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Here's what's included in ReCore: Definitive Edition

Polygon - 26 Aug 2017
ReCore: Definitive Edition was announced a week ago during Microsoft's Gamescom keynote. Yesterday, Comcept detailed exactly what that will mean when the game arrives Aug. 29. It starts with “Eye of Obsidian,” a new chapter in the game's main story.

One year later, ReCore's finally pretty good

Destructoid - 13 Sep 2017
Today, September 13, is the one-year anniversary of ReCore's release. In our review, I scored it a 4 out of 10, citing a ton of technical issues and a needlessly drawn-out end-game as factors that overshadowed how good the first two-thirds were ...

ReCore: Definitive Edition and free expansion due out next week

PC Gamer - 21 Aug 2017
Microsoft have announced ReCore: Definitive Edition, a spruced up version of Armature Studio's sci-fi action platformer. It's due out next week, and if you own the original version, you'll get it as a free update. The Definitive Edition adds increased ...

ReCore: Definitive Edition

Metro - 01 Sep 2017
In Short: Half the price it originally was, but now twice as good – this third person take on Metroid Prime has been remastered into the game it always should have been. Pros: Movement and combat controls are excellent, and corebots add variety. Joule ...

ReCore: Definitive Edition Is On The Way

The Nerd Stash (press release) - 22 Aug 2017
Nearly one year after its exclusive release on Xbox One, ReCore will be getting a Definitive Edition. Level-5 Concept and Armature Studio's action platformer released last September to fairly decent reviews, and, overall, the game was enjoyable and had ...

ReCore: Definitive Edition's Features Outlined

Only Single Player - 22 Aug 2017
With the game announced at Microsoft's Gamescom 2017 conference, ReCore: Definitive Edition's list of enhancements and new features have been shared by the developers. Revealed on the game's official website, ReCore: Definitive Edition has shorter ...

ReCore Definitive Edition: What's New? - 03 Sep 2017
For those that did not know, the developer has decided to re-release ReCore. The newer version will be called ReCore Definitive Edition and here is what you will be getting with the re-release of the game. Besides getting a visual upgrade, the game ...

Neighbor leads woman from burning home

Plattsburgh Press Republican - 02 Sep 2017
WEST CHAZY — A woman was injured in the fire that destroyed the home at 112 Recore Road on Saturday morning. Neighbor Robert Duell had found her in the doorway of the burning mobile home, helped lead her safely down to the end of the driveway ...

Here are some major Xbox exclusives that deserve sequels

MSPoweruser - 07 Sep 2017
ReCore made a surprise splash at E3 2015 with its cinematic reveal trailer showcasing a barren wasteland and man's best (robotic) friend. From renowned developer Keiji Inafune and being heavily influenced by Metroid, ReCore instantly piqued players' ...

New Features Revealed In Recore Update And Definitive Edition

Press X Now (press release) (blog) - 28 Aug 2017
A new update as well as ReCore: Definitive Edition is set to release very soon. The new features include improvements as well as more cool stuff. The new stuff were posted on the official ReCore website. There will be more areas for you to explore plus ...

Xbox One digital releases for 28th August – 1st September, 2017

Thumbsticks - 26 Aug 2017
Other new/old games coming to the Xbox One this week include the remastered version of Resident Evil: Revelations, the console version of popular PC RPG Pillars of Eternity, and the definitive – or should that just be finished – edition of ReCore.

Gamescom 2017: What Xbox Brought To The Table

IMGMR - 25 Aug 2017
ReCore's success isn't set to end just yet! In the many new trailers showcased during Gamescom 2017, a new one for ReCore was revealed. Introducing ReCore Definitive Edition, a remastered version of the game if you want, with a 4K graphic resolution as ...

ReCore: Definitive Edition coming August 29

Press X Now (press release) (blog) - 23 Aug 2017
The Microsoft Store revealed this week that there will be indeed a ReCore: Definitive Edition and it's coming out for Xbox One and PC this August 29 for $19.99. ReCore: Definitive Edition will feature the new “Eye of Obsidian” adventure and the “T8-NK” ...

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