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The Polar Vortex Has Split

The Weather Channel - 16 Feb 2018
The polar vortex has been the subject of recent chatter among meteorologists this week after it split. In short, there are now two smaller vortices: one over western Canada and another over Europe. Across the Arctic, where the polar vortex typically ...
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Polar vortex could plunge Britain into deep freeze

The Times - 16 Feb 2018
are ominous signs of a much longer and tougher cold spell coming towards the end of the month and into March, and the polar vortex is to blame. During the dark days of winter over the Arctic, incredibly cold air in the stratosphere swirls around in the ...
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Arctic Warm Spells Linked to Nasty Winter Weather on East Coast

Scientific American - 14 Mar 2018
Some studies have indicated that rapid warming in the Arctic changes the flow of air between the North Pole and the lower latitudes, disrupting major air currents in the process. Jennifer Francis, one of the new study's co-authors, has published ...
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Europe colder than North Pole this week thanks to polar vortex

Newshub - 03 Mar 2018
The extreme weather battering Europe, the UK and the East Coast of the United States is being traced back to something known as the polar vortex. When it's strong it keeps the cold air in the Arctic, but when it's weak, like right now, the cold air ...
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Report: Warmer Arctic may be causing Northeast storms

SouthCoastToday.com - 16 Mar 2018
That instability, a slowing of the jet stream, the fast moving winds at the outer edge of the polar vortex, can cause a sloshing effect. The cold air follows the jet stream south, dipping low over North America, causing extreme cold and triggering ...
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How a split in the polar vortex helped turn up the heat in Florida

Palm Beach Post (blog) - 20 Feb 2018
The wintertime spell of record heat continued in Florida this week with a seasonal oddity in Earth's northern latitudes partly to blame. A split in the polar vortex, a pinwheel of stratospheric arctic air that circles the North Pole, helped force ...
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Does a warmer Arctic mean colder winters?

EarthSky - 17 Mar 2018
A new study – published March 13, 2018, in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Communications – again links warming Arctic temperatures to colder weather. Although this correlation is far-from-settled science, these particular researchers did find that ...
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Diary of a Winter Commuter: The Polar Vortex

Bicycle Times Magazine - 02 Mar 2018
This gear is what will protect me against the death grip of the Polar Vortex on my commute to and from work. Even the bike I ride in the winter (1995 Barracuda 26er) handles oddly in this chill and it feels like it's fighting me a little bit. The tires ...
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Q&A: What does all this snow mean for climate change?

The Guardian - 28 Feb 2018
It could also trigger the release of methane – a very strong greenhouse gas – trapped in the tundra. Q: Could it be connected to the blizzards that many people are experiencing? A: In December, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ...

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