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red bull lawsuit

Red Bull Is Just Soda

The Atlantic - 08 Oct 2014
Red Bull GmbH, the Austria-based company that sells the eponymous "energy drink," settled a lawsuit recently over false claims made in advertising the product—including that it will give a person wings. The company will pay out $13 million. The claim ...
red bull lawsuit

Fans sue Barclays Center over 'exceedingly dangerous' cheap seats

New York Post - 16 Sep 2017
The steep upper bowl of the Barclays Center has prompted at least four lawsuits from folks claiming they were crushed by fellow patrons who tumbled over the harrowingly sheer, narrow, dark rows or stairs. “I just heard a 'Watch out!' and like a split ...
red bull lawsuit

Red Bull Can't Escape $60M Lawsuit Saying Drink Is Deadly

Law360 (subscription) - 17 May 2017
Law360, New York (May 16, 2017, 7:50 PM EDT) -- Red Bull, maker of the famous energy drink claiming to give consumers "wings whenever you need them,” cannot escape a suit claiming $60 million in damages arising from a man's death from a serious ...
red bull lawsuit

Chicago cops get more Tasers, but red flags remain

Chicago Tribune - 25 Aug 2017
•In a department that has historically disregarded red flags suggesting misconduct or excessive force, some of the heaviest Taser users also racked up complaints and shootings. One officer who used a Taser 18 times also fired his gun at people on five ...
red bull lawsuit

French and Riviera News Friday 15th September 2017

Riviera Radio - 15 Sep 2017
Three former female employees at Google have filed a lawsuit against the firm alleging that it pays women less than men for comparable work. The development comes as Silicon Valley is facing growing scrutiny over gender relations. The lawsuit ...
red bull lawsuit

Red Bull owner locks horns over drink's future in China

Financial Times - 09 Jun 2017
Energy drink Red Bull is at the centre of a dispute between its Thai owners and a China-born business tycoon whose investments include London landmarks and Wentworth golf course in the UK. The Bangkok-based Yoovidhya family is battling Chanchai ...
red bull lawsuit

Red Bull's own goal is a cautionary tale for brands

Campaign US - 06 Mar 2017
It may have been forced to stop using the slogan "gives you wings" after a lawsuit in 2014, but over the past 15 years, Red Bull has built an unparalleled record of giving wings, wheels, skates and soccer cleats to sports teams and athletes around the ...
red bull lawsuit

5 Things You Didn't Know About Red Bull

The Daily Meal - 18 Mar 2017
A Thai energy drink popular with laborers, introduced in 1976 and called Krating Daeng, served as the initial inspiration for Red Bull. An Austrian entrepreneur named Dietrich Mateschitz discovered the drink while on a trip to Thailand in 1982 — he ...
red bull lawsuit

Red Bull Settles $13 Million Lawsuit Over False Advertising

Jezebel - 06 Oct 2014
Red Bull is settling a lawsuit over the fact that it apparently does not, in fact, turn you into a winged avian-human hybrid and/or a member of the X-Men. The suit centers around Red Bull's excessive and inaccurate claims of effectiveness in terms of ...
red bull lawsuit

$13m lawsuit proves Red Bull doesn't give you wings - 11 Oct 2014
Drinks giant Red Bull GmbH must pay $13m to settle the suit, $6.5m of which will go into a fund that will be paid out to an estimated 1.4 million consumers, who can apply for the refund through a specially created website. “Red Bull settled the lawsuit ...

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