This state has the most fast-food restaurants in all of America -

This state has the most fast-food restaurants in all of America

New York Daily News - 05 Jul 2018
No matter which state you live in, from Alaska to Hawaii and beyond, there's no shortage of fast-food restaurants. But residents of a certain state have more options per capita than the other 49. Alabama, the home of the Crimson Tide, comes in at No. 1 ...

Chico restaurants celebrate Italy with off-menu meals

Chico Enterprise-Record - 19 Aug 2018
Before moving to Chico, he had enjoyed meals at Bay Area restaurants that celebrated the regions of Italy, so started reaching out to see what was possible. The first restaurant — Sicilian Cafe — embraced the idea heartily since owner James Taylor is ...

Why don't Boston restaurants win national awards?

The Boston Globe - 18 Aug 2018
This month, Bon Appetit magazine named its 2018 Restaurant City of the Year: Portland, Maine. So close, and yet so far. Seafood, charm, New England panache: What's Portland got that Boston doesn't? Just two weeks earlier, the website Eater had released ...

Graveyard of restaurants claims its final victim in Kettering

Dayton Daily News - 20 Aug 2018
The list of restaurants that ultimately failed to make a go of it in space next to Fraze Pavilion is lengthy — but at least it will never grow any longer. The space on Lincoln Park Boulevard overlooking the city of Kettering's outdoor music venue has ...

McDonald's to update five local restaurants - 20 Aug 2018
As part of a $205 million investment in its Michigan operations, McDonald's is planning to modernize five local restaurants. The move is part of a $6 billion national investment by the corporation to modernize more than 8,000 restaurants across the ...

Spring, one of the best restaurants in Los Angeles, is closing

Los Angeles Times - 20 Aug 2018
Spring restaurant owner Yassmin Sarmadi and her husband, chef and partner Tony Esnault, have announced they will close Spring restaurant in downtown Los Angeles by the end of the month. Located in the 1989 Douglas Building on Spring Street, the ...

When Restaurants Level the Playing Field, Everybody Wins

Bon Appetit - 16 Aug 2018
That's when a counselor at a New York refugee organization told Pham about Emma's Torch, a restaurant centered around training refugees in the culinary arts, then helping them find good jobs in commercial kitchens around the city. Pham applied and got ...

The End of 'Ladies First' Restaurant Service

Eater - 16 Aug 2018
You may not think you know classic service standards, but you probably do. Even if you've never worked in a restaurant, spend enough time in upscale establishments and you know the deal: Women are served first, going clockwise around the table, then ...

Tourists ignore red tide but restaurants see dip in business

Naples Daily News - 19 Aug 2018
Red tide blooms continue off Southwest Florida, yet tourists are ignoring the warnings and visiting the Gulf beaches. People packed the sandy shores along Naples Pier on Sunday. Swimmers dived in the water, and sunbathers sprawled on towels, including ...

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