The Hilarious Parody of the Star-Studded 'Ban Bossy' Vid: 'Ban Quirky' -

'Harold Halibut' is a delightfully quirky narrative adventure.

Engadget - 22 Mar 2018
It follows the quirky adventures of a janitor aboard a scientific spaceship that has crash-landed on an alien world, covered in oceans. Not only must he help the crew devise a means of escape but also must unravel the mysteries of the planet's deep ...

8 quirky facts about the platypus

Mother Nature Network - 22 Mar 2018
People originally thought the oddly described platypus wasn't a real animal. (Photo: Zoos Victoria/Facebook). It's possible to run out of adjectives when it comes to describing the platypus. This unique creature, endemic to Australia, has confounded ...

Quirky and Charity: Water are Inventing Products for Change

Virtual-Strategy Magazine - 22 Mar 2018
The charity: water mission – to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries – struck a chord with the Quirky community of more than 1 million members, who were polled and named charity: water one of the top charities they ...

Adoptable Arlington Pet: Finnegan The Quirky Cat - 22 Mar 2018
ARLINGTON, VA — If you're thinking about adopting a furry friend, consider a local humane society like the Animal Welfare League of Arlington. The shelter works with private rescue groups and other shelters to place animals where they have the best ...

Quirky decor, warm welcomes and hot food in Sweet_ness7

Buffalo News - 19 Mar 2018
At Sweet_ness 7 Café, you'll be greeted by smiling faces before you walk through the doors. A beautiful portrait of a woman in black and white is on the side of the building. Just below that are brown, gold, and white swirling patterns and faces along ...

Quirky Game, Quirky Speedrun - An EarthBound Any% Interview with Uko

Twin Galaxies (satire) (press release) (blog) - 21 Mar 2018
This quirky RPG known for its look at Americana and playing with RPG conventions did go on to be one the most beloved Nintendo franchises, where it later inspired indie hit Undertale. Being that the game is a fairly traditional RPG when it comes to the ...

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

Columbia Star - 22 Mar 2018
Trenholm Road: A woman went to police headquarters at noon Sunday to report her ex-husband was harassing her. The 68- year- old woman told officers her 71-year-old ex-husband had emailed her that morning about his child support payments. The woman said ...

4 quirky tax deductions that could save you money

CNBC - 13 Mar 2018
You may not know this, but qualifying expenses for an animal "employee" can be taken. So can items of value that are donated to charity — like a wedding dress. Experts caution that meeting the conditions to claim these unusual deductions isn't always ...

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