The 'Most Haunted Island' on Earth Is Now Up for Auction -

The 'Most Haunted Island' on Earth Is Now Up for Auction

TIME - 16 Apr 2014
Poveglia: A Venice Lagoon Island of Sadness and Horror VENICE, ITALY - AUGUST 27: Beds and furniture remain in one of the dormitories in the psychiatric ward of the abandoned Hospital of Poveglia on August 27, 2011 in Venice, Italy. The island of ...

6 places in the world you are not allowed to enter - 26 Jul 2017
Just a short distance from the beautiful water city Venice lies a small island called the Poveglia Plague Island. As the name suggests, this was where infected plague patients were sent to die during the 18th century. The only standing structures are a ...

अजीबोगरीब आईलैंड! द्वीप की आधी जमीन इंसानी अवशेष से बनी यहां से कभी कोई लौट कर नहीं ...

दैनिक जागरण - 19 Aug 2017
Tags: #Poveglia; #island; #spookiest island; #Venice; #Lido; #Venetian Lagoon; #Italy; #Napoleonic Wars; #British soldiers; #French. Web Title:Poveglia the spookiest island in the world(Hindi news from Dainik Jagran, newsnational Desk). कमेंट करें.

Isole della laguna veneta: Poveglia, caccia ai fantasmi

la Nuova di Venezia - 14 Aug 2017
Ha un profilo che fa sognare, in particolare all'alba e al tramonto, quando è inondata dai colori della laguna e sembra sospesa sull'acqua. Se avesse un profumo sarebbe quello delle pesche che qui abbondavano fino al 1968, quando venne abbandonata.

Connaissez-vous l'île hantée de Poveglia ?

Fredzone - 28 Jul 2017
L'île de Poveglia est un minuscule bout de terre situé dans la lagune de Venise, entre l'île éponyme et la dune du Lido. Elle présente une forme atypique et mesure 300 mètres de long environ sur 300 mètres de large pour se réduire à seulement une ...

Poveglia Island: Like Hell, But in Italy

Huffington Post - 05 Dec 2013
Poveglia Island is a secluded little piece of land that even the macho-iest of Italians stay the fuck away from. The final restless place of thousands of diseased, murderous and insane people, Poveglia is the convergence of everything we know about evil.

The Haunted Island of Poveglia (Part one)

L'Italo Americano (subscription) (blog) - 27 Oct 2016
Of the many islands surrounding Venice, there is one located to the south, quite close to the shoreline of Lido. It is the island of Poveglia, referred to by some as “the island of terror.” Venetians prefer not to discuss the island nor answer ...

Cronaca italiana, le storie del 15 agosto 2017

Il Tirreno - 15 Aug 2017
È l'Isola di Poveglia, tra le più amate dai veneziani e da chi ancora la ricorda come ospedale. È grande in tutto sette ettari e si trova di fronte a Malamocco. Nell'estate 2018 verrà indetta la seconda asta per comprare l'isola per 99 anni. La prima è ...

Poveglia Plague Island

Atlas Obscura - 22 Jan 2013
In 1922, a mental hospital was opened on Poveglia. Local legend says that one doctor at the hospital tortured and killed many of his patients, butchering them horribly only to later die by falling from, or possibly being thrown off of, its bell tower ...

Learning to Navigate the Venetian Lagoon Like a Pro

New York Times - 10 May 2017
The most poetic ruin, Poveglia, was once a graveyard for plague victims and then a rambling hospital, which a group named Poveglia Per Tutti (Poveglia for Everyone) is trying to save. To get there, I had to go with members of a rowing club from ...

Verboten: Diese Orte auf der Welt darf niemand betreten - VOL.AT

Vorarlberg Online - 21 Aug 2017
Die Insel Poveglia liegt zwischen Venedig und Lido. Seit den 1970er Jahren ist die Insel verlassen, seit Jahren hat die Insel kein Mensch betreten. Es soll ein Fluch über der Insel liegen, auf der einst Pest-Opfer lebten. Zudem steht die Insel in dem ...

5 Reasons to Suggest Ghost Adventures is Completely Fake

TVOvermind - 14 May 2017
Ever since the show Ghosthunters appeared on the Sci-Fi channel in October 2004, paranormal investigation shows became all the rage. By 2008 there were many paranormal shows to choose from but one particular offering on The Travel Channel, Ghost ...

Die Geisterinsel vor den Toren Venedigs

Sü - 23 Jun 2017
Über keines der Lagunen-Eilande existieren aber so schaurig-schöne Horror-Stories wie über Poveglia. Schon die Spitznamen für die gegenüber dem Örtchen Malamocco auf dem Lido di Venezia gelegene Insel sprechen Bände: "Island of Madness" ...

Island Fixer-Upper, Near the Madding Crowd

New York Times - 12 May 2014
Poveglia might be a forgotten place in the Venetian Lagoon if not for a more recent feature: a digital For Sale sign. Now the island is entangled in two very different Italian problems, one national and one local. Italy's public debt is so great that ...

Call for entries to University Island competition 2016

Dezeen - 07 Mar 2016
Organised by Young Architects Competitions (YAC), the ideas competition is asking entrants to develop a proposal for transforming Poveglia Island, located between Venice and Lido, which has been abandoned for the past 50 years. Poveglia has no ...

An island off the coast of Italy has a dark, twisted past

AOL News - 12 Oct 2016
Poveglia island off the coast of Venice has a mysterious past. Many are terrified of the island because of the rumors and ghost stories that surround it. Poveglia was used as a quarantine colony during the Bubonic Plague. Over 160,000 people who ...

Poveglia, l'isola veneziana dell'orrore [VIDEO]

Vvox - 01 May 2017
Andate a Poveglia un 'isola nella laguna di Venezia con un oscuro passato. La pagina Facebook “Is This Paranormal” ha pubblicato un interessante video che ne spiega la storia. Durante la peste nera i malati furono lasciati sull'isola a morire. Nel suo ...

Exploring Poveglia: the world's most haunted island

MyToba - 02 Jun 2016
Those were the only words the water-taxi driver said before dropping me off on the desolate shores of Poveglia, a little island off the coast of Venice that is rumoured to be the world's most haunted. As the gloomy tower of Poveglia first came into ...

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