The 'Most Haunted Island' on Earth Is Now Up for Auction -

The 'Most Haunted Island' on Earth Is Now Up for Auction

TIME - 16 Apr 2014
Poveglia: A Venice Lagoon Island of Sadness and Horror VENICE, ITALY - AUGUST 27: Beds and furniture remain in one of the dormitories in the psychiatric ward of the abandoned Hospital of Poveglia on August 27, 2011 in Venice, Italy. The island of ...

Five haunted islands to visit this Halloween...if you dare

Illawarra Mercury - 12 Oct 2018
Poveglia Island, Italy. The picturesque and romantic city of Venice is a world-famous travel destination thanks to its stunning canals, bridges, and architecture. But for travellers looking for a thrill this Halloween, a visit to Poveglia, the small ...

The 10 most haunted places on the planet, according to experts

SHEmazing - 10 Oct 2018
If you love haunted houses, spooky places with f*cked up histories, listen up. As the holiday for thrills and chills are almost upon us, ditch the local creepy haunt and stick these on your bucket list. For a real scare, Holiday Guru has hooked us up ...

25 Creepy (but Real!) Ghost Towns Around the World

Reader's Digest - 08 Oct 2018
The island of Poveglia is a truly strange place, having been used as a quarantine for the diseased and the mentally ill. Fearful that plague and crime would sweep the mainland, people who were determined undesirable were shipped off to this island and ...

Poveglia Island: Like Hell, But in Italy

Huffington Post - 05 Dec 2013
Poveglia Island is a secluded little piece of land that even the macho-iest of Italians stay the fuck away from. The final restless place of thousands of diseased, murderous and insane people, Poveglia is the convergence of everything we know about evil.

Presidio davanti a Poveglia: «L'isola appartiene a tutti»

la Nuova di Venezia - 09 Jul 2018
VENEZIA. Non hanno potuto attraccare a Poveglia, ma l'hanno raggiunta con un aquilone a forma di mongolfiera, legato a una chiatta da uno striscione con la scritta «x tutti». Un centinaio di persone ha partecipato al presidio autorizzato e organizzato ...

A night on the haunted Poveglia Island in Italy - 31 May 2014
A stout, balding, no nonsense sort of fellow, the local cold meats delivery man gave no hint of drama or exaggeration in a Venice bar where word had spread two Australian journalists planned to spend the night on the infamous Poveglia Island. Walking ...

Poveglia Plague Island

Atlas Obscura - 23 May 2013
Poveglia was constructed on a permanent fortification built by the Venetian government and from 1793-1814 was used as a plague quarantine station, or “lazaretto”—one of many in the Venetian lagoon.

The world's most fascinating abandoned islands - 20 Mar 2018
An octagonal fort, part of the city's wider defences, was built on Poveglia in the 17th century, before in 1793 after an outbreak of plague, it became a lazaretto or confinement station for the sick. In 1922 some existing buildings were converted into ...

The Haunted Island of Poveglia (Part two)

L'Italo Americano (blog) - 27 Oct 2016
With the building of a psychiatric hospital, Poveglia's ominous reputation took on a new perspective. Although the purpose of this facility was purported to be rehabilitation, in reality, it served as a place of isolation and confinement: For many, it ...

6 Tempat Terlarang untuk Wisata

CNN Indonesia - 21 Sep 2018
Jakarta, CNN Indonesia -- Sebenarnya bumi sudah menyediakan segala hal yang manusia butuhkan, termasuk untuk piknik. Namun hasrat untuk berwisata yang sarat dengan 'pelanggaran' dan adrenalin adalah sebuah kebutuhan baru bagi beberapa ...

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