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Less Redemption, More Tears

New York Times - 11 Feb 2014
The existential battle that rages through “RoboCop,” a nicely cast, respectable remake of the wittily corrosive 1987 Paul Verhoeven film, is less the struggle between man and machine than between the original's pop nihilism and the bottom-line ...

Forget RoboCop: Dubai Police unveils the 'Smart Dog'

Al-Arabiya - 24 Feb 2018
Weighing around 35 Kg, the dog-like machine features a 360-degree Wi-Fi camera for all-round surveillance. (Photo credit: Khaleej Times). Staff writer, Al Arabiya English Saturday, 24 February 2018. Text size A A A. Dubai Police have introduced a ...

Lovesick Cyborg

Discover Magazine (blog) - 12 Feb 2018
Before the RoboCop future arrives, a robot police car that pulls over speeding vehicles and issues tickets or warnings on its own could someday help ease a shortage of human officers at police departments across the United States. But the vision of a ...

New AI police car brings us one step closer to Robocop

Big Think - 01 Feb 2018
Autonomous cars are coming down the pike, and they're going to change our lives in so many ways. Consider that 94% of all car accidents are due to human error. Self-driving cars are expected to be safer, more reliable, and much more environmentally ...

RoboCop Is Real: City Wants Drones to Respond to Gunfire

Daily Beast - 07 Feb 2018
ShotSpotter microphones listen for gunshots—and have been caught listening to people. No wonder critics are worried about Louisville's plan to connect flying robots to the system. Kelly Weill. 02.07.18 4:53 AM ET. Photo Illustration by Kelly Caminero ...

Knightscope K7 is like RoboCop on wheels

Autoblog (blog) - 15 Feb 2018
Transcript: Autonomous four-wheeled security guard. K7 is the newest addition to the Knightscope Inc. autonomous security fleet. Weighing 770 lbs the 4-wheel mobile security system is designed for multi-terrain applications. Potential operating ...

Robocop car could catch crooks all by itself

The Times - 30 Jan 2018
Forget Robocop, the cyborg enforcer. Future policing could involve driverless squad cars that hide behind trees and send speeding tickets to motorists over an internet connection, or even chase down suspects. A patent application from Ford, the US ...

A RoboCop for robocalls

Helena Independent Record - 16 Feb 2018
Its a joke to expect these valuable resources to be spent policing our dinner table intrusions. Robocalls are nothing more than a disgusting technology maggot that the right technology exterminator ought to be able to easily eradicate. If we can put ...

Attack on Robocop family, Unruly gang member killed

Trinidad Guardian - 12 Feb 2018
In the first incident an attempt was made on four family members of murdered reputed gang leader Selwyn “Robocop” Alexis. Details remained sketchy late yesterday but police said that attempt was made at about 4.30 pm on Saturday. The second shootout ...

New 'RoboCop' Film Rumored; Will it Be a Direct Sequel?

Horror News Network - 26 Jan 2018
Remember when RoboCop was rebooted in 2014 to mixed reactions? Well now you can choose to ignore it completely, as it appears a direct sequel to the 1987 cult hit is on the horizon. Sitting down for an interview with Zeitgeist Magazine, Ed Neumeier ...

RoboCop meets RoboCar: Ford explores AI in police vehicles

Automotive World (press release) - 13 Feb 2018
Ford's patent for an autonomous police vehicle, which could detect and apprehend other vehicles breaking the law, has some industry watchers concerned. By Megan Lampinen. Autonomous vehicles (AVs) may be in their infancy today but the potential ...

Robocop de Babadag

Radio Romania Actualitati - 21 Feb 2018
Minicameră de luat vederi în dotarea unui poliţist din Babadag aflat în misiune. Foto: Irinel Călin. În cadrul unui proiect pilot implementat de Inspectoratul General de Poliţie, în oraşul Babadag din judeţul Tulcea, 12 politişti poartă în timpul ...

RoboCop statue to debut in Detroit spring 2018

The Detroit News - 30 Sep 2017
Over the last three years, he poured his time, and a lot of his own money, into creating what will be an 11-foot, 3,500-pound bronze statue of the superhero cyborg from the 1987 flick “RoboCop.” Set in a futuristic Detroit, RoboCop is the city's ...

New RoboCop Sequel In The Works

Empire - 23 Jan 2018
Some potential good news for fans of the original Paul Verhoeven RoboCop: Murphy could be coming back online in a way that sidesteps the various sequels and 2014's reboot. According to Ed Neumeier, who wrote the script for the 1987 film, studio MGM is ...

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