The White House just let slip a big secret about firing Robert Mueller -
robert mueller

Robert Mueller, You're Starting to Scare Me

New York Times - 22 May 2018
Imagine for a moment that Robert Mueller was never pressed into service as a special counsel and wasn't a household name. Imagine that there had never been any prompt for his investigation — that Donald Trump hadn't blown all those kisses at Vladimir ...
robert mueller

Can the President Be Indicted? Yes, But Not By Who You Think

Fortune - 22 May 2018
Thanks to Rudy Giuliani's report that special prosecutor Robert Mueller told him he couldn't legally indict President Trump, we are again confronted with a question of constitutional law for which there is no settled answer: Can a sitting president be ...
robert mueller

Mueller Goes to Israel

New York Sun - 22 May 2018
News that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has sent his gumshoes to Israel certainly does bring this matter full circle. The report is that they are looking into the activities of what the Jewish Telegraphic Agency news wire characterizes as “an Israeli ...

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