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Less Redemption, More Tears

New York Times - 11 Feb 2014
The existential battle that rages through “RoboCop,” a nicely cast, respectable remake of the wittily corrosive 1987 Paul Verhoeven film, is less the struggle between man and machine than between the original's pop nihilism and the bottom-line ...

This Microsoft police cruiser looks straight out of 'RoboCop'

CNET - 15 Jun 2017
The Microsoft Advanced Patrol Platform (MAPP) vehicle is a Ford Explorer that's been fully stocked with the latest in communications and surveillance gear for law enforcement. Currently in use in both Virginia and Washington state, these vehicles go ...

Dubai Deploys A Real-Life Robocop To Help Citizens

DOGOnews - 07 Jun 2017
Nicknamed Robocop after the 1987 action movie, the 1.7-meter (5.5-feet) tall humanoid robot was unveiled at the 4th annual Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference (GISEC) held at the Dubai World Trade Center from May 21-23. First introduced in ...

World's first robotic cop joins Dubai police

Economic Times - 21 Jun 2017
Dubai's real life RoboCop. The world's first operational police robot stands to attention near the Burj Khalifa in Downtown Dubai. After bringing in Lamborghinis and Ferraris to patrol roads, Dubai police have enrolled a robotic officer, the first in a ...

Robocop joins Dubai police to fight real life crime

Reuters - 01 Jun 2017
If the "Robocop" experiment is successful, Dubai Police says it wants the unarmed robots to make up 25 percent of its patrolling force by 2030. Clad in the colors of the Dubai Police uniform, the life-size robot, which can shake hands and perform a ...

Robocop joins Dubai police force

Reuters - 02 Jun 2017
Robocop joins Dubai police force. Friday, June 02, 2017 - 01:09. Dubai police unveil their first robot cop as part of plans to create a robotic police force that will patrol the streets and support Dubai's security services. Matthew Stock reports ...

Real Life Robocop Has Been Spotted Roaming the Streets of Dubai

TechDigg - 30 May 2017
You might have enjoyed the popular movie in the 80's, but Robocop has now become a reality. The world's first robot police officer is now patrolling Dubai. It is 5'5” tall, and it helps and assists people on the streets, and even in the malls. The ...

Real-life Robocop patrols the mall

FOX 5 DC - 28 May 2017
LOS ANGELES - Paul Blartt, Mall Cop should consider himself on notice because his job is on the chopping block! Thirty years after the release of RoboCop, a real-life robotic police officer is now patrolling a mall in Dubai. The Android will allow ...

Meet The Terrifying New Robot Cop That's Patrolling Dubai

Forbes - 03 Jun 2017
RoboCop is real -- at least, in the Middle East. Dubai Police are deploying a robot policeman, and the life-sized patrolman is straight out of the uncanny valley. According to a report from Reuters, Robocop "can help identify wanted criminals and ...

Five of Cinema's Most Famous Fictional Guns

LifeZette - 26 Jun 2017
Auto 9 ("Robocop"/1987). When murdered Detroit cop Alex Murphy (Peter Weller) was reborn as cybernetic police officer Robocop, he lost most of his humanity but gained a few high-tech perks. And perhaps most notable was the "Auto 9," a gigantic burst ...

Robocop comes to life

Shanghai Daily (subscription) - 03 Jun 2017
AFTER bringing in Lamborghinis and Ferraris to patrol roads, Dubai police have enrolled a robot officer, the first in a unit that aims to make up a quarter of the force by 2030. The robot cop stood to attention Wednesday night at the foot of Burj ...

Laeticia Hallyday : "je vis avec Robocop"

Public.fr - 23 Jun 2017
Celle qui ne voulait pas que Johnny ne remonte sur scène cet été avec Les Vieilles Canailles (Jacques Dutronc et Eddy Mitchell) a admis : "Ça fait vingt-deux ans que je vis avec Robocop, vous comprenez ?" #ENKIOSQUE >>> Le numero 401 est dispo ...

30 Years Later, RoboCop Is More Relevant Than Ever

Vulture - 09 Feb 2017
Has there ever been a movie more misunderstood than RoboCop? Paul Verhoeven's hyperviolent dystopian cybersatire was released 30 years ago and almost immediately joined the likes of The Prince, Watchmen, and Wall Street in the great pantheon of ...

U dubajské policie začal sloužit „Robocop“

Novinky.cz - 03 Jun 2017
Pokud se vám kyborg sloužící jako policista ve známém hollywoodském snímku zdál jako něco, co patří pouze na stříbrné plátno nebo do vědeckofantastické literatury, tak jste se mýlili. Dubajskou policii totiž nově posílil robotický pomocník.

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