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rich kids of beverly hills

Review: '#RichKids of Beverly Hills' - 20 Jan 2014
E!'s newest reality show, “#RichKids of Beverly Hills,” documents the lives of Dorothy Wang and Morgan Stewart, who get their daily cardio workout by shopping, can't go a minute without scrolling through their Instagram feeds and are burdened with the ...
rich kids of beverly hills

Met Gala 2018 Style Superlatives: What the Fashion Weighs In

E! Online - 10 May 2018
Now that the former Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star and co-host Justin Martindale have broken down the Met's style saints and sinners on the E! Snapchat show, we're tapping them for their style superlatives. We're not just talking about the typical ...
rich kids of beverly hills

The CW's New Show Trailers: A Critic's Ranking

Hollywood Reporter - 17 May 2018
It's so nearly a beat-for-beat remake that Josh Schwartz should be getting a tiny slice of residuals, right down to the rich kids' bacchanal party and somebody sneering "Welcome to...
rich kids of beverly hills

Stereotyping Beverly Hills

Fox and Hounds Daily - 03 May 2018
When younger – and this certainly wasn't an uncommon experience among many kids who grew up here – it sometimes felt embarrassing to be from Beverly Hills because of the stereotyping. In some cases it was a giveaway that you were ...
rich kids of beverly hills

EJ Johnson Is 'Not Just Some Other Rich Girl'

New York Times - 02 Sep 2017
Though he is determined to escape his father's 6-foot-9-inch shadow, he has not shied away from flaunting his hyper-privileged lifestyle, first on the reality series “#Rich Kids of Beverly Hills,” which ran for four seasons on E!, and then on his own ...
rich kids of beverly hills

Ranking the new fall TV trailers, from best to worst (blog) - 17 May 2018
KRISTEN: Yes, and now the white kids are asking the star player if he's in the Crips or the Bloods. Not a great intro, white kids. DARREN: He's is suddenly being invited to pool parties in Beverly Hills. I'm into this! Some great Los Angeles cross ...

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