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Pyotr Arkadyevich Stolypin (Russian: Пётр Арка́дьевич Столы́пин...

wikipedia - 18 Sep 2016
Pyotr Arkadyevich Stolypin (Russian: Пётр Арка́дьевич Столы́пин; IPA: [pʲɵtr ɐˈrkadʲjɪvʲɪtɕ stɐˈlɨpʲɪn]; 14 April [O.S. 2 April] 1862 – 18 September [O.S. 5 September] 1911), chairman of the Council of Ministers, served as Prime Minister, and Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Empire from 1906 to 1911. His tenure was marked by efforts to counter revolutionary groups and by the implementation of noteworthy agrarian reforms. Stolypin was a monarchist and hoped to stren
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Why Putin's Russia will be keeping quiet about 1917 - 05 Jan 2017
The conservative prerevolutionary prime minister Pyotr Stolypin — famous for hanging revolutionaries from 'Stolypin neckties' — is probably the closest thing to an official hero of the period. Stolypin was elected 'history's greatest Russian' in a TV ...
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How was Russian mystic Rasputin murdered?

BBC News - 31 Dec 2016
Grigory Rasputin, a mystic peasant who captivated the Russian imperial court, met his death at the hands of aristocratic enemies 100 years ago. Artem Krechetnikov of BBC Russian examines the grisly murder of Rasputin and finds that some details are ...
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Drawing From the Past, Putin Plans His Future

STRATFOR - 05 Jul 2017
Every leader in Russia's more than 1,000 years of history has faced the same problem: The unwieldy nation is inherently unstable, regardless of what type of system governs it. And for all his administration's bravado, President Vladimir Putin is no ...
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STOLYPIN: Donbas continues to be as unpredictable as it is unloved

bne IntelliNews - 25 Jul 2017
Do the contested and confusing declaration of a new state of 'Malorossiya', an upsurge in fighting and the arrival of a new US envoy suggest something is moving in the Russo-Ukrainian Donbas war – or precisely that, behind all the sound and fury, it is ...
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Russian history review: An Unholy Trinity

The Sydney Morning Herald - 07 Apr 2017
Count Sergei Witte had managed to extract some grudging concessions after the revolutionary upheavals of 1905, only to be sidelined once the crisis seemed to be on the way to resolution. Pyotr Stolypin, the chief minister who undid some of those ...
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STOLYPIN: Russia has no grand plans, but lots of 'adhocrats'

bne IntelliNews - 18 Jan 2017
The dubious “Trump Dossier” has become a cypher that people invest with whatever meaning they most want to find, whether of the president-elect's questionable character, or the determination of his enemies to undermine him. However, one key question in ...
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Today in History: Monday, Sept. 18

Manning Live - 12 Jan 2017
1911 – Russian Premier Pyotr Stolypin is shot at the Kiev Opera House. 1914 – The Irish Home Rule Act becomes law, but is delayed until after World War I. 1914 – World War I: South African troops land in German South-West Africa. 1919 – The Netherlands ...
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Reformer Stolypin Held Up as Model for Putin

The Moscow Times - 27 Aug 2012
ST. PETERSBURG — As Russia marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Pyotr Stolypin, the pre-revolutionary interior minister and chairman of the imperial Council of Ministers, political analysts are scrutinizing his legacy and suggesting that ...
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The Russian Economic Revolution That Never Was

STRATFOR - 26 May 2016
Sergei Glazyev, a presidential adviser, and Andrei Kaplach, deputy chairman of Vnesheconombank, lead the group, which takes its name from Pyotr Stolypin, Russia's prime minister from 1906 to 1911. The Stolypin Club believes the government should print ...
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Red October: Russia's road to revolution

Financial Times - 30 Sep 2016
For example, Simon Dixon asks if the 1911 assassination of Pyotr Stolypin, the tsar's reform-minded prime minister, robbed Russia of the possibility of long-term prosperity and liberty achieved by non-revolutionary means. No, Dixon thinks, not least ...
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Liberals and statists battle for Russia's economic future

Russia Direct - 05 Aug 2016
[The Stolypin Club is named for Pyotr Stolypin, a legendary economic reformer in late imperial Russia – Editor's note]. And while Kudrin can count on support for his program from his liberal peers in the government and the Central Bank, it is believed ...
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China and Russia Press Ahead, Together

Consortium News - 13 Sep 2016
The Stolypin Club was created by a group of Russian national economists in 2012 (named after Pyotr Arkadyevich Stolypin, Czar Nicholas II's reformist PM) to draft comprehensive alternative strategies to lessen Russia's dependence on the dollar world ...
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One Hundred Years, One Hundred Messages

Monthly Review - 01 Jul 2017
Neither the brutal terror, nor the Tsarist “constitution,” nor even the unfinished agrarian reforms of Pyotr Stolypin could alleviate the internal contradictions and social tensions of the autocratic regime, instead only aggravating them further. In ...
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A look at the early 20th century Russia

The News on Sunday - 25 Feb 2017
In addition to AMP, there was another major player, Pyotr Stolypin (1862-1911), the prime minister of Russia from 1906 to his assassination in 1911. In a 2008 TV-poll to select the greatest Russian, Stolypin was placed second; and in 2012 a monument to ...

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