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Pulse of the polar vortex revealed: A key to mapping future storms

Science Daily - 10 Jul 2018
In the other mode, the strength of the stratosphere's polar vortex influences the path and strength of the jet stream -- and how it interacts with storms in the troposphere. In this mode, the polar vortex sends a signal all the way down to the surface ...
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Saturday's Canterbury Park results

Minneapolis Star Tribune - 22 Jul 2018
2 • The Polar Vortex (Esqueda) 3.20. Time: :15.34. Exacta: 10-4, $38.20. Trifecta: 10-4-2, $100.00. Superfecta: 10-4-2-7, $191.06. Daily Double: 5-10, $73.90. Scratched: Jess Great, Jjsir James. 3 5 furlongs. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Claiming: $4,000.
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Wind and solar are called clean for a reason

The Hill - 08 Jul 2018
This is all while maintaining the reliability of the U.S. energy grid. According to American Wind Energy Association during the 2014 “polar vortex,” wind power continued producing electricity and it saved consumers in the Mid-Atlantic and Great Lakes ...
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A klímaváltozás nem kopogtat, már berúgta az ajtót

Index - 17 Jul 2018
Hogy mi a polar vortex? A Föld sarkainál lévő nagy kiterjedésű alacsony légnyomású terület, ami lényegében ott tartja a hideg, nagy tömegű levegőt a sarkoknál. A polar vortex erőssége folyamatosan változik, télen erősebb, mint nyáron, de évről évre is ...
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Is the polar vortex back? Be afraid, frigid friends.

Washington Post - 29 Dec 2017
In our region, polar protocols kicked in at preschools, zoos, utility stations and even ice rinks. At the National Gallery of Art's outdoor ice rink on the Mall, the morning thermometer was in the teens when officials invoked the below-20 rule. Any ...
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The polar vortex just split. What does that mean for us?

USA TODAY - 16 Feb 2018
There are all sorts of things going on above our heads. The polar vortex, winter's favorite whipping boy, has split into two pieces. On top of that, we're also enduring "sudden stratospheric warming." Should we head for the hills? What does it all mean?
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Another Polar Vortex, Natural Gas And Argentina's Growing Drought

Seeking Alpha - 23 Jan 2018
First of all, stocks of natural gas are finally coming down and this week's EIA should show another big draw of supply, in part due to shut-ins, in the Gulf last week, as temps fell into the lower 20's. On top of that, we continue to feel that a Polar ...
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A Polar Vortex Expert Explains Why It's So Freakin' Cold

Daily Beast - 03 Jan 2018
Stepping outside has become a physical feat in itself across the United States, with stories coming out daily in the past week exploiting how cold it is. People have shot videos pouring out boiling water that instantly transformed into ice. In some ...
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Polar vortex defies climate change in the Southeast US

Science Daily - 15 Feb 2018
According to a new study, the location of this anomaly, known as the 'US warming hole,' is a moving target. During the winter and spring, the US warming hole sits over the Southeast, as the polar vortex allows arctic air to plunge into the region ...

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