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First Polar Vortexes Of The Season Coming This Week

CBS Chicago - 15 Nov 2017
It is the first polar vortex of the season and Accuweather Meteorologist Bob Larson said the Chicago area can expect three distinct blasts, the first in the next 24 hours. The second will leave temperatures topping out around freezing and arrives Sunday.
polar vortex

Winter Cold Extremes Linked to High-Altitude Polar Vortex Weakening

WeatherNation - 14 Nov 2017
“In winter, the freezing Arctic air is normally 'locked' by strong circumpolar winds several tens of kilometers high in the atmosphere, known as the stratospheric polar vortex, so that the cold air is confined near the pole,” says Marlene Kretschmer ...
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Father of Snow Theory Sees Polar Vortex Caged Until January

Bloomberg - 01 Nov 2017
Low temperatures are a given from December to February, but the arrival of frigid Arctic air released by the polar vortex can supercharge demand for the heating and power plant fuel. In 2014, a polar vortex slammed the U.S., sending gas above $5 per ...
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This weather pattern could complicate your Thanksgiving travel

Popular Science - 16 Nov 2017
A Greenland block can lead to some wonky weather. In 2012, this weather pattern punted Hurricane Sandy into the coastal Northeast. It's also contributed to polar vortex intrusions, and record-breaking melting on the Greenland ice sheet. The good news ...
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Snow, cold, Polar Vortex? NBC24's Winter Weather Outlook

WNWO NBC 24 - 31 Oct 2017
That was the last true sighting of the Polar Vortex in our area. Low temperature records were broken across the United States and we saw significant snow and cold. We'll likely see that winter weather phenomenon just once or twice this season ...
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Polar vortex to SMASH Britain: Heavy snow and -10C THIS MONTH

Daily Star - 05 Nov 2017
The second half of this month will see temperatures plummet as a polar vortex hits the UK and brings with it snow and icy conditions set to cause travel chaos. This comes as it was revealed it is going to be chilly for Bonfire Night this evening with ...
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How to hack Pittsburgh public transit

The Incline - 18 Nov 2017
You can also track buses via its True Time app. And it works, trust us — it's a game changer if you've spent any time blindly waiting for a bus in the middle of a polar vortex. When you're waiting for the bus, you might want to flag it down like you ...

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