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pressure cooker bomb

Police bomb squad blows up pressure cooker

News 12 Connecticut - 31 Aug 2018
A police bomb squad has blown up a pressure cooker that was found abandoned near a Meriden elementary school. Meriden police responded to a reported suspicious package near Israel Putnam public elementary school Thursday morning. The state ...
pressure cooker bomb

Man who had materials to make bombs ordered to jail

Fairfield Ledger - 19 Sep 2018
Trevor J. Satrom, 35, of Oran, a military veteran, was convicted of having three pipe bombs and a pressure cooker bomb in his home Feb. 10, 2016. He was sentenced to probation for five years. Amy Moser, a federal probation officer, testified she had ...
pressure cooker bomb

Police Captain's Son Sentenced for ISIS-Inspired Terror Attack

Washington Free Beacon - 05 Sep 2018
The son of a Boston police captain was sentenced on Wednesday for plotting an ISIS-inspired terror attack which included using a pressure cooker bomb similar to the one used in the Boston Marathon bombing. Alexander Ciccolo, aka Ali Al Amriki, 26, the ...
pressure cooker bomb

ATF Bomb School: There's No Dropping This Class

Patch.com - 13 Sep 2018
Ever since the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, there has been a growing emphasis in law enforcement on the threat posed by homemade explosive devices, such as the pressure cooker bombs detonated by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev.
pressure cooker bomb

September 17: On This Day in World History … briefly

South Coast Herald - 17 Sep 2018
On the morning of September 17, a pipe bomb exploded in Seaside Park, New Jersey. Later that day, a homemade pressure cooker bomb went off in the Chelsea neighbourhood of Manhattan, New York City. A second pressure cooker bomb was discovered ...
pressure cooker bomb

Man pleads guilty in pressure-cooker bomb plot case

Fox News - 13 Mar 2018
Sentencing is scheduled for June 19. Lepsky was arrested in February 2017 for allegedly stabbing the family dog. A search turned up a pressure cooker and digital evidence of a plan to build and detonate a bomb in support of the Islamic State group.

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