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Less Redemption, More Tears

New York Times - 11 Feb 2014
The existential battle that rages through “RoboCop,” a nicely cast, respectable remake of the wittily corrosive 1987 Paul Verhoeven film, is less the struggle between man and machine than between the original's pop nihilism and the bottom-line ...

Emil in 'RoboCop' 'Memba Him?!

TMZ.com - 14 Dec 2017
Emil in 'RoboCop' 'Memba Him?! Paul McCrane played the cop killing Emil Antonowski -- who famously drives into a vat of toxic waste and melts on-screen -- in the 1987 cyborg masterpiece, 'RoboCop.' Guess what he looks like now! SHARE ON FACEBOOK; TWEET ...

'Robocop,' 'Rocky' and 'Space Jam' arrive online

CNET - 01 Dec 2017
Hulu picked up a ton of new movies on the first of December. We're going to highlight just a few here. You can catch the original version of "Robocop" along with its two sequels on Hulu starting the first of December. Five "Rocky" movies hit Hulu. The ...

Why is the theme song for 'RoboCop' on the Gameboy so beautiful?

The Outline - 29 Nov 2017
On Monday night comedian and writer Mike Drucker took to Twitter to ask about everyone's favorite video game music. The question sparked a memory from deep in my youth and I immediately responded. RoboCop for the Nintendo Gameboy, Mr. Drucker. I didn't ...

Gendarmerie goes 'Robocop' with new goggles

Daily Sabah - 13 Dec 2017
"Takbul" (roughly translated as "Wear-Find") is the latest gadget at the service of the Turkish gendarmerie and is nothing short of the sci-fi goggles of part half-robot, half-human "Robocop" from the famous movie franchise. It was in a serene ...

Dead or alive, this new Robocop figure is coming with me

Critical Hit - 27 Nov 2017
Not every action figure needs to come with a price tag attached to it that would require you to move heaven and earth to afford it. Sometimes, other companies make great figures for a decent price, if you're prepared to compromise slightly. Take a ...

Chandigarh diary: A Military Lit Fest, robocop and more

The New Indian Express - 08 Dec 2017
The first Military Literature Festival will begin in Chandigarh on Friday. Being a military historian and author, Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh has initiated the festival, which is being jointly promoted by the Punjab government and the ...

Turkish illustrator of RoboCop on world agenda again

Daily Sabah - 07 Dec 2017
Having gained fame with his comics of the semi-human semi-robot RoboCop, Turkish illustrator Mehmet Korkut Öztekin has entered the world sales list with his new international project, "Out of the Woods." Mehmet Korkut Öztekin, an assistant professor at ...

We'll Buy Medicom's Upcoming 'RoboCop' Figure for 70 Dollars

Bloody Disgusting - 27 Nov 2017
Many different companies have released various RoboCop action figures over the years, including NECA, but Medicom's upcoming offering is one of the best we've seen. Unveiled and fully detailed this week, the Japanese company's 6.3″ tall MAFEX figure ...

Robocop – The Chinese Version - i-HLS

Israel Homeland Security - 19 Nov 2017
China is continuing its trend of robotizing human jobs. After replacing pharmacists with robots and developing a robotic police patrol officer, China wants technology to fill in for the police station as well. ubergizmo.com reported recently that a ...

Con il suo minutaggio record, Acerbi diventa Robocop

Il Posticipo (Blog) - 16 Dec 2017
Potremmo contare i minuti utili consecutivi, ossia, il minutaggio effettivo del giocatore non tenendo conto degli infortuni. In questo caso dovremmo tornare indietro alle sue ultime due squalifiche per doppia ammonizione del primo febbraio 2015 contro ...

Johnny Hallyday se bat comme un «Robocop», selon ses proches

20minutes.fr - 04 Dec 2017
Si les coups durs et les rumeurs alarmistes se sont enchaînés pour les fans de Johnny ces derniers mois, « l'ex-idole des jeunes » irait mieux d'après ses proches. A 74 ans, l'artiste se bat contre un cancer des poumons depuis son domicile de Marnes-la ...

RoboCop statue to debut in Detroit spring 2018

The Detroit News - 30 Sep 2017
Over the last three years, he poured his time, and a lot of his own money, into creating what will be an 11-foot, 3,500-pound bronze statue of the superhero cyborg from the 1987 flick “RoboCop.” Set in a futuristic Detroit, RoboCop is the city's ...

Detroit's Robocop statue is coming along

Detroit Metro Times - 15 Aug 2017
In an unmarked west side foundry, bronze cemetery busts, a life-sized crucifix from the top of a Michigan church, and plump fountain cherubs are spread across tables in various stages of repair by the Venus Bronze Works Inc. staff. The company's name ...

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