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republican party presidential candidates, 2016

The definitive ranking of 2020 Democrats

CNN - 16 Aug 2018
(This is the second edition of our monthly power rankings of Democrats most likely to get their party's presidential nomination in 2020.) (CNN) Because Donald Trump is, well, Donald Trump, a lot ...
republican party presidential candidates, 2016

Live results for the Connecticut primary elections

Vox - 14 Aug 2018
While Democratic candidates have dominated statewide offices in Connecticut as well as several recent presidential elections, historical patterns concerning the governor's mansion don't bode well for the party: It tends to switch hands when one party ...
republican party presidential candidates, 2016

Republican Candidates Can't Keep Trump Out of Their Districts

The Atlantic - 15 Aug 2018
A president saddled with a 39 percent approval rating is not a guaranteed asset, especially in the dozens of competitive House districts where Republicans risk being drowned in a blue wave. Party strategists worry that Trump will do more harm than good ...
republican party presidential candidates, 2016

Slideshow The candidates getting banks' cash: Top 5 in the Senate

American Banker - 15 Aug 2018
WASHINGTON — While bankers typically donate more to the political re-election campaigns of Republicans, who are more likely to support pro-business platforms, their giving has shifted more to Democratic incumbents in the Senate for the upcoming ...
republican party presidential candidates, 2016

UPDATED: H. Brooke Paige sweeps up 6 GOP nominations - 16 Aug 2018
Hours after Paige secured the six nominations, he posted a message to Facebook asking for potential candidates to contact him or Vermont Republican Party Chair Deb Billado if they were interested in running. Under Vermont law, Paige may give his ...
republican party presidential candidates, 2016

Why Donald Trump's return to Ohio is a big deal - 16 Aug 2018
CLEVELAND, Ohio — There's an argument to be made that President Donald Trump would be best served by spending his precious time between now and the November election focusing on states other than Ohio. Ohio ranks pretty low on the list of battleground ...
republican party presidential candidates, 2016

GOP super PAC hits Randy Bryce on arrest record in new ad - 15 Aug 2018
But Republicans remain confident in the district that went for President Trump by 10 points in 2016, arguing Bryce is too liberal for the area with policies on abolishing the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency and "Medicare for all." And Ryan ...

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