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Richard Spencer Reportedly Banned From 26 European Countries

HuffPost - 23 Nov 2017
More than two dozen European countries reportedly banned white supremacist Richard Spencer from entry, The Associated Press reported. The European Union's Schengen Area, a group of 26 countries that allow visa-free travel, placed a five-year travel ban ...
richard spencer

Poland Bans Richard Spencer from Entering 26 European Countries

GQ Magazine - 25 Nov 2017
Richard Spencer is probably the most famous white supremacist in America (who hasn't worked in the White House). He's made a name for himself by dressing up his views in a costume of respectability. But just because there have been some media outlets ...
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Op-Ed: I want Richard Spencer

The Michigan Daily - 01 Dec 2017
I'm not the other that he fixates on. Sure, I'm one of the snowflakes who voted for Hillary Clinton and I'm Middle Eastern. But I'm not Muslim. I'm not Jewish, either, nor am I Black. All of this is to say I am not the one who deserves the final say in ...
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Richard Spencer seeks OK to speak at UM during spring break

MLive.com - 08 Dec 2017
ANN ARBOR, MI - The attorney representing white supremacist Richard Spencer has asked the University of Michigan if Spencer can speak on campus during the university's spring break. Kyle Bristow, who represents Cameron Padgett, an organizer for Spencer ...
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Richard Spencer shooting suspect to be extradited to Texas

Gainesville Sun - 01 Dec 2017
A man involved with a shooting following alt-right leader Richard Spencer's Oct. 19 visit to the University of Florida will be extradited to Texas on an out-of-state warrant, a state attorney's spokesman said Friday. Darry Lloyd, Eighth Judicial ...
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UM students to protest Richard Spencer visit

The Detroit News - 27 Nov 2017
Some University of Michigan students plan to hold activities on campus to protest a possible speech by white nationalist Richard Spencer on campus. One group, called Stop Spencer at the University of Michigan, has scheduled several of them for this ...

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