Cyril Richard "Rick" Rescorla (May 27, 1939 – Sep... -
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Cyril Richard "Rick" Rescorla (May 27, 1939 – Sep...

wikipedia - 20 Oct 2017
Cyril Richard "Rick" Rescorla (May 27, 1939 – September 11, 2001) was a United States Army officer and private security officer of British origin who served in Northern Rhodesia as a member of the Northern Rhodesia Police (NRP) and as a commissioned officer in the Vietnam War, where he was a second lieutenant in the United States Army. As the director of security for the financial services firm Morgan Stanley at the World Trade Center, Rescorla anticipated attacks on the towers and impl
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Pracownik Ochrony – cichy bohater (komunikaty prasowe) (Blog) - 21 Aug 2018
Wkrótce po uderzeniu samolotu w wieżę WTC, Rick Rescorla (szef ochrony banku Morgan Stanley, który swą siedzibę miał właśnie w WTC) zignorował oficjalne zalecenie administracji budynku, która nakazywała pozostanie w biurach do czasu przybycia sił ...
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A day to be proud…

Power Line (blog) - 11 Sep 2017
I first wrote about Rick Rescorla in 2003 after finishing James Stewart's Heart of a Soldier, the book based on Stewart's New Yorker article “The real heroes are dead.” (“The real heroes are dead” is what Rescorla would say in response to recognition ...
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10 Things You Didn't Know about “We Were Soldiers”

TVOvermind - 07 Feb 2018
Lieutenant Rick Rescorla was the head of security for Morgan Stanley. He died while making sure that all the company's employees were evacuated from the building. 9. There were Vietnamese actors in the film that had been in the North Vietnamese army.
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The Real Heroes Are Dead

The New Yorker - 15 Jun 2014
He said that his name was Rick Rescorla, and he seemed eager to talk—so eager that Susan doubted he was paying much attention to her end of the conversation. (She was later surprised to learn that he remembered everything she'd said.) Rescorla told ...
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Opera Recalls A Hero's Life, Love and Song

New York Times - 02 Sep 2011
The inverse may be equally true: that “ordinary” heroes like Rick Rescorla, who saved almost 2,700 lives on Sept. 11, 2001, only to lose his own, are the yang to Arendt's yin, demonstrating what you might call the profundity of virtue. The story of ...
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9/11, LZ X-Ray, LZ Albany and Rick Rescorla

smallwarsjournal (blog) - 11 Sep 2015
Despite Port Authority Police stating to stay in the building, he ordered fellow Morgan Stanley Dean Witter employees floor by floor to evacuate. They were halfway down to the ground floor when the second airliner hit the south tower. Rick Rescorla did ...
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Brent Batten: 9/11 hero first saved lives in Vietnam

Naples Daily News - 10 Sep 2016
One of the pavers around the newly opened Freedom Memorial on Golden Gate Parkway holds a special meaning for Naples resident Pat Payne. And not just because he paid for it. It reads, “In memory of Rick Rescorla, who died 9-11-2001. Thanks for ...
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Life Lessons From 6 Unsung Leaders Who Rose to the Occasion

Entrepreneur - 09 Aug 2017
Thanks to Rick Rescorla, 2,700 Morgan Stanley employees working in the World Trade Center escaped the collapse during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The drills he designed and trained them in saved all but six of his colleagues. Rescorla has more to his ...
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Remembering Rick Rescorla: a hero on 9/11

San Diego Source - 08 Sep 2011
Editor's note: This commentary originally appeared on our pages in 2011. We reprint it today with minor modifications. Twelve years ago on 9/11, Rick Rescorla was on duty on the 44th floor of the World Trade Center, tower two. He was vice president for ...
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Dan Hill: Mission (almost) accomplished

St. Augustine Record - 14 Aug 2011
Dan Hill's six-year mission to get a memorial monument to his deceased friend Rick Rescorla at the U.S. Army's National Infantry Museum, Fort Benning, Ga., has become a reality, but not without a few bumps along the road. Rescorla, who fought in the ...
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Ginnie Graham: It's time to reflect on the meaning of 1968

Tulsa World - 25 Jan 2018
Correction: This column originally misstated the military actions leading to the Tet Offensive and capture of the USS Pueblo. It has been corrected. Tulsa World journalism makes a difference. Be part of the story. Join us. Start a digital subscription ...
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7th Cav Regiment Gives Tribute to Hero of Vietnam, 9/11 - 19 Jun 2015
In the worst of it in the Ia Drang, and decades later in the worst of it as the towers burned on 9/11, Cyril Richard "Rick" Rescorla sang. They were the tunes of his youth in Cornwall. He sang the Cornish and Welsh songs while serving in the British ...
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'Heart Of A Soldier': An Opera At The Heart Of Sept. 11

NPR - 10 Sep 2011
That guy was Rick Rescorla, a Vietnam veteran with a long history of heroic deeds. The deeper Stewart dug, the more incredible and sad Rescorla's story became. After a failed marriage, Rescorla had found the love of his life, Susan Greer, who was also ...
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Presenting Pages From The Long Island Star Journal

Western Queens Gazette - 01 Nov 2017
Among the survivors on the American side was Lieutenant Rick Rescorla, who perished in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 while guiding his coworkers to safety. Back home in New York City, on November 2 Republican John V. Lindsay was ...
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7 incredible stories of heroism on 9/11

Business Insider - 11 Sep 2015
Rick Rescorla was already a hero of the battlefields of Vietnam, where he earned the Silver Star and other awards for his exploits as an Army officer. Rescorla — once immortalized on the cover of the book "We Were Soldiers Once… And Young" — would ...
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How Creative Thinking Could Help Prevent the Next 9/11

Roll Call - 07 Sep 2016
A retired Army officer named Rick Rescorla prepared for the attacks. As The New Yorker noted, "Drawing on his research for [a] novel on the air-cavalry unit, Rescorla [then working as head of security for Morgan Stanley at the World Trade Center ...
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About Utah: Is another 9/11 set to unfold?

Deseret News - 06 Sep 2009
One of the men, Rick Rescorla, was chief of security for Morgan Stanley with an office in the World Trade Center. He died on 9/11, but not before he shepherded all but six of Morgan Stanley's 2,700 employees to safety because of a well-prepared and ...

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