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Rich Peverley Dallas Stars Player Collapses During Game - 10 Mar 2014
Dallas Stars player Rich Peverley collapsed while sitting on the bench during a hockey game Monday night .... prompting officials to suspend the game while the 31-year-old was rushed into a tunnel for help. So far, Peverley's condition is unknown ...
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Blake Wheeler Trade Revisited

The Hockey Writers - 29 Oct 2017
It has been more than six years since the Boston Bruins agreed to send Blake Wheeler and Mark Stuart to the Atlanta Thrashers in exchange for Rich Peverley and Boris Valabik. At the time many felt the trade was a win for Peter Chiarelli and company, as ...
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Cunningham jersey retired but new chapter ahead for 27 year-old

Northeast Valley News - 31 Oct 2017
In more recent memory is Rich Peverley of the Dallas Stars, who collapsed during a game on Mar. 11, 2014. Two young prospects have also died from Sudden Cardiac Arrest, most notably Alexi Cherapanov, at the age of 19, collapsed during a game in the ...
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Julien sees growth in Wheeler

Winnipeg Sun - 04 Nov 2017
Wheeler and Mark Stuart went to the Thrashers in that deal and the Bruins got forward Rich Peverley and defenceman Boris Valabik. “What I would tell you was that when we made the trade, we knew we were losing a good player. That was never in doubt,” ...
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Cunningham finds new calling off the ice

TSN - 23 Oct 2017
A similar situation played itself out in March of 2014, when Dallas Star forward Rich Peverley collapsed but was saved by the use of an AED (automated external defibrillator). In July of 2012, Phoenix Coyote prospect Brett MacLean collapsed during a ...
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Haskel Continues to Expand Its Network of Master Distributors - 20 Nov 2017
Liquipro and HP Plus also share rich experience in various industries, which include high-pressure oil and gas, aerospace and defense. Haskel Sales Director Paul Peverley coordinated the growth of these distributor relationships with Liquipro and HP Plus.
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Rich Peverley collapses on Stars' bench

USA TODAY - 11 Mar 2014
The remainder of the Columbus Blue Jackets-Dallas Stars game was postponed after Dallas' Rich Peverley collapsed on the bench with a "cardiac event" during the first period. The public address announcer said that Peverley had been taken to the hospital ...
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Dallas Stars release "Playing for Pevs" video about Rich Peverley

Stanley Cup of Chowder - 05 Jan 2016
In 2014, 2011 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruin Rich Peverley collapsed on the Dallas Stars bench with heart trouble. It was terrifying. The Stars and Bluejackets agreed to stop the game while Peverley was attended to. Rich Peverley luckily lived ...
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Bouchard : Blake Wheeler, l'inconnu de Winnipeg (Communiqué de presse) (Blog) - 09 Nov 2017
Les Bruins de Boston ont gagné la Coupe Stanley en 2011, ce qui rend plus acceptable, je suppose, le fait qu'ils aient alors décidé de sortir Wheeler de leur alignement en retour du respecté Rich Peverley et de Boris Valabik. Wheeler venait de ...
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Rich Peverley alive because of NHL protocol

Boston Globe - 16 Mar 2014
By Wednesday, two days after his near-death experience, Rich Peverley was well enough to thank the people who saved his life. During a news conference at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Peverley acknowledged trainer Dave Zeis ...
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Rinne's Redemption - 07 Jun 2017
Former Dallas Stars forward Rich Peverley, now the team's player development coordinator, was in Milwaukee when Rinne arrived from northern Finland. "He was adjusting to life here and I was adjusting to life in the American League," Peverley said ...

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