Cyril Richard "Rick" Rescorla (May 27, 1939 – Sep... -
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Cyril Richard "Rick" Rescorla (May 27, 1939 – Sep...

wikipedia - 12 Sep 2018
Cyril Richard "Rick" Rescorla (May 27, 1939 – September 11, 2001) was a United States Army officer and private security officer of British origin who served in Northern Rhodesia as a member of the Northern Rhodesia Police (NRP) and as a commissioned officer in the Vietnam War, where he was a second lieutenant in the United States Army. As the director of security for the financial services firm Morgan Stanley at the World Trade Center, Rescorla anticipated attacks on the towers and impl
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Remember, hands up: safety drills save lives

The Massachusetts Daily Collegian - 11 Oct 2018
Think of the great American hero, Rick Rescorla, who was the head of the Morgan Stanley security firm at the World Trade Center. Fearing another attack after the 1993 bombing at the World Trade Center, Rescorla had everyone in his firm practice ...
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Rick Rescorla

Overton County News - 11 Sep 2018
Moments after the first airliner slammed into the North Tower, Rick Rescorla threw on his suit jacket, and left his office on the 44th floor of 2 World Trade Center, bullhorn, walkie-talkie and cell phone in hand. It was shortly after 8:46 a.m. on Sept ...
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Wisconsin Public Radio News - 02 Oct 2018
Rick Rescorla was a soldier, not a musician. But he knew the power of music and he put it to work when it mattered most. He was born in Cornwall in 1939. Some of his earliest memories were of Cornish songs, but American culture was also in the air as.
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Quote of the Day: The Once and Future Hero - 11 Sep 2018
Today's quote is a variation on Men of Harlech, as Rick Rescorla was born in Cornwall, England. You likely heard it in the 1964 movie Zulu, as the handful of defenders sang defiantly in response to the massed Zulu army's war song. The movie was based ...
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Holly Richardson: These lessons we need to #NeverForget

Salt Lake Tribune - 13 Sep 2018
Another of the day's many unsung heroes was Rick Rescorla. Rick was working on the 44th floor of the South Tower of the World Trade Center when a loud explosion made him look out his window, where he saw the North Tower in flames. An Army veteran ...
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The Real Heroes Are Dead

The New Yorker - 11 Sep 2014
He said that his name was Rick Rescorla, and he seemed eager to talk—so eager that Susan doubted he was paying much attention to her end of the conversation. (She was later surprised to learn that he remembered everything she'd said.) Rescorla told ...
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10 Things You Didn't Know about “We Were Soldiers”

TVOvermind - 07 Feb 2018
Lieutenant Rick Rescorla was the head of security for Morgan Stanley. He died while making sure that all the company's employees were evacuated from the building. 9. There were Vietnamese actors in the film that had been in the North Vietnamese army.
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Officer injured in crash off airport runway

Overton County News - 31 Jul 2018
Livingston Police Officer Jordan Danner had a rough ride Thursday, July 26. According to information obtained from Livingston Police Department and Tennessee Highway Patrol, Danner had taken his cruiser to Livingston Municipal Airport at approximately ...
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Are We Remembering 9/11 or Forgetting It?

Gatestone Institute - 11 Sep 2018
Instead of being angry at the perpetrators of 9/11, some people are angry at those who waterboarded three (only three) terrorists, including one of the chief planners of 9/11, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. As a result of information he revealed, a plot to ...
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Fitzgerald jobs in jeopardy as company waits for ruling

Overton County News - 19 Jun 2018
By Amye Anderson, Upper Cumberland Business Journal. Editor's note: The following report originally appeared in Upper Cumberland Business Journal Thursday, June 14. It is reprinted with permission. The recent failure of a proposed repeal of an ...
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Heroes remembered in Bossier on 17th anniversary of 9/11

Shreveport Times - 11 Sep 2018
Rick Rescorla was already considered a hero before Sept. 11. The retired army colonel had earned a Silver Star for his service in the Vietnam War and was working as head of corporate security for Morgan Stanley in the World Trade Center. When his ...
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9/11, LZ X-Ray, LZ Albany and Rick Rescorla

smallwarsjournal (blog) - 11 Sep 2015
Despite Port Authority Police stating to stay in the building, he ordered fellow Morgan Stanley Dean Witter employees floor by floor to evacuate. They were halfway down to the ground floor when the second airliner hit the south tower. Rick Rescorla did ...
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Opera Recalls A Hero's Life, Love and Song

New York Times - 02 Sep 2011
The inverse may be equally true: that “ordinary” heroes like Rick Rescorla, who saved almost 2,700 lives on Sept. 11, 2001, only to lose his own, are the yang to Arendt's yin, demonstrating what you might call the profundity of virtue. The story of ...
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A day to be proud…

Power Line (blog) - 11 Sep 2017
I first wrote about Rick Rescorla in 2003 after finishing James Stewart's Heart of a Soldier, the book based on Stewart's New Yorker article “The real heroes are dead.” (“The real heroes are dead” is what Rescorla would say in response to recognition ...
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LA Wildcats blanked by Upperman Bees

Overton County News - 11 Sep 2018
By Mac McLeod, OCN Sports. Back on the opening night of high school football, everyone had their eyes on the Cookeville-Upperman game mainly because Livingston Academy would take on Cookeville the following Friday night. When the dust had settled, ...
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Bear sightings widespread over weekend

Overton County News - 05 Jun 2018
By Lyndon Johnson, OCN Staff. Black bears have been making quite a stir in the area over the weekend. Facebook user Hannah Stringer posted a video and several still-shots to the social media site Saturday, June 2. The video showed a large black bear ...
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Hartlee Hill named 2018 Fairest of the Fair

Overton County News - 24 Jul 2018
Dewain E. Peek/OCN photo. Overton County 2018 Fairest of the Fair was crowned Saturday night, July 21. Winners are, from left, Best Dressed Leah Kate Melton, 16 year-old daughter of Bryan and Julie Melton of Rickman, Miss Congeniality Emma McDonald ...

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