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The Ezekiel Elliott Appeal Is A Potential NFL Nightmare

Forbes - 17 Aug 2017
It is easy to find a conduct violation when there is video evidence of a player's transgressions. That was Ray Rice. But there is no Rice-like video that has surfaced against Elliott. It is easy to find a violation when there is undisputed or ...
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Ezekiel Elliott suspension traces directly to Ray Rice - 15 Aug 2017
At the time of Ray Rice's initial punishment (which happened before the elevator video emerged), the NFL had a standard practice of suspending players two games for first-offense domestic violence. When Rice was suspended only two games, fans and ...
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The NFL's Road to Ezekiel Elliott's Suspension Began in 2007

Dallas Observer - 14 Aug 2017
Goodell suspended Ravens running back Ray Rice for two games in July 2014 after Rice was arrested for beating up his fiancée at an Atlantic City casino. Criticism of Goodell's lenient punishment reached a fever pitch when video emerged of Rice punching ...
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Is a Six-Game Suspension Fair for Ezekiel Elliott?

Afro American - 13 Aug 2017
Green: The NFL may have taken into account the Ray Rice story when they made this new ruling on Elliot. Remember they initially gave Rice a weak punishment, then video footage surfaced of Rice's actual incident and they were blasted for it. Now they're ...
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Jason Whitlock: Ravens 'better run business' than the Eagles

247Sports - 01 Aug 2017
Also Baltimore kept Ray Rice on their roster, until video surfaced of him hitting his wife multiple times in an elevator. Whether the Ravens decide to take a shot on Kaepernick is their decision, but it has nothing to do with them being a "better run ...
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If not the player, Ray Rice asks you to forgive the man

ESPN - 28 Apr 2017
15, 2014, video that captured the ferocious moment that altered not only his future but that of the league. But for Rice, 30, and his now-wife, 29, in these three years they've built a life beyond that series of seconds in the elevator, albeit one in ...

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