Trump's 'Rocket Man' fixation doesn't seem to be doing much for Elton John -
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DIY rocket man plans to launch over California ghost town

SFGate - 20 Nov 2017
Hughes is a 61-year-old limo driver who has spent the past few years building a steam-powered rocket out of salvage parts in his garage. His project has cost him $20,000, which includes Rust-Oleum paint to fancy it up and a motor home he bought on ...
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Trump: Actually, I Do Wanna Talk to Little Rocket Man

Slate Magazine (blog) - 07 Nov 2017
President Trump has been on relatively good behavior during this visit to South Korea—no “fire and fury” so far—even going so far as to make what sounds an awful lot like a call for negotiations over the country's nuclear program. “It makes sense for ...
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The unseen costs of dethroning 'rocket man'

The Hill - 26 Oct 2017
As missiles and insults fly between Washington and Pyongyang, the world seems to be teetering dangerously close to resumption of the Korean War (which, technically, never ended). There has been a lot of analysis about what that war would look like from ...
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From Piano Man to Rocket Man

Dayton City Paper - 31 Oct 2017
Elton John: when the history of popular music in the 20th century is written, few names will carry as much weight. With his evocative voice, shameless antics both onstage and off, outrageous costumes, and timeless songs, Elton John has carved out a ...
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Could Rocket Man Kim go a missile test too far?

Asia Times - 12 Nov 2017
Donald Trump got a few laughs when he dubbed North Korean leader Kim Jong-un “little rocket man” after the lyrics of Elton John's hit 1970s song. But as the US president knows, Kim's fuse isn't burning out. In fact, the buzz among top Korea analysts is ...
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Rocket Man: A Sino-North Korean strategic mishap?

Duke Chronicle - 16 Nov 2017
By most accounts, North Korea is very close to marrying a functioning and minimized nuclear warhead onto a functioning long-range intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). This would imply the capacity to strike the East Coast of the U.S. We already ...
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55-1 The Rocket Man blasts off at Hippodrome 3R

Harnesslink - 05 Nov 2017
Trois-Rivieres, QC - The highest win payoff of the 2017 harness racing season at the Hippodrome 3R was recorded Sunday as The Rocket Man and trainer/driver Michel Audet blasted to the lead in the backstretch and then held off Bel Gazou to win by a head ...
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Cartel 'rocket man' admits possession of 16 guns and ammo - 11 Nov 2017
A major criminal known as Rocket Man, who gardai believe has been one of the main players in the deadly Kinahan cartel, has pleaded guilty to serious firearms offences. Jonathan Harding (44) pleaded guilty at the Special Criminal Court yesterday to the ...
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Trump's fitting label of North Korea

Washington Examiner - 24 Nov 2017
We note, for example, Kim's decision to avoid ballistic missile tests since Trump's eye-opening "Rocket Man" speech in September. Trump, Kim has been forced to contemplate, may well be ready to carry out each of his threats. Peace through strength has ...
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Meet Elliot Slessor – The Man Who Slayed Rocket Ronnie

The Sportsman - 24 Nov 2017
Elliot Slessor proved he's definitely no numpty as he ousted in-form Ronnie O'Sullivan from the Northern Ireland Open. The 23-year-old potter – ranked 82 in the world – took down the Rocket 4-1 and then followed it up with a victory against fellow ...
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In the war of insults, here's North Korea's latest jab at Trump

USA TODAY - 21 Nov 2017
Since he became president, Trump has lashed out at North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, referring to him as "little rocket man," "short and fat," a "madman" and threatened to wipe Kim and his country off the face of the earth if they attack the United ...
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'Rocket Man' gives talk on Challenger disaster

The Dominion Post - 07 Nov 2017
MORGANTOWN — When Suresh Kulkarni arrived at work on Jan. 28, 1986, he was greeted by a distraught co-worker — Bob Ebeling, who'd spent the previous evening trying to convince NASA to postpone that morning's shuttle launch. Kulkarni, who worked ...
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Little Rocket Man And Trump Sign Covfefe II Treaty

Patheos (blog) - 13 Nov 2017
Currently, the exchange of insults between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have benefited both men. Each can say to their political base they are being tough with the enemy. However, history has shown that countries can miscalculate. Those miscalculations ...

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