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2014 MVP Named in Puppy Bowl X

IGN - 01 Feb 2014
Ginger, a 12-week old Old English Sheepdog mix playing in her rookie year in the prestigious Puppy Bowl, has been officially named the Puppy Bowl X MVP. Proudly representing her home state of Ohio, this two-tone troublemaker tore up the field as part ...
puppy bowl 2014

The Puppy Bowl, explained

Vox - 04 Feb 2017
Where the first Puppy Bowl was a low-concept 12-hour montage of puppies wandering in front of a camera, sans commentary or sponsors, the Puppy Bowl as we know it today is a highly structured and marketed capital-E Event that represents Animal Planet's ...
puppy bowl 2014

Why Puppy Bowl will be top dog on Super Bowl Sunday

Irish Times - 05 Feb 2017
Puppy Bowl now averages 10 million viewers each year, and the show has achieved cult status. On the 10th anniversary of Puppy Bowl, in 2014, Michelle Obama opened the show with footage of pups training for their big event on the South Lawn of the White ...
puppy bowl 2014


The Futon Critic - 08 Feb 2017
5 among Adults 25-54 in L+SD, up +4% from last year's game (1.07) and ranking behind only Puppy Bowl X in 2014 (1.25). PUPPY BOWL XIII averaged 2.5 million Total Viewers P2+ from 3-5PM/ET (12-2PM/PT), up double digits (+12%) vs. Puppy Bowl XII in ...
puppy bowl 2014

NBC to Super Bowl Advertisers: Use Kids or Puppies, But Not Both

AdAge.com - 18 Sep 2017
Social messaging has long been a theme in Super Bowl ads: Cheerios featured a mixed-race couple in its 2014 Super Bowl ad, while Chrysler's 2011 Super Bowl commercial with the tagline "Imported From Detroit" weaved a dominant theme in culture at the ...
puppy bowl 2014

Eagles players participate in the cutest draft: The Puppy Bowl

Philly.com - 27 Apr 2017
Animal Planet teamed up with the NFL and the 143-year-old Center City shelter for a "Road to Puppy Bowl Draft" event, a leadup to its popular Puppy Bowl, which airs during the Super Bowl. Eagles running back Terrell Watson, linebacker Mychal Kendricks, ...
puppy bowl 2014

The Puppy Bowl Is the Best Bowl

The Ringer (blog) - 03 Feb 2017
The Puppy Bowl is better than the Super Bowl. I'm a really big football fan, but I'm a bigger fan of dogs. A football game can go wrong in so many ways: it can be a blowout, it can be low scoring, a player can suffer a life-changing head or neck injury ...
puppy bowl 2014

66 adorable reasons to watch Puppy Bowl X

CNN (blog) - 01 Feb 2014
For the past decade, millions of Americans have passed on the biggest football game of the year to watch something way cuter -- "Puppy Bowl." By now it's an established fact: Television doesn't get much more adorable than puppies. "Puppy Bowl," Animal ...
puppy bowl 2014

Puppy Bowl 2014 lineup, streaming, TV schedule and more

SB Nation - 02 Feb 2014
We've been waiting all year, and now it is time for The Big Game. Not the Super Bowl, of course. The Puppy Bowl, which will be on Animal Planet at 3 p.m. ET. Here at SB Nation, we consider the Puppy Bowl to be considerably more important than actual ...
puppy bowl 2014

Animal Planet Adds Adult Dog Version of 'Puppy Bowl' (Exclusive)

TheWrap - 26 Jul 2017
14 years into Animal Planet's adorable “Puppy Bowl” run, the Discovery-owned cable channel will present its first-ever “Dog Bowl,” TheWrap has learned exclusively. The newly added furry football competition will feature adult dogs living in rescues and ...
puppy bowl 2014

Puppy Bowl 2014: Meet the Official Lineup!

PARADE - 17 Jan 2014
This year, Animal Planet has also launched its first-ever Puppy Bowl fantasy draft, where fans can create their own teams from a lineup of 11 all-star pooches. Also this year, a group of waddling penguins will cheer on the puppies from the sidelines ...
puppy bowl 2014

America's Other, Cuter Super Bowl: The Story of the Puppy Bowl

RollingStone.com - 31 Jan 2014
This Sunday, millions of Americans will gather around their televisions to watch their favorite athletes compete in a thrilling contest of physical will, fearless playmaking and instinctive grace. A bunch of other people will be watching the Super Bowl.
puppy bowl 2014

Meet Melinda Toporoff, the woman behind Puppy Bowl XI

Fortune - 30 Jan 2015
For networks that aren't NBC, this Sunday evening's programming is basically dead air space — and lost advertising revenue. Most won't even bother even trying to compete with the Super Bowl. There is one notable exception: Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl.
puppy bowl 2014

Meet the Puppy Bowl pups!

USA TODAY - 15 Jan 2014
Lots of puppies, doing adorable puppy things, will paw the line between darling and delightful for the 10th time this year on Super Bowl Sunday. If none of that makes sense, just know that Animal Planet will air Puppy Bowl X on Feb. 2.
puppy bowl 2014

The Puppy Bowl is a sham

SB Nation - 01 Feb 2015
Tell me one dog trying to eat another one isn't TEXTBOOK UNNECESSARY RUFFNESS. No call. Nothing. It gets worse. I'm sure you were as dismayed as I was about Shyla's MVP snub in 2014. We all remember Shyla kicking the first field goal in Puppy Bowl ...

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