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Czech government backs bill on same-sex marriage

euronews - 22 Jun 2018
PRAGUE (Reuters) – The Czech government gave its backing on Friday to a bill which would make the country the first in formerly communist Europe to allow same-sex marriage. The Czech Republic has been allowing gay and lesbian couples to enter ...
robert muller

Judge doesn't believe Mueller's office has been leaking

CNN - 24 May 2018
Washington (CNN) US District Judge Emmet Sullivan, who will oversee the sentencing of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, Thursday weighed the possibility that special counsel Robert Muller's office has been leaking grand jury secrets to ...
robert muller

Philadelphia Eagles Accept Mueller's Offer to Celebrate With Him

The New Yorker (satire) - 05 Jun 2018
WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—The Philadelphia Eagles have accepted Robert Mueller's invitation to come to his office and celebrate their Super Bowl victory with him, Mueller has confirmed. The special counsel said that he was “absolutely tickled” ...
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Fair and Biased: Report proves President right

Muskogee Daily Phoenix - 22 Jun 2018
The long-awaited Justice Department Inspector General's report on the FBI's conduct regarding Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server came out last week. The IG, Michael Horowitz, found the FBI's then director James Comey acted outside the ...
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For Mueller, Timing Is Everything

National Review - 29 May 2018
Welcome back! Making the click-through worthwhile: The catch-22 for Robert Mueller in the timing of the conclusion of his investigation; why Solo worked in ways that so many other Star Wars movies didn't; and a hit drama series gets picked up for a ...
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Mueller Accuses Paul Manafort of Attempted Witness Tampering

New York Times - 05 Jun 2018
In court documents, prosecutors working for the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, said that violated the terms of Mr. Manafort's release while he awaits trial. They asked a federal judge to revise those terms or send him to jail until trial ...
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Donald Trump Continues to Make Robert Mueller's Job Easier

Vanity Fair - 31 May 2018
“It was inevitable that Mueller was going to take a look at that,” a white-collar Washington defense lawyer told me last year. Of course, for Robert Mueller to bring an obstruction case against Trump, the lawyer continued, he will have to prove that ...
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Czech PM Babis Says Closing Borders in EU Unacceptable

U.S. News & World Report - 19 Jun 2018
"There are still huge differences in views on migration," he said. "Tolerance of illegal migration creates political divisions among EU countries. These divisions and differences led to a rise of nationalism and political extremism." (Reporting by ...
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Bob Mueller's White Hot Summer

POLITICO Magazine - 29 May 2018
Special counsel Robert Mueller may well be in the final stages of wrapping up his principal investigation. Last week, I argued here in Politico that Mueller will want to avoid interfering with the November midterms and so will try to conclude by July ...
robert muller

Czech premier Babis reappointed, with coalition unconfirmed

Firstpost - 06 Jun 2018
By Robert Muller. PRAGUE (Reuters) - The Czech president re-appointed Andrej Babis as prime minister on Wednesday, endorsing a coalition-in-waiting that would give the anti-NATO Communists a say in policymaking for the first time since the country's ...

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