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popular problems

Elon Musk's 'pedo guy' tweet fuels polarization problem

CNET - 16 Jul 2018
Nickelback was once one of the world's most popular bands. People loved them. You or someone you hold dear probably used to bump How You Remind Me on the regular. But something changed circa 2008 and all of a sudden the world decided that ...
popular problems

Scientists learn to repair human bones by studying coral reefs

Popular Science - 16 Jul 2018
Their findings also could bring scientists closer to finding new approaches for healing human fractures, and for treating deeper skeletal and spinal problems. In addition, such insights also could help safeguard coral reefs, which have coming under ...
popular problems

Deputies deal with parking woes at popular Caldwell County creek

WSOC Charlotte - 07 Jul 2018
CALDWELL COUNTY, N.C. - Deputies in Caldwell County will be patrolling Wilson Creek this weekend because of the huge crowds visiting this summer. Traffic along the dirt road fills up the spaces for people to park. Families said Friday they try not to ...
popular problems

Data mining reveals fundamental pattern of human thinking

MIT Technology Review - 16 Jul 2018
One intriguing possibility is that the brain processes common words differently and that studying Zipf's distribution should reveal important insights into this brain process. There is a problem, though. Linguists do not all agree that the statistical ...
popular problems

Apps May Promote Overdiagnosis of Mental Health Conditions

Medscape - 16 Jul 2018
Therefore, Parker and colleagues conducted a qualitative content analysis of advertising materials for 61 popular mental health apps to determine how the apps frame the issues of mental health and illness, and how that in turn shapes perceptions of the ...
popular problems

Common Galaxy S9 problems and how to fix them

Android Central - 05 Jul 2018
Samsung's hardware is solid, particularly in high-end phones like the Galaxy S9 and S9+. But any time you make tens of millions of a single phone and ship them around the world, some customers are bound to find issues — and at this scale, they can ...
popular problems

New Sensors Can Predict Problem Planting Areas On the Go

AgWeb - 16 Jul 2018
Webster said satellite imagery is popular, but he views that technology as post-mortem, not allowing growers to make changes real-time. He said sensors allow fields to predict and control potential trouble areas. What's next when it comes to smart ...
popular problems

Here is Why Social Entrepreneurs are Silent Revolutionaries

Entrepreneur - 16 Jul 2018
A social enterprise is a business first but has an equal interest in the social impact of their businesses as opposed to only generating revenues and profits or to only solving a social problem. However, this does not mean that a social enterprise is a ...

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