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polar vortex

Weekend weather: Rain, chance of flurries, polar vortex

Cincinnati.com - 09 Nov 2018
Rain, snow and a polar vortex are going to bring less than stellar weather this weekend in Cincinnati. Chances of snow will bookend the weekend and Saturday's predicted high is only 37. We've already had a cold front sweep through the area, which could ...
polar vortex

Stulls dominate Polar Vortex Cyclocross race

Kenai Peninsula Online - 21 Oct 2018
The Anchorage Invasion made its annual trip to the Kenai Peninsula on Saturday afternoon to dominate the front of the field at the Polar Vortex Cyclocross race at the Tsalteshi Trails. Anchorage rider Jamie Stull paved the way for a Stull family sweep ...
polar vortex

Coldest air of the season on the way

WUSA9.com (blog) - 10 Nov 2018
Very cold air is always trapped up in the polar region of the Northern Hemisphere within a strong circulation known as the 'Polar Vortex'. It's not a new term, just one that's become popularized in the past number of years. What this circulation does ...
polar vortex

Canada is out-snowing the King of Winter

The Weather Network - 16 Oct 2018
This in turn sets in motion effects that act to weaken our stratospheric polar vortex, causing it to wobble and split up, inviting pieces of it to travel south into North America with anomalously cold shots of Arctic air. The image below illustrates ...
polar vortex

Lighted Santa Cruises on Geneva Lake are like a watery Polar Express

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 09 Nov 2018
5 this season. To board the brightly lit Santa Cruise boats, passengers go through what Gage calls the “polar vortex machine,” which produces a tunnel of fog to make them feel as if they are heading to a snowy landscape. Before they leave, the ...
polar vortex

Farmers need dry weather to complete harvest

The Star Beacon - 04 Nov 2018
“The polar vortex showed us the kind of grapes we need to focus on,” she said. One of the keys is a lot more emphasis on vinifera grapes and hybrids will be planted as they are able to weather some of the chilly temperatures. “In the long run we will ...
polar vortex

Chris Yates' 2018-2019 Winter Outlook

CIproud.com - 09 Nov 2018
Peoria, IL - Thanks to a few early season snowfalls in October and November, the 2018-2019 winter season has begun and it's looking like it may be a cold one! There are several factors that come into play when making a seasonal forecast. Looking at ...
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New York's Winter Forecast a Toss-up This Year

Claims Journal - 02 Nov 2018
It goes like this: If snow advances across Eurasia during October, covering more ground than normal, then there's a good chance the polar vortex – the winds that corral arctic cold – will break down during the winter. That would free waves of bitter ...
polar vortex

Extra Arctic Observations Can Improve Hurricane Forecasts

WeatherNation - 30 Oct 2018
Upper-level observations such as radiosondes (weather balloons) in the Arctic can help to forecast mid-latitude extreme events. Impacts of the Arctic observations can transfer via the tropospheric polar vortex, which is massive low-pressure air mass ...

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