Robert Emmet Odlum (August 31, 1851 – May 19, 1885) was an Amer... -
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Secrets of Brooklyn Bridge Tour gives insiders' view, a few thrills

Brooklyn Daily Eagle - 16 Mar 2018
This hole in the Manhattan tower is home to peregrine falcons, who have found their ecological niche dining on small mammals in the streets below and aquatic life in the East River. Robert Emmet Odlum was the first person to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge.
robert emmet odlum

This Weekend's Kids & Family Activities in Bronx

NY Metro Parents - 25 Jul 2018
But the key word there is "innovative," because as deep as his roots go — and we're talking about a cat who learned firsthand from the likes of Robert Lockwood Jr., Howlin' Wolf, Big Walter Horton, and Johnny Shines (to name but a few of the legends ...
robert emmet odlum

Larry Donovan, 1880s Bridge Jumper, Lived Too Soon

Atlas Obscura - 21 Mar 2017
The first person to attempt the feat was the swimming instructor Robert Emmet Odlum, in May of 1885. He died shortly after being pulled from the water. The next person to attempt the jump, in 1886, was Steve Brodie, a gambler and race walker looking to ...
robert emmet odlum

Note to tourists: Brooklyn Bridge is for crossing, not climbing

Los Angeles Times - 17 Nov 2014
In 1885, Robert Emmet Odlum, an expert swimmer and lifeguard, became the first person to jump from the Brooklyn Bridge, reportedly to show that it was a survivable fall if done correctly. Odlum hit the water at an angle, though, and was killed. A ...
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Every Commonwealth Games volunteer named

Chronicle - 26 Apr 2018
E Chin Lim, Eamon Parkins, Ebony Klerks, Ebony Wilson, Eddy Mazlan, Edie Brevitt, Edith Hage, Edith Kelly, Edmond Tan, Edna Bukbardis, Eduardo Quitco, Edward Ah Ben, Edward Andersen, Edward Batten, Edward Boland, Edward Buttress, Edward ...
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Second wave of Vernon Top 20

The Daily Courier - 02 Dec 2017
Odlum Brown Investments, which has a location in Kelowna, has been recognized as having one of Canada's most-admired corporate cultures and one of the country's most-admired CEOs. The honours are included in Waterstone Human Capital's annual ...
robert emmet odlum

Dunbar soccer champs reunite, 40 years later

Vancouver Courier - 27 Jun 2018
The roster changed from season to season, but three players — Steve Smith, Jim Armstrong and Rob McGinley — stayed with the team from 1969 until that last game in 1978. Coach Spud Hodge also stayed with the team for all nine seasons. “He was the ...

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