Ariana Grande, Iggy Azalea's 'Problem' Trending Toward Huge First-Week Sales -
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WATCH: Liza, Kathryn, Julia sing Ariana Grande

ABS-CBN News - 11 Jun 2017
Kathryn Bernardo, Liza Soberano, Julia Barretto took the “ASAP” stage on Sunday to pay tribute to Ariana Grande. Bernardo performed “Break Free,” Soberano sang “Problem,” while Barretto did “One Last Time.” Late last month, a suicide bombing marred ...
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What Now for UK Terrorism Measures?

The Market Mogul - 28 Jun 2017
The London attacks of Westminster, London Bridge, and Finsbury Park, as well as the Manchester attack on the Ariana Grande concert, illustrate that one attack is not like the other and a one size fits all policy just won't do in terms of keeping this ...
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'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' Has A Feminism Problem

VICE - 01 Jun 2017
Decked out in a tight red dress and thigh-high Ariana Grande boots, Kimmy checks herself out in the mirror, clearly uncomfortable with her overtly sexual appearance. "So this is feminism," Kimmy says, toddling around in her boots. "I didn't know it'd ...
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Ariana Grande Understands Counterterrorism Better Than Jim Mattis

The Nation. - 02 Jun 2017
He seems to think that a few slick tweets or videos in cyberspace are the problem. The fact is that all the ISIL fighters in Iraq and Syria have siblings and cousins, and simply annihilating them creates a whole slew of new feuds with the United States ...
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Your brand, your employees and their social media

HR Dive - 27 Jun 2017
Do you have a social media policy in place? Perhaps more importantly, do you enforce it? Your brand could be your company's most valuable asset. Strong brand identity translates into loyal customers, higher sales, employee engagement, and ease of ...

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