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polar vortex

Glider project aims for highest winged flight

USA TODAY - 22 Jun 2017
Specifically the so-called "mountain waves" of wind that flow in a hump over the Andes, combined with the rising air of the phenomenon called the Polar Vortex. The right combination of conditions are available only a few days a year. The Perlan glider ...
polar vortex

Oil and gas lobby targets coal and 'fuel diversity'

E&E News - 23 Jun 2017
"Pity they didn't look at price volatility over the past few decades and reliability during weather-induced power demands, e.g., the polar vortex, but it's understandable why they didn't. Otherwise, good to see how well coal stacks up," said Luke ...
polar vortex

Caution urged amid uncertain winter rainfall prospects

Farmer's Weekly - 22 Jun 2017
By contrast, a positive SAM phase and strengthening polar vortex tended to result in warmer, drier conditions. A disadvantage of the SAM system, according to Olivier, was that it was predictable only about a fortnight ahead. He said that as winter ...
polar vortex

Court Sides with FERC, Against Consumers and Clean Energy

Natural Resources Defense Council - 21 Jun 2017
During the 2014 polar vortex, coal and gas power plants that had promised to be available failed—coal piles froze and poorly maintained gas plants could not operate in the extreme cold. Instead, strong winter winds and demand response helped ensure ...
polar vortex

The First Targets of the James Webb Telescope Have Been Announced

Futurism - 19 Jun 2017
From exoplanets to asteroids, the James Webb Space Telescope's newly announced first targets will allow us to better understand this vast universe. Other targets include Jupiter's Great Red Spot, Neptune's south polar vortex, and geological phenomena ...
polar vortex

Cable TV's Safest Space for Trump's Climate Deniers

New Republic - 20 Jun 2017
Kernan asked Happer to explain recent extreme weather caused by a shifting polar vortex, which scientists attributed to climate change. Happer described the shift as normal, and went on to say that climate models were too sensitive to be trusted. “CO2 ...
polar vortex

Ohio winemakers have had their share of obstacles

Farm and Dairy - 15 Jun 2017
However, the extremely cold polar vortex that swept through most of Ohio in the winter of 2014 and 2015 set them back. “We didn't harvest a single grape from Troutmans (that year) and 80 percent of the crop was lost at Wolf Creek,” said Troutman ...
polar vortex

Former Dem congressman: End the war on coal

The Hill (blog) - 17 Jun 2017
This is not an inconvenience. It's a crisis. Other energy sources have already proven themselves unworthy in the event of a catastrophe. Our reliance on natural gas nearly cost lives during the 2014 polar vortex, when supply disruptions forced power ...
polar vortex

What's a Potential Tropical Cyclone?

Naples Herald - 21 Jun 2017
In the last few years the terms thundersnow and polar vortex were winter headlines. The phrase “hunker down” took on a new meaning in Southwest Florida after Hurricane Charley. This year, the National Hurricane Center is using a new term with ...
polar vortex

As I See It: Need for natural gas supply growing

Worcester Telegram - 20 Jun 2017
During the “polar vortex” winter of 2014, for example, constraints on natural gas supply meant we got socked with an extra $3.7 billion on our heating and electric bills and gas-fired power plants had to switch to burning higher-emitting oil to stave ...
polar vortex

Pfft, I'm way more macho than that lawn-mowing tornado man

Washington Post - 07 Jun 2017
That's right. I've sunbathed in the eye of a category five hurricane, picnicked during the derecho and arm-wrestled a polar bear in a blizzard — without gloves. The bear won but it was much closer than he expected. Not much impresses me anymore. I've ...
polar vortex

Boosted by rain, Lake Michigan approaches 20-year high water level

Chicago Tribune - 15 Jun 2017
In a dramatic reversal, two years later it rebounded nearly 4 feet, largely because of increased ice cover from back-to-back polar vortex winters that limited evaporation. Lake levels have continued to be elevated, though they are still 2 feet below ...
polar vortex

The Best of Cassini—13 Years in Orbit Around Saturn

The Atlantic - 07 Jun 2017
A true color image of Titan's colorful south polar vortex captured by NASA's Cassini spacecraft before a distant flyby of Saturn's moon Titan on June 27, 2012, shows a south polar vortex, or a mass of swirling gas, around the pole in the atmosphere of ...

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