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Alabama Legislature could see high number of retirements

Montgomery Advertiser - 16 Jan 2018
John Knight, D-Montgomery, is running for the Montgomery Senate seat last held by Quinton Ross, who left last fall to become president of Alabama State University. “Three have been confirmed,” said House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels, D-Huntsville ...
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Alabama Legislature 2018: Budgets, then elections (they hope)

Montgomery Advertiser - 07 Jan 2018
Alabama Senate minority leader Quinton Ross announces his resignation in order to become the President of Alabama State University on Monday, Oct. 2, 2017, in Montgomery, Ala. (Photo: Albert Cesare ). The Montgomery County's delegation will be down a ...
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Quinton Ross resigns from Ala. Senate, accepts ASU president offer

Montgomery Advertiser - 02 Oct 2017
Alabama State University has a new president, a move made official by Quinton Ross resigning from his position in the Alabama Senate on Monday. Ross had served in the Alabama Senate since 2002, most recently as Senate minority leader. During his tenure ...
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'Blessed' Quinton Ross ready for ASU challenge

Montgomery Advertiser - 18 Sep 2017
There are still steps to be taken before Sen. Quinton Ross can officially be declared the 15th president of Alabama State University, but the president-elect is already working to forge relationships he sees necessary to helping ASU. Ross is in ...
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Quinton Ross named ASU president

Montgomery Advertiser - 08 Sep 2017
Trustee Larry Means, who motioned for Ross' nomination, called Ross a man of "integrity" and Gov. Kay Ivey, via teleconference, also approved Ross' selection. The vote was not without drama, however. The board initially elected Ross 12-2 with Robert ...
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ASU considers debt replacement program to refinance existing loans

Montgomery Advertiser - 09 Dec 2017
Editors note: The original version story incorrectly said that ASU would be taking out additional debt. Instead, the school is exploring replacing existing debt with new, lower interest loans. The Alabama State University board of trustees passed a ...
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Quinton Ross, best of luck at Alabama State, we're rooting for you

Montgomery Advertiser - 13 Oct 2017
Some may question whether new ASU President Quinton Ross deserves $300,000 annually to lead the school because of his limited higher-education experience. But no one will question it if he gets it right and reverses the course of the university long ...
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ASU to offer Ross lower salary than previous president

Montgomery Advertiser - 25 Sep 2017
Quinton Ross will be offered $287,000 a year as contract negotiations begin between Alabama State University and Ross, the president-elect. The ASU board of trustees' executive committee, and three board members who are not on the committee, discussed ...
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ASU approves Ross contract; Ross gets salary bump

Montgomery Advertiser - 29 Sep 2017
The Alabama State University board of trustees approved the contract of President-elect Quinton Ross on Friday, agreeing to give Ross $300,000 annually for three years. The board initially offered Ross $287,000, but increased the offer after receiving ...
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How the autism bill passed in Alabama: An oral history

Montgomery Advertiser - 07 Jan 2018
In a lengthy, months-long battle in 2017, a group of parents and families – with the help of politicians and lobbyists – managed to pass HB 284, a bill that mandated coverage of behavioral therapies for children with autism. The passage was a rare ...
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Quinton Ross Plays the Politics Well With Alabama State Football

HBCU Digest - 10 Oct 2017
One of the things that all politicians master in order to maintain a successful career is the art of doing nothing and making it appear to be everything. New Alabama State University President Quinton Ross, a seasoned legislator in Alabama's Senate ...
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In first ASU meeting, Ross eyes infrastructure improvements

Montgomery Advertiser - 08 Nov 2017
Alabama State University's supplies spending is getting cut in order to instead fund maintenance and infrastructure improvements. The budget cut was suggested by ASU President Quinton Ross, and the ASU Board of Trustees approved the cut at Wednesday's ...
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Two councilmen to run for Senate seat vacated by Ross

Montgomery Advertiser - 04 Oct 2017
Add two Montgomery city councilmen to the list of candidates vying for the District 26 Alabama Senate seat vacated by Quinton Ross, now president of Alabama State University. Councilmen David Burkette (District 4) and Fred Bell (District 6) both ...
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Turkey Day Classic: It's about more than football for ASU

Montgomery Advertiser - 21 Nov 2017
The Turkey Day Classic week is always a special time at Alabama State University, with all the events leading up to the big football game Thursday. But it's even more so this year for Quinton Ross as ASU's new president. “It's extremely special,” said ...
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Quinton Ross Gives First Official Speech as ASU President

Alabama News Network (press release) - 04 Oct 2017
Alabama State University President Quinton T. Ross, Jr. gave his first official speech as the 15th president of Alabama State University during the Fall Convocation at the ASU Dunn-Oliver Acadome, and set the tone of his administration. His remarks ...

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