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The masochistic perversity of the Special Relationship

Spectator USA - 12 Jul 2018
As all British schoolchildren know, the most important event in this breeding program in the style of Henry James was the successful insemination of Lord Randolph Churchill by Jennie Jerome, a union which produced King Winston I. Things got really ...
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May evokes Churchill at Blenheim

The Times - 12 Jul 2018
Theresa May evoked the memory of Winston Churchill as she used a dinner with President Trump last night to extol the “unprecedented” trade opportunities after Brexit. The prime minister and president held a black-tie dinner with about 150 business ...
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Educate Yourself, Like Winston Churchill Did

theTrumpet.com - 16 Jul 2018
Randolph added that Winston had led an idle, useless, unprofitable life. If the 18-year-old didn't turn that around, Randolph predicted, he would “become a mere social wastrel,” one of hundreds of “public school failures” and that he would “degenerate ...
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Városi legenda - Női vécében született Churchill?

Bors - 16 Jul 2018
Churchill viszont már magzatként is túlságosan izgága volt, és a vártnál két hónappal korábban született meg. Aznap a Blenheim-kastélyban egy nagyszabású bált tartottak és a legenda szerint édesanyja, Lady Randolph Churchill annyira szeretett volna ...
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Carry These New Books with You Wherever You Go

Vanity Fair - 09 Jul 2018
At the turn of the 20th century, the historically closed off British society started seeing an influx of American heiresses, beginning when, in 1874, Jennie Jerome married Randolph Churchill, and continuing with dozens of young, rich American women ...
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'Darkest Hour' and the Torture of Being Winston Churchill's Son

Daily Beast - 02 Dec 2017
In his lifetime Randolph Churchill frequently behaved like a wounded, boorish and insolent failure. He was a seething vessel of contradictions – rampant womanizer, misogynist, abuser of servants, courageous soldier, shrewd journalist, bombastic ...
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'Darkest Hour' Gets Endorsed by Churchill Family and Experts

Variety - 23 Oct 2017
That screening was attended by Edwina Sandys and Celia Sandys, who's mother was Diana Churchill, Winston's daughter. Randolph Churchill and Jennie Churchill, whose grandfather was Randolph Churchill, Winston's son, were also on hand. It's become ...
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Winston Churchill conference paired with "Violins of Hope" concert

Brentwood Home Page - 25 Feb 2018
Randolph Churchill, Sir Winston Churchill's great grandson and president of the International Churchill Society, will speak at the first conference hosted by the Churchill Society of Tennessee March 23-24, 2018. The conference itself will be in ...
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St. Tammany Parish Jail bookings

The Advocate - 13 Jul 2018
Randi Wild: 38, 735 Randolph Ave., New Orleans, probation violation. William Sayles: 36, 240 Lotus Drive, Mandeville, intimidation of ...
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Churchill's Secret Affair, Channel 4 — scandal and pathos

Financial Times - 02 Mar 2018
She moved on from Randolph to his father, who promptly brandished his paintbrushes and got her to pose. The resulting portrait was far from racy, but times were different and two academics get very excited about what might have happened to Churchill's ...
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How American 'Dollar Princesses' Invaded British High Society

History - 18 May 2018
When Jennie Jerome and Lord Randolph Churchill announced their engagement in 1874, his parents were horrified. The couple had only known one another for three days, and Jerome—the tattooed daughter of a philandering financier and a social ...

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