Investigation into NASA rocket explosion looks at Aerojet Rocketdyne engines -
rocket explosion

Amazing footage captures explosion of Japanese rocket in slow motion - 30 Jul 2018
Some incredible footage released by a Japanese space start-up captured the failure of its latest rocket in slow motion. When it comes to space travel, there are so many things that could go wrong, it is almost amazing we are able to launch anything out ...
rocket explosion

Multiple explosions rock Afghan capital Kabul

FRANCE 24 - 24 Jul 2018
At least three people were wounded after five rockets were fired into Kabul on Tuesday, police said, but there was no immediate claim of responsibility for the latest attack on the Afghan capital. The rockets landed in residential areas "near the ...
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Parker Solar Probe Launches on NASA Voyage to 'Touch the Sun'

New York Times - 12 Aug 2018
The probe — which will study the sun's outer atmosphere as well as the stream of particles known as solar wind — was carried on top of a Delta IV Heavy rocket built and operated by United Launch Alliance, a joint venture between Boeing and Lockheed ...
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Virgin Galactic's Rocket Man

The New Yorker - 13 Aug 2018
The explosions of the Space Shuttles Challenger, in 1986, and Columbia, in 2003, made clear that even formidable government agencies like nasa are susceptible to fatal mistakes. David Cowan, of Bessemer Venture Partners, which has invested in ...
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SpaceX's Secret Weapon Is Gwynne Shotwell

Bloomberg - 26 Jul 2018
Falcon 9 has suffered two launch failures, most recently in 2016, when a rocket exploded mysteriously on the launch pad, destroying an Israeli satellite that Facebook Inc. had planned to use after SpaceX sent it to orbit. “The Falcon fireball ...
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NASA Delays Parker Solar Probe Launch

New York Times - 11 Aug 2018
Occasionally, a huge explosion, called a coronal mass ejection, erupts from the sun, sending a larger-than-usual deluge of particles into space. In 1859, one of those explosions made a direct hit on Earth, disrupting telegraph wires in America and Europe.
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A Top Syrian Scientist Is Killed, and Fingers Point at Israel

New York Times - 07 Aug 2018
JERUSALEM — Aziz Asbar was one of Syria's most important rocket scientists, bent on amassing an arsenal of precision-guided missiles that could be launched with pinpoint accuracy against Israeli cities hundreds of miles away. He had free access to the ...
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Kiwi soldier Michael Graham tells of secret SAS missions

New Zealand Herald - 18 Aug 2018
The screech of a 120-millimetre rocket passed above our heads and it exploded in front of us. Tracer bullets flashed over us, glowing bright then suddenly dying as the magnesium light was spent. We increased our pace. Mague was clearly a much bigger ...

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