokémon

Siusto - 25 Oct 2017
After its release the game instantly became popular and massive crowds were seen outside in search of Pokémon. Fans can also use the Pokémon Go Plus, a Bluetooth wearable device which allows players to perform actions without looking at their phone.
pokemon go plus

「Pokémon GO Plus」をもう失くしたくない人に「TrackR pixel」

ケータイ Watch - 07 Nov 2017
特に冒頭、紹介したように「Pokémon Go Plus」のような、紛失しやすいアイテムにはぴったり。どんな形で付けて、持ち運ぶか、しっくり行くまで試行錯誤はあるかもしれないが、最初からストラップも付いていたりするので、あまり深く考えずに導入できるのもいい。モノだけではなく、 ...
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The Pokemon Go Plus is a game-changer if you play a ton

Destructoid - 11 Aug 2017
I'm a little late to the party, but I finally acquired a Pokemon Go Plus accessory this past week. I mean hey, you can't fault me for a lack of trying -- despite several media requests and constant online outlet camping, I just couldn't procure one for ...
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The new iPhone X - find out what you get for £1000

Devon Live - 21 Nov 2017
There are also a lot of mobile gaming companies experimenting with AR, inspired by the stratospheric success of Pokemon Go last year. But one can't help but feel that the "killer app" for AR hasn't arrived yet. Most of the available applications are a ...
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Ring accessory for Pokémon GO Plus arriving in Japan tomorrow

9to5Mac - 14 Jul 2017
As reported by Eurogamer, The Pokémon Go Plus Ring Accessory should launch tomorrow in Japan for an affordable 400 yen (about $3.50) and will clip onto the Plus. There's been no official news about the accessory or details about a worldwide release for ...

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