Review: '#RichKids of Beverly Hills' -
rich kids of beverly hills

Review: '#RichKids of Beverly Hills' - 20 Jan 2014
E!'s newest reality show, “#RichKids of Beverly Hills,” documents the lives of Dorothy Wang and Morgan Stewart, who get their daily cardio workout by shopping, can't go a minute without scrolling through their Instagram feeds and are burdened with the ...
rich kids of beverly hills

Reality star Dorothy Wang: Don't call me oriental

BBC News - 25 Jul 2017
Reality TV star Dorothy Wang has posted a rant on Instagram about being described as oriental. The post shows the 29-year-old grimace while on a date with model David McIntosh during the show Famously Single. Dorothy says this was the second time in ...
rich kids of beverly hills

The new owner's kid brother used to work here

Chicago Reader - 21 Jul 2017
Chicago magazine's Carol Felsenthal recently recalled that Edwin "was portrayed as an entitled rich boy whose parents were intent on buying him a City Council seat" and that the Sun-Times's then political editor took to calling him "Little Lord Eddie."

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