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polar vortex

Cassini Snaps Saturn's Strange Polar Vortex During Daring Dive

Space.com - 29 Aug 2017
The bizarre vortex spinning at Saturn's north pole takes center stage in a newly released photo by NASA's Cassini spacecraft. The probe snapped the photo on April 26, the same day it began its "Grand Finale" phase of daring dives between Saturn's cloud ...
polar vortex

Cassini set for fiery plunge into Saturn

Echonetdaily - 30 Aug 2017
Dusk at the south polar vortex on Saturn's moon Titan. Image from the Cassini probe saturn.jpl.nasa.gov. The Cassini spacecraft will end its 13-year mission to Saturn in mid-September by transmitting data until the final moment before it plunges into ...
polar vortex

Perceptions of climate change more polarized, study shows

City Pulse - 17 Sep 2017
LANSING — For those who don't remember the 2013-2014 winter, it was a season of icy wrath unleashed by the polar vortex. Well, it appears memories of ice and record-low temperatures weren't the only things it left behind. A new study shows memories of ...
polar vortex

Research explores natural selection in action

Phys.Org - 30 Aug 2017
But early in the new year, an anomaly occurred in the polar vortex, a system of low pressure that traps the Arctic's bitter cold over the pole. A weakening in the vortex allowed that chill to spill out. Campbell-Staton, who grew up in South Carolina ...
polar vortex

Al Roker shames Limbaugh for dismissal of Hurricane Irma 'panic'

The Hill - 06 Sep 2017
In 2014 after Limbaugh said that meteorologists pointing to a polar vortex as a driver behind record-low temperatures recorded at the time were part of a "liberal media conspiracy" to keep climate change agendas alive. "We are having a record-breaking ...
polar vortex

No, resiliency arguments won't save coal

Utility Dive - 18 Sep 2017
The subsection dealing specifically with system resilience is barely a page and a half; it largely focuses on natural gas, coal, and nuclear disruptions during the polar vortex and Hurricane Sandy. I'll repeat again for emphasis: DOE's 187 page ...
polar vortex

Jonathan Lunine: Farewell to a space pioneer

Omaha World-Herald - 17 Sep 2017
This May 4, 2014 image made available by NASA shows the persistent hexagonal cloud pattern on Saturn's north pole, as seen from the Cassini spacecraft. The hexagon is similar to Earth's polar vortex, which has winds blowing in a circular pattern around ...
polar vortex

Caring for all life

Greater Kashmir - 17 Sep 2017
It was learnt that the combination of extreme cold temperatures, man-made chemicals and polar vortex caused a significant hole in the ozone over Antarctica. The Polar Stratospheric Clouds (PSCs) formed due to very low temperatures (below -80°C) provide ...
polar vortex

Perlan Breaks Ultimate Glider Record

Flying Magazine - 05 Sep 2017
The area around El Calafate is one of only a few places on Earth where mountain waves combine with a high altitude polar vortex -- conditions critical to providing enough lift to bring a glider into the stratosphere. Airbus corporate communications ...
polar vortex

Sunday Show Preview: September 17th, 2017

PoliticsPA - 15 Sep 2017
We have Andrew Ott, the head of PJM, which manages power for 13 states and Washington DC. How does it work? Have corrections been made since the polar vortex of 2014? What's the future of nuclear power in general and Three Mile Island specifically?
polar vortex

The Ceiling for Unpowered Flight Just Went Up 2000 Feet

Atlas Obscura - 08 Sep 2017
In this case, the team has to wait for something called the stratospheric polar night jet, which are strong winter winds that trap cold polar air and form polar vortices. For this flight, the Perlan 2 team flew out of the airport in El Calafate ...
polar vortex

Two-pilot glider team sets altitude record

BBC News - 06 Sep 2017
The second factor was the south pole's polar vortex. This is a low pressure zone that rotates clockwise around Antarctica. During South America's winter months - which are at the opposite time of the year to the northern hemisphere's - the vortex ...
polar vortex

Another Way Climate Change Might Make Hurricanes Worse

Bloomberg - 08 Sep 2017
“These temperature differences are what drive atmospheric winds,” he said, which include the jet stream and a more northerly circulation pattern called the polar vortex. The polar vortex normally confines frigid air to the Arctic, and when it weakens ...
polar vortex

Former NWI residents relieved as hurricane blows over Florida

Chicago Tribune - 11 Sep 2017
Heather Dickens will take a hurricane over a polar vortex any day. She and her family lived in Valparaiso for four years before she returned to her native Florida in 2014, settling in Wesley Chapel, 30 minutes north of Tampa. Her two-story home is ...

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