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Leonardo DiCaprio Snuck into Rihanna's 30th Birthday Party

Vanity Fair - 24 Feb 2018
Whether or not we deserve it, the cosmos has blessed us with one more earthly revolution around the sun with Rihanna in our lives. The singer, actress, makeup savant, and the people's sommelier celebrated her 30th birthday yesterday. Hold on tight ...

10 Times Rihanna Gave Great Advice About Success and Money

Money Magazine - 20 Feb 2018
''You know, when I started to experience the difference — or even have my race be highlighted — it was mostly when I would do business deals,” Rihanna told The New York Times. ''And, you know, that never ends, by the way. It's still a thing. And it's ...

Kim Kardashian West Just Pulled a Rihanna on Instagram - Vogue

Vogue.com - 23 Feb 2018
Third time's a charm. Today, Kim Kardashian West posted a behind-the-scenes snap of a shoot styled by Sita Abellan on her Instagram, in which she wears a voluminous fairy-tale dress. It comes on the heels of Dua Lipa wearing a similar Giambattista ...

Here's How Rihanna Celebrated Her 30th Birthday

The Cut - 23 Feb 2018
On Tuesday, Rihanna — the patron saint of pasta and taking your wine glasses to go — turned 30. (Happy Birthday to Rihanna, and Happy Rihanna Day to everyone else.) To celebrate the occasion, TMZ reports that she hosted a “low-key event” at the Pool ...

Chris Brown gifts diamond chain to ex-girlfriend Rihanna

Daily Times - 25 Feb 2018
Singer Chris Brown reportedly sent singer Rihanna an expensive birthday gift for her birthday. A source revealed that Brown spent $30,000 on a diamond chain for Rihanna's birthday on February 20. “He sent it over with 30 red roses”, added the insider ...

PICS: Rihanna celebrates 30th in New York

Independent Online - 23 Feb 2018
Award-winning singer Rihanna celebrated her 30th birthday in New York-style on Tuesday night. The 'Wild Thoughts' hitmaker spent her evening at the Seagram Building, where she hosted a black-tie dinner, followed by an after that lasted until the wee ...

Rihanna Throws on the Ultimate Party Look for her 30th Birthday

Vogue.com - 21 Feb 2018
No one throws a bash quite like Rihanna does, so when it was time for the bad gal to ring in her 30th, she did so in style. Taking over New York's The Grill restaurant for an all night party with friends, she entered her third decade with a blowout ...

What Do You Get Rihanna for Her Birthday?

Papermag - 20 Feb 2018
What do you gift a multi-platinum selling recording artist for her Dirty Thirty? A nude sculpture of said artist I suppose will do. Rihanna is getting a life-size silicone sculpture of herself, crafted by artist Edgar Askelovic. The hyperrealistic ...

Rihanna Celebrates 30 With the World's Cheekiest T-Shirt

Vogue.com - 20 Feb 2018
The day before you hit 30 is its own celebration. Those final hours of your 20s provide one last chance to get in a few youthful indiscretions—or if you're Rihanna, an opportunity to poke fun at the whole process. Before turning 30 today, the star ...

Rihanna Celebrates The Last Day Of 20s By Trolling On Instagram

BET - 20 Feb 2018
Taking to her Instagram story, the Barbadian pop-star singer celebrated the last day of being 29 by posting a pic of her in a shirt reading “I hate Rihanna, Don't Trust Anyone Under 30.” and the text caption, “last day to make a bad decision and blame ...

Chris Brown and Rihanna 'Talk All the Time'

Us Weekly - 21 Feb 2018
“Fans might have been surprised that Chris wished Rihanna a happy birthday so very publicly on social media,” the source noted. “However, they are good friends and talk all the time.” Many Rihanna devotees lashed out at Brown for the birthday shoutout ...

Joel Embiid says Wooing Rihanna Is 'a Process'

Sports Illustrated - 20 Feb 2018
Embiid said in 2017 that the woman he was talking about wasn't Rihanna, which no one believed. He then essentially confirmed in a postgame TNT interview that the woman in question actually was Rih-Rih, while adding that he was going to “move on to the ...

A Full Guide To Rihanna's Best Tattoos

Refinery29 - 21 Feb 2018
Celebrating Rihanna's birthday could include a laundry list of Rihanna-themed activities, like walking around your office with a glass of Malbec (or a flask) because it's a cooler accessory than a choker, going to every Sephora in a 10-mile radius and ...

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