Ron Klain named as U.S. 'Ebola czar' by President Obama, comes under fire for ... -
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Tipper Gore was reportedly furious over Clinton's Lewinsky scandal

New York Post - 04 Jun 2018
Ron Klain, who served as both Al Gore and Joe Biden's chief of staff, described the call to Andersen Brower as “nice” and “courteous,” but added, “I don't think there's been deep bonding.” “They are both in that strange club of having won the popular ...
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MSNBC Ignores Positive GOP Primary Performance, Spells Doom

NewsBusters (press release) (blog) - 07 Jun 2018
In a segment on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell Wednesday night, host O'Donnell and guest Ron Klain, former senior Obama aide, wrote the eulogy for the Republican Party in California. Narrowly focusing on Tuesday's Senate primary in which ...
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The success of the new Ebola vaccine will hinge on trust

Vox - 24 May 2018
If people get Ebola in that window, it also opens the door to rumors about the vaccine not working, said Ron Klain, the White House “Ebola czar” during the West African outbreak. “'My neighbor got the shot and got very very sick.' 'My neighbor got the ...
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The anti-anti-Trump cohort has a fatal flaw in its thinking

Washington Post - 13 Apr 2018
President Trump — shedding staff, shredding norms — remains defiant, with little evidence that his critics are persuading supporters to abandon him. For some Trump opponents, this has led to new introspection about the effectiveness of “the resistance.
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Ron Klain: 'It's not even going to be that close'

The Hill - 08 Nov 2017
“We're not going to win here, and it's not even going to be that close,” Klain's friends told him. Klain had been cautiously optimistic going into Election Day. He had no formal role with the campaign, but he would almost certainly be tapped for a high ...
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I stand with Andrew McCabe

Washington Post - 18 Mar 2018
The firing of Andrew McCabe shows President Trump has the upper hand in key battles with his opponents. For notwithstanding his ineptitude, lack of presidential temperament, chaotic White House and deep unpopularity, Trump is continuing to strengthen ...
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It's not that Trump said a dirty word. It's why he said it.

Washington Post - 17 Jan 2018
In 1995, Jim Lehrer wrote a novel about a conservative candidate for president (coincidentally named Donald) who was unmasked as a bully and abuser by a panel of journalists during a televised debate. In the novel, as proof of his wrongdoing mounts, ...
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Democrats shouldn't let 1994 guide them on guns

Washington Post - 28 Feb 2018
Indeed, as the astute political observer Ronald Brownstein recently argued, it is not Democrats who should fear the NRA, but instead Republicans, for how the gun-rights group could bring an abrupt end to their careers. Pro-NRA Republicans in suburban ...
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Are we ready for an epidemic this summer?

Washington Post - 05 May 2018
Summer is coming. And if you think a warm-weather surge of mosquitoes and ticks is not as frightening as the fictional winter's White Walkers from “Game of Thrones,” you haven't read this last week's report by the Centers for Disease Control and ...
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What does Trump think Mueller will find?

Washington Post - 04 Jan 2018
On Nov. 22, 2016 — a few weeks after winning the presidency — Donald Trump announced a stunning reversal. After months of "lock her up," Trump said that he opposed further investigation of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, as it would be ...

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