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polar vortex

Arctic observations may help in predicting tropical cyclones

The Tribune - 23 Sep 2018
The tropospheric polar vortex, sometimes, extends toward mid-latitudes accompanied with the meandering of mid-latitude westerly jets. This extension can occur even in summer, that is, in August-September, where the meandering and extension were ...
polar vortex

All that glitters

The Australian - 21 Sep 2018
It was cold outside — the “polar vortex” had sent temperatures plummeting at the turn of the new year — and the group was eating Korean barbecue and soup after a night of karaoke when Miranda Kerr, the Australian supermodel, walked in. She had come ...
polar vortex

Sports Roundup: Friday, September 21, 2018

DesMoinesRegister.com - 22 Sep 2018
Seventh (3 yo's & up, 350 Yards)—1 Fast N Famous Jeans (Dominguez) 4-1; 2 Island Gurl (Torres) 9-5; 3 The Polar Vortex (Esqueda) 3-1; 4 Storming Red Chickie (Packer) 7-2; 5 Spooftrain 7 (Gutierrez) 9-2. Eighth (3 yo's & up, 330 Yards)—1 Summer ...
polar vortex

From local bottles to screw caps, a decade of wine trends

Washington Post - 21 Sep 2018
And I wrote about the heartbreak of an Ohio vintner who saw his wines devastated by the polar vortex of 2014 and faced the hard task of revitalizing his vineyard. There were other changes in the wider world of wine. This decade saw the ...
polar vortex

Hurricane Florence No Problem For Nuclear Power Plants

Forbes - 13 Sep 2018
In 2014, a Polar Vortex shut down natural gas and coal plants, and stopped wind turbines and solar generation. But nuclear performed wonderfully and provided more power to the hard-hit northeast than any other source. Whether it's hurricanes, floods, ...
polar vortex

Finding the pulse of the polar vortex

Stanford University News - 12 Jul 2018
If you can predict the path of the jet stream, the upper atmosphere's undulating river of wind, then you can predict weather – not just for a week or two, but for an entire season. A new Stanford study moves toward that level of foresight by revealing ...
polar vortex

The polar vortex just split. What does that mean for us?

USA TODAY - 16 Feb 2018
There are all sorts of things going on above our heads. The polar vortex, winter's favorite whipping boy, has split into two pieces. On top of that, we're also enduring "sudden stratospheric warming." Should we head for the hills? What does it all mean?
polar vortex

Pulse of the polar vortex revealed: A key to mapping future storms

Science Daily - 10 Jul 2018
In the other mode, the strength of the stratosphere's polar vortex influences the path and strength of the jet stream -- and how it interacts with storms in the troposphere. In this mode, the polar vortex sends a signal all the way down to the surface ...
polar vortex

Meteo gelido in Italia e Polar Vortex o Vortice Polare

Meteo Giornale - 10 Sep 2018
La presentazione del Polar Vortex (Vortice Polare), comunque ci porta a fare il seguente ragionamento: quando abbiamo una AO negativa (Vortice Polare che fluttua) ci sono irruzioni d'aria fredda). Per l'Italia è molto utile l'aggravante di una NAO ...
polar vortex

Is the polar vortex back? Be afraid, frigid friends.

Washington Post - 29 Dec 2017
In our region, polar protocols kicked in at preschools, zoos, utility stations and even ice rinks. At the National Gallery of Art's outdoor ice rink on the Mall, the morning thermometer was in the teens when officials invoked the below-20 rule. Any ...

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