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Cold temperatures not as damaging as past Polar Vortex

The Star Beacon - 21 Jan 2018
Most of the residents of northern Ohio are sick and tired of this crummy winter weather, which started late but has been brutal these past few weeks. Not only have the multiple snow storms which have been bothersome (read: depressing) to many, the ...
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Is the polar vortex back? Be afraid, frigid friends.

Washington Post - 29 Dec 2017
It was too cold to, among other things, ice skate Thursday morning. Washington woke to its coldest December morning in almost a decade, and the frigid and the frightened braced for what promises to be the chilliest stretch of winter in two years. Much ...
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A Polar Vortex Expert Explains Why It's So Freakin' Cold

Daily Beast - 03 Jan 2018
Stepping outside has become a physical feat in itself across the United States, with stories coming out daily in the past week exploiting how cold it is. People have shot videos pouring out boiling water that instantly transformed into ice. In some ...
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Cold Snap Or Polar Vortex?

Seeking Alpha - 28 Dec 2017
I write to affirm HFIR's forecast for "EPIC" natural gas inventory draws over the next two weeks. We might, depending on the weather, print a weekly inventory draw of 300 Bcf for the week ending 1/5/2018. The highest weekly natural gas draw was 288 Bcf ...
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Where's the proof climate change causes the polar vortex?

The Hill - 10 Jan 2018
Even though scientists have known of the polar vortex for well over a hundred years, the term only became popularized during the winter of 2014. Unfortunately, as Live Science points out, the term is increasingly applied to almost any cold snap. Today ...
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Historical photos of unparalleled polar vortex outbreaks in DC

Washington Post - 04 Jan 2018
The first big winter storm of the season is blasting up the East Coast this week. Although the snow may be relatively light (this is no Snowzilla 2016), the shot of cold air coming behind the storm will be enough to chill you to the bone. The air has ...
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Is 'polar vortex 2.0' a Hail Mary for coal, nuclear?

E&E News - 03 Jan 2018
"Polar Vortex 2.0 was just the exclamation point to an otherwise good year for coal if not for its detractors." The nuclear industry is also beating its chest. The Nuclear Energy Institute reported all 99 of the nation's reactors are running, hailing ...
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Polar vortex and climate change

Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel - 09 Jan 2018
The resulting decrease in temperature differential is causing the Jet Stream to dip down south, bringing the cold polar vortex air with it. This means that we are likely to get many more polar frigid spells in the future. However, climate change also ...
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What Is The Polar Vortex?

Inside Higher Ed - 02 Jan 2018
It's time again for the polar vortex to invade the U.S. and the news. In today's Academic Minute, the University at Albany's Andrea Lang explores what the polar vortex is and why it keeps making us bundle up during the winter months. Lang is an ...
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Arctic Air vs. Polar Vortex - What's the difference?

WQOW TV News 18 - 29 Dec 2017
With dangerously cold temperatures expected this weekend the term 'Polar Vortex' is popping up, once again. To clarify, the polar vortex is a real meteorological event that's ongoing throughout the year, but often the term is incorrectly used. The ...
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The Polar Vortex is going home

TheRecord.com - 07 Jan 2018
When the Polar Vortex shifts south the normal weather patterns no longer apply. It was colder in Southern Ontario than in the arctic and sub-Arctic regions of the far north. It was -26 in Kitchener Saturday morning when it was -27 at the North Pole. In ...

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