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Winter Came And Appears to Be Sticking Around JC Penney

Dealbreaker - 22 May 2018
$JCP may need to invest in a weather bubble if they want to survive the lingering after-effect of the polar vortex that is the crux of their lackluster retail performance. Lowe's, a company made up of handymen, has some contraption stored away that ...
polar vortex

Warmth Boosts Planting and Progress

DTN The Progressive Farmer (blog) - 22 May 2018
At the same time, the reason for a warmer forecast is that the polar vortex is repositioning farther north, moving into northern Canada. This repositioning of the polar vortex will inhibit the southward movement of cold air into the U.S. As for the ...
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Early snow 'no predictor' for ski season

9news.com.au - 11 May 2018
Shock snowfalls across New South Wales do not necessarily guarantee a bustling ski season, weather experts have warned. Temperatures continue to drop in New South Wales alpine areas as a 'polar vortex' cold snap stretches across eastern Australia.
polar vortex

Wednesday's Best Bet: Pour Girl to rebound at Indiana Grand

Horse Racing Nation (press release) (blog) - 22 May 2018
#7 Polar Vortex (8-1) – Here is the other Tim Glyshaw starter. Off a 113-189 day layoff, Glyshaw is 2 for 5 over the past year. This filly ran some decent races at Fair Grounds in her past two starts, earning 100 and 102 TimeformUS Speed Figures. Toss ...
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THE BIG PICTURE: A Cold Comparison

POWER magazine - 01 May 2018
The “bomb cyclone,” a winter storm that descended on much of the eastern U.S. from December 27, 2017, to January 8, 2018, renewed the raging debate about resiliency and prompted flashbacks of the “polar vortex,” a similar deep freeze that transpired in ...
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'Twin peaks': Sydney prepares for double burst of polar chill

The Sydney Morning Herald - 09 May 2018
Sydney's run of record warmth will come to a sudden halt on Friday, with the first of two blasts of Antarctic chill passing over the city within days. An intense cut-off low, spawned by circumpolar winds, will bring heavy falls to southern parts of ...
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Is the polar vortex back? Be afraid, frigid friends.

Washington Post - 29 Dec 2017
It was too cold to, among other things, ice skate Thursday morning. Washington woke to its coldest December morning in almost a decade, and the frigid and the frightened braced for what promises to be the chilliest stretch of winter in two years. Much ...
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The Polar Vortex Has Split: Here's What That Means For You

The Weather Channel - 14 Feb 2018
A split of the polar vortex occurred this week due to warming in the stratosphere. This is likely to result in cold temperatures in Europe. Although a disruption of the polar vortex is sometimes associated with cold weather in the eastern U.S., that is ...
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The polar vortex just split. What does that mean for us?

USA TODAY - 16 Feb 2018
There are all sorts of things going on above our heads. The polar vortex, winter's favorite whipping boy, has split into two pieces. On top of that, we're also enduring "sudden stratospheric warming." Should we head for the hills? What does it all mean?

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