Giant 23-Foot Python Swallows Woman Whole -
python swallows woman

Giant 23-Foot Python Swallows Woman Whole

Newser - 17 Jun 2018
(Newser) – "Attacks on humans are rare," read the last Newser story about a 23-foot python swallowing a human in Indonesia. That was in March 2017, and now history repeats its gruesome self, with the victim this time a 54-year-old woman who went to ...
python swallows woman

23-foot python swallows woman whole as she tends to her garden

WTVD-TV - 16 Jun 2018
A 23-foot python swallowed an Indonesian woman whole while she tended to her vegetable garden, according to a village official. The village chief, known as Faris, told the Associated Press that 54-year-old Wa Tiba went missing on Thursday evening.
python swallows woman

Did a Python Swallow a Woman in Indonesia? - 05 Jul 2018
The physical capabilities of large snakes have fascinated and horrified human beings for many, many years, prompting a mix of myth, hoaxes, and rumors, but occasionally accurate and tragic news accounts as well. In the summer of 2018, reports emerged ...
python swallows woman

Killer Python Swallows Woman in Indonesia [GRAPHIC VIDEO 18+]

Sputnik International - 17 Jun 2018
The body of a villager who went missing several days ago was discovered inside a seven-meter-long snake. Although it's rare for the cold-blooded predators to attack humans, she was the second victim of a giant snake in Indonesia since March last year.
python swallows woman

Video: Woman found swallowed whole by enormous python

Metro - 16 Jun 2018
The body has been found of a woman who went missing while gardening in Indonesia. Wa Tiba, 54, was found after her sons spotted an enormous python barely able to move due to a bulge in its belly after it had swallowed the housewife head first. Share ...
python swallows woman

Missing woman discovered in python's stomach

Washington Post - 16 Jun 2018
Indonesian villagers cut open a python's stomach to discover the body of Wa Tiba, a 54-year-old mother of two. Editor's note: The original audio has been muted. Related. WORLDVIEWS: A woman went to check her corn — and was swallowed by a python.
python swallows woman

How a giant python swallowed an Indonesian woman

BBC News - 30 Mar 2017
An Indonesian woman has been killed and swallowed whole by a 7m (23ft) long python, say local authorities. Though such incidents are incredibly rare, this was the second python death reported in Indonesia in just over a year.
python swallows woman

Why an 8-Foot Pet Python May Have Killed Its Owner

National Geographic - 26 Jan 2018
Python Swallows Woman Whole—What Experts Say About the Rare Attack. 7 Times Animals Bit Off More Than They Could Chew in 2017. Weird & Wild. 7 Python Meals That Got Really Ugly. Read This Next. You May Be Eating Vomit, and More Bizarre Barf ...
python swallows woman

Lagos community residents kill, eat python that swallowed goat

Vanguard - 23 Aug 2018
The quiet community of Ijanikin was thrown into a mini-tourist attraction as residents trooped in their numbers to catch a glimpse of a huge python that swallowed a goat. Some people later killed the snake, cut up and shared it among themselves.
python swallows woman

Woman and son critically injured in giraffe attack

BBC News - 07 Sep 2018
The wife and son of a British scientist are in a critical condition after being attacked by a giraffe on a wildlife reserve in South Africa. Katy Williams and three-year-old Finn were flown to hospital in Johannesburg on Monday after being trampled by ...
python swallows woman

Nigerian snake ate millions of naira, clerk says

BBC News - 12 Feb 2018
A Nigerian sales clerk has been suspended after she told auditors that a snake had eaten 36m naira. That's the equivalent of $100,000 or £72,250. The clerk, Philomena Chieshe, was working at an office for the Nigerian examination board which collects ...
python swallows woman

Indonesian woman swallowed whole by 23-foot python - 19 Jun 2018
A missing Indonesian woman has been found dead inside the belly of a 23-foot-long python, village officials said. Wa Tiba, 54, was last heard from on Thursday before she went to check on her vegetable garden near her village on Muna Island in central ...
python swallows woman

Snake filmed eating pigeon in London street

BBC News - 05 Aug 2018
A tropical snake has been filmed eating a pigeon on a busy east London street. Dave Fawbert spotted the boa constrictor, thought to be an abandoned pet, on High Road, Leytonstone, on Saturday morning. The RSPCA has since taken the reptile to a wildlife ...

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