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red bull lawsuit

Red Bull Is Just Soda

The Atlantic - 08 Oct 2014
Red Bull GmbH, the Austria-based company that sells the eponymous "energy drink," settled a lawsuit recently over false claims made in advertising the product—including that it will give a person wings. The company will pay out $13 million. The claim ...
red bull lawsuit

Monstrous Victory for Bang Energy

PRNewswire - 11 Dec 2018
WESTON, Fla., Dec. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- In a devastating blow to Monster Energy Company, the United States District Judge for the Central District of ...
red bull lawsuit

Marijuana Stocks: Here Come the Lawsuits

The Motley Fool - 08 Dec 2018
In just a little over three weeks, the marijuana industry will wrap up its most impressive year ever. Even without pot stocks soaring into the stratosphere, as they ...
red bull lawsuit

Arkansas man finds dead mouse in Red Bull

Daily Mail - 13 Mar 2018
This revolting video shows a man from Arkansas claiming to find a dead mouse in his RedBull can. John Henley bought the drink yesterday and was shocked to ...
red bull lawsuit

Thai-Chinese billionaire in UK court battle

Financial Times - 30 Mar 2018
The Chinese-born billionaire owner of Wentworth golf club, sylvan playground of City bankers and TV celebrities such as chat show host Sir Michael Parkinson, ...
red bull lawsuit

Pack of pit bulls killed 2 dogs: lawsuit

New York Post - 29 Jul 2018
A pack of pit bulls killed two chihuahuas and mauled a boxer pooch on Long Island while also attacking their owners, two lawsuits claim. Tom Doherty, 39, said...
red bull lawsuit

Crew SC preps for Red Bulls best shot

The Columbus Dispatch - 09 Nov 2018
Crew SC carries a 1-0 lead into the second leg of an Eastern Conference semifinal series against the New York Red Bulls. That scoreline, however, is unlikely to ...

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