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ramadan 2014

Welcome to the HuffPost Ramadan 2014 live blog.

Huffington Post - 27 Jun 2014
Welcome to the HuffPost Ramadan 2014 live blog. The sacred time of year for Muslims is upon us, and HuffPost Religion will update this page daily with prayers, reflections, verses from the Qur'an, poetry, songs and blogs, to help you growth spiritually ...
ramadan 2014


BBC Sport - 25 Dec 2017
Only Southampton (11) are on a current longer run without a Premier League clean sheet than Stoke (10, level with Newcastle). Sobhi has scored in consecutive Premier League games, after failing to find the net in his first 29 appearances in the ...
ramadan 2014

Jihadists, please blow here!

Qantara.de - 17 Jan 2018
By Dunja Ramadan. Are your new neighbours a bit peculiar? Does the wife wear a headscarf and the husband have a beard and a callous on his forehead from praying? Are they different? Foreign? Let′s say it out loud: are they Muslims? Well, you have ...
ramadan 2014

L'Algérie découvre l'immigration dans la douleur et les larmes

Orient XXI - 18 Jan 2018
Le mois de ramadan 2014 va changer la donne pour tous les acteurs. Cet été, l'Algérie voit arriver des centaines de migrants, hommes, femmes et enfants, dans les villes du nord du pays. Ils s'installent dans les centres-ville pour mendier. Jusqu'à ...
ramadan 2014

Huddersfield Town-Stoke City Preview

Yahoo Sports - 17 Jan 2018
In previous stops at Norwich City and Aston Villa, he had avoided relegation from the Premier League over three-plus seasons, but he did depart Villa in 2014-15 with the team in 18th place. At his introductory press conference, Lambert acknowledged ...
ramadan 2014

Zwei Kinder bei Schulbusunfall verletzt

DIE WELT - 17 Jan 2018
Video Mit Kind im Irak · Deutsche IS-Frau bittet Bundesregierung um Hilfe · Die Bundesregierung will Kinder deutscher IS-Frauen aus dem Irak holen. Eine von ihnen ist Nadja Ramadan, 2014 reiste sie aus. Mit ihren zwei Söhnen sitzt sie dort inzwischen ...
ramadan 2014

Kind geschüttelt: Vater vor Gericht

DIE WELT - 16 Jan 2018
Der Mann aus Melle soll im März 2014 seine vier Monate alte Tochter absichtlich und ohne Grund stark geschüttelt haben, als er alleine mit dem Kind in seiner Wohnung war. Als die Mutter zurück kam, soll das Kind unterkühlt und nicht ansprechbar gewesen ...
ramadan 2014

What would Donald Trump ending US aid mean for Palestinians?

Deutsche Welle - 04 Jan 2018
"Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the state of Palestine, and it is not for sale, for gold or billions," said a spokesperson for Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority. "Trump is an inconsiderate person who doesn't really want a ...
ramadan 2014

Three women accuse anti-Israel Oxford professor of sexual assault

Jewish Telegraphic Agency - 29 Oct 2017
Ramadan has denied any wrongdoing with regards to the sex crimes accusations. The third and most recent complainant to come forward told Le Parisien in an interview published Saturday that Ramadan sexually harassed her in 2014 and blackmailed her for ...
ramadan 2014

Is ISIS More Violent During Ramadan?

The Atlantic - 26 Jun 2017
As the University of Maryland's Global Terrorism Database noted in a 2015 report, the number of attacks carried out by core ISIS members (individuals who are considered operatives of the organization, as opposed to those belonging to ISIS-affiliated ...
ramadan 2014

Eid al-Fitr and the end of Ramadan 2014

The Atlantic - 28 Jul 2014
The Muslim three-day Eid al-Fitr festival, marking the end of the month of Ramadan, began today in parts of the world where sightings of the new moon were made. During Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting, devout Muslims must abstain from food, drink ...
ramadan 2014

Ramadan in Progress: IS Expands Global Presence

SITE Intelligence Group (blog) - 13 Jun 2017
More than half-way through this year's Ramadan, which spans May 26-June 24 in entirety, IS has claimed credit for deadly attacks while amplifying its military presence in various points around the globe. As IS holds onto its last remaining vestiges in ...

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