How The Portland Trail Blazers Became NBA (Social Media) Champs -
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How The Portland Trail Blazers Became NBA (Social Media) Champs

Fast Company - 20 Apr 2018
The Man did get in touch ahead of time and invite the team to attend the rehearsal. It's exactly the kind of cultural crossover the Portland Trail Blazers have been cultivating over the last few years, thanks to a social media strategy that prioritizes ...
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Eggers Explores the Gary Trent Connection for Trail Blazers

Blazer's Edge - 18 Aug 2018
Gary Trent Jr. won't be the first draft pick to suit up for the Portland Trail Blazers when the 2018-19 NBA season commences this October. Frankly, he won't even be the first Gary Trent. As most people know, Trent's father, Gary Trent Sr., played in ...
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10 Minutes of the Best Trail Blazers Highlights from 2017-18

Blazer's Edge - 18 Aug 2018
The Portland Trail Blazers didn't finish the 2017-18 season in grand form, but the year was still packed full of amazing, dramatic, and sometimes just crazy plays. The NBA has compiled a 10 minute video of season highlights, including buzzer-beaters ...
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Could Nik Stauskas Have a Breakout Season for the Blazers?

Blazer's Edge - 16 Aug 2018
When the Portland Trail Blazers signed Nik Stauskas early in July, the news was met with muted reactions, if reactions were had at all. Despite being a heralded lottery pick just four years before, all the hype was gone from Stauskas' career. But is ...
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Throwback: Trail Blazers Adopt Blaze - 16 Aug 2018
Throwback: Trail Blazers Adopt Blaze. Scottie Pippen and the Trail Blazers take a Trail Cat named Blaze home from the Oregon Humane Society. Tweet. VIDEO ARCHIVES. All Videos. All Videos; Highlights; Interviews; Off The Ball; Throwbacks; Community ...
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Who should join Zach Collins in the Blazers reserve frontcourt?

Rip City Project - 15 Aug 2018
Losing Ed Davis left a hole in the Blazers bench rotation. Who will join Zach Collins as the other reserve big man? The Portland Trail Blazers allowed, actually encouraged, Ed Davis to sign with the Brooklyn Nets on opening night of free agency. No new ...
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ESPN Forecast Predicts Blazers Miss Playoffs

Blazer's Edge - 14 Aug 2018
Portland Trail Blazers. Projected record: 43-39. Last season: 49-33. This projection will probably be perceived as disrespectful in the Pacific Northwest. But there's a reason Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum tweeted their displeasure when the Trail ...
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Curry on beef between Durant-McCollum: 'Portland is a hot topic'

247Sports - 18 Aug 2018
In fact, one of the the biggest offseason stories this summer has involved Kevin Durant and CJ McCollum as they two got into a Twitter spat due to a tweet the Trail Blazers guard posted about the Warriors superstar's decision to sign with Golden State ...
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Portland Trail Blazers: Top 5 games to watch in 2018-19

Hoops Habit - 14 Aug 2018
The NBA put out the regular season schedule for all 30 teams this past week. Here are some of the most exciting matchups for the Portland Trail Blazers in 2018-19. The Portland Trail Blazers finished their season 49-33 last year, earning the third seed ...
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Initial reaction to Portland Trail Blazers preseason schedule

Rip City Project - 03 Aug 2018
The Portland Trail Blazers announced its preseason schedule for the 2018-2019 NBA season. 59 more days of no Blazers basketball…we can do it! The full preseason schedule for the Portland Trail Blazers became public today. Ahead of the official ...

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