Since the 1790s, the country has been run by two major parties. Many m... -
politics of the united states

Since the 1790s, the country has been run by two major parties. Many m...

wikipedia - 09 Nov 2016
Since the 1790s, the country has been run by two major parties. Many minor or third political parties appear from time to time. They tend to serve a means to advocate policies that eventually are adopted by the two major political parties. At various times the Socialist Party, the Farmer-Labor Party and the Populist Party for a few years had considerable local strength, and then faded away—although in Minnesota, the Farmer–Labor Party merged into the state's Democratic Party, which is now officially known a
politics of the united states

Playing politics with security clearances puts us all in danger

Washington Post - 17 Aug 2018
President Trump has revoked the security clearance of former CIA director John Brennan. In and of itself, that isn't necessarily a problem; Brennan probably doesn't advise current agency officials much these days. But as a former CIA analyst and now a ...
politics of the united states

The Biggest Stories in American Politics This Week

New York Times - 18 Aug 2018
The United States and Mexico also appear close to a deal on the North American Free Trade Agreement, although Canada was not party to the talks. Officials said on Thursday that they planned to create a special post to coordinate an economic pressure ...
politics of the united states

US Imposes Sanctions on Myanmar Military Over Rohingya Atrocities

New York Times - 17 Aug 2018
WASHINGTON — The Treasury Department announced Friday that it had imposed economic sanctions on Burmese security forces for what American officials said was their role in “ethnic cleansing” against Rohingya Muslims and “widespread human rights ...
politics of the united states

Could US politics impact Germany's next atomic warplane? - 17 Aug 2018
The politics around the selection process make the deal worth watching closely. Under a NATO agreement dating back to the Cold War, Germany has outfitted its Tornado fleet with a nuclear option, enabling the planes to carry U.S. atomic bombs eastward ...
politics of the united states

US and China to Rekindle Trade Talks as More Tariffs Loom

New York Times - 16 Aug 2018
WASHINGTON — The United States and China will return to the negotiating table late this month in an attempt to ease months of tensions that have been building since trade talks broke down this year and both countries began imposing escalating rounds ...
politics of the united states

Tensions Between Turkey and US Soar as Trump Orders New Sanctions

New York Times - 10 Aug 2018
ISTANBUL — A worsening dispute between the United States and Turkey reverberated through the global economy on Friday, hastening a broad flight of money from emerging markets and sowing instability throughout the Middle East as relations between ...
politics of the united states

Politics of Dehumanization in the United States

Human Rights Watch - 27 Jul 2018
The US Department of Justice (DOJ) sent an email mandating that public information officials at the US attorney's offices use “illegal aliens” instead of “undocumented immigrants” in their press materials. During a week when the Trump administration ...
politics of the united states

Was the US Actually 'Built on Tariffs,' as Trump Says?

New York Times - 15 Aug 2018
Our Country was built on Tariffs, and Tariffs are now leading us to great new Trade Deals - as opposed to the horrible and unfair Trade Deals that I inherited as your President. Other Countries should not be allowed to come in and steal the wealth of ...

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