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Less Redemption, More Tears

New York Times - 11 Feb 2014
The existential battle that rages through “RoboCop,” a nicely cast, respectable remake of the wittily corrosive 1987 Paul Verhoeven film, is less the struggle between man and machine than between the original's pop nihilism and the bottom-line ...

RoboCop Returns: 6 Things We Want To See In The Sequel

Cinema Blend - 27 Aug 2018
It's still technically in the early phases, but Neill Blomkamp's direct sequel to RoboCop, neatly titled RoboCop Returns, already sounds like it's going to be the follow-up that was supposed to have happened in the first place. Though this doesn't mean ...

Let's Remember Some Guys: WCW With Nick Aldis Part II

Deadspin - 31 Aug 2018
May 19, 1990 was WCW's Capital Combat pay-per-view, and the event was promoted with an added bonus: RoboCop himself would be there. The tagline for the show was actually “Return of Robocop,” though RoboCop hadn't really appeared in wrestling ...

Alibaba Builds AI Version of Robocop to Censor Dirty Content

That's Online - 22 Aug 2018
Granted, RoboCop was a cyborg that fought crime in Detroit while Alibaba's latest AI tool is on the cloud. But this 'yellow' inspector (in Chinese the color yellow symbolizes pornographic content) can examine 100 million images daily and detect which ...

Movies and shows on Amazon: October 2018

CNET - 17 Sep 2018
Amazon Prime's getting Robocop, Robocop 2 and Robocop 3. Or, if action films aren't your cup of tea, Amazon has a few high quality dramas coming including Raging Bull, Full Metal Jacket and Mulholland Drive. You may want to check out Slice, which lands ...

AI, Autonomous Robocops from Motorola – What Could Go Wrong?

Drone Below (blog) - 11 Sep 2018
Mobile phone company Motorola has come up with an idea that it thinks is so good it's worth patenting – a robotic cop. It's an idea that first entered popular culture in 1987 American cyberpunk action film 'Robocop' – but now, it seems the ...

SNP fail to recognise 'hidden' crime figures, Tories claim

Wirral Globe - 20 Sep 2018
Do you want every incident to be recorded by somebody, I don't know, Robocop or someone?” Mr Kerr replied: “My point to Mr Dornan is that we cannot allow ourselves to become complacement and that's what I'm concerned at from the government.”.

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