British comedian Rik Mayall dead at 56 -
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British comedian Rik Mayall dead at 56

CNN - 09 Jun 2018
(CNN) -- Tributes are flowing in for much-loved British actor and comedian Rik Mayall, who died in London Monday at age 56. Mayall, one of the leading lights of Britain's alternative comedy scene in the 1980s, is best known for starring roles in hit TV ...
rik mayall

What was the name of Rik Mayall's World Cup song?

Chortle - 12 Jun 2018
comedy trivia quiz Test your comedy knowledge with our weekly trivia quiz - compiled, as always by broadcaster and comedy historian Hayden Parker. And this week, to mark the start of the World Cup, there's a special football theme. Good luck! Published ...
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Anthony Clavane: When did the Left lose its sense of humour?

Yorkshire Post - 15 Jun 2018
Alternative comedians like Jeremy Hardy, Mark Steel, Alexei Sayle and Rik Mayall were all anti-Thatch – but they also satirised the foibles of over-earnest, po-faced Bennites. As one Labour Tweeter put it: “I'm genuinely wondering how the people ...
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Adrian Edmondson and Nigel Planer reunite for actors satire

The Guardian - 08 Jun 2018
Edmondson went on to co-write and star in Bottom with Rik Mayall, and has made many television and live theatre appearances, including a Hollywood cameo in Star Wars: The Last Jedi – and a surprising reinvention as a foodie who won the 2013 Celebrity ...
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World Cup 2018: The best England football songs RANKED

Radio Times - 14 Jun 2018
The late great Rik Mayall threw his hat into the football-related recording market on St George's Day 2010 – the most English day of the year. The Young One's adapted reading of a passage from Shakespeare's Henry V is accompanied by a haunting chant of ...
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OBE for Carry On star Fenella Fielding

Chortle - 08 Jun 2018
She appeared in four episodes of Morecambe and Wise Show between 1969 and 1972 and – at the other end of the comedy spectrum – starred in Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson's film Guest House Paradiso in 1999. Fielding is also known for serious ...
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How the Young Ones almost had a very different cast...

Chortle - 25 May 2018
In the new Gold documentary, Meyer also recalled how Ben Elton was drafted in to help her and Rik Mayall pen the pilot script – because he was fast at writing. All three knew each other from Manchester University. Meyey said: 'Rik and I were sitting ...
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What's on TV: Saturday

The Times - 19 May 2018
This watershed in a day of classic fun on Gold (Two Ronnies, Porridge, The Good Life, Fawlty Towers) explores the legacy of the sitcom (with Ade Edmondson, Rik Mayall, Nigel Planer and Christopher Ryan) that escaped onto the BBC (like Python) in 1982 ...
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What's on TV and radio this weekend

The Times - 25 May 2018
From Edmondson and Nigel Planer to Alexei Sayle and Rik Mayall's ex-partner Lise Mayer, most of the key figures in the series contribute to this definitive tribute. Handily, it also doubles as a brief history of alternative comedy, with so many of its ...
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Timothy Spall almost starred in The Young Ones!

What's On TV - 25 May 2018
Timothy Spall came extremely close to starring alongside Rik Mayall, Adrian Edmondson and Nigel Planer in classic comedy The Young Ones. The hugely popular actor was nearly given the part of wide boy Mike, a role eventually played by Christopher Ryan ...
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Blackadder cast: Where are they now?

BT TV - 08 Jun 2018
After playing Bob in Blackadder II and Goes Forth – famously getting seduced by Rik Mayall's Lord Flashheart on both occasions, Gabrielle went on become a soap regular,. She played the long-suffering Patricia Farnham in Brookside, played Debs Brownlow ...
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25 of Rik Mayall's greatest quotes and jokes

iNews - 07 Mar 2018
An unofficial day to celebrate the beloved funnyman's career, fans have been paying tribute to a tremendous comic writer and performer. Here are 25 of the best lines and jokes across Mayall's brilliantly funny career, from The Young Ones and Bottom to ...
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Comedian John Sessions to star as Prime Minister in ITV's Victoria

Daily Star - 22 May 2018
Now cast member Alexei Sayle claims the stars – who included the late Rik Mayall and also Nigel Planer and Ade Edmondson – cancelled it too soon. He tells How The Young Ones Saved The World on Gold on Saturday at 9.30pm: “I always felt that they ...

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