Ron Klain named as U.S. 'Ebola czar' by President Obama, comes under fire for ... -
ron klain

Trump is winning

Vox - 29 Jan 2018
He says things no national politician in history would have dared say, things that the press covers because they are outrageous, controversial, unnerving, appalling. Trump is demanding and receiving our attention, crowding out everything else ...
ron klain

Russia probe's most popular lawyer risks conflicts

Politico - 25 Jan 2018
Speaking on MSNBC last week, Ron Klain, a former chief of staff to Vice Presidents Joe Biden and Al Gore, questioned the propriety of Burke representing Bannon at the same time as McGahn, the chief lawyer in Trump's White House. “That means that ...
ron klain

Ron Klain: 'It's not even going to be that close'

The Hill - 08 Nov 2017
Seventeen years ago, Klain led the recount effort on behalf of then-Vice President Al Gore · Albert (Al) Arnold GoreJoe Lieberman: We're well beyond partisanship, our national government has lost civility Trump doesn't start a trade war, just fires a ...
ron klain

Ron Klain: Indy has become startup hub

Indianapolis Star - 11 Oct 2017
I left Indianapolis almost 40 years ago to pursue my career dreams elsewhere. This week, I'm coming “back home again” to show that some of the greatest success stories are playing out now in Indianapolis. On Thursday, I'll be traveling through my ...
ron klain

The Democratic Party's nomination process isn't democratic enough

Washington Post - 25 Sep 2017
Unless you are a political junkie, you may not know that something called the Unity Reform Commission has been meeting — yes, already — to write the rules for the 2020 Democratic presidential nominating process. It should surprise no one that the ...
ron klain

He who must be named

Washington Post - 24 Oct 2017
For decades, conservatives labored to make their movement more humane. Ronald Reagan put a jovial face on conservative policies — more Dale Carnegie than Ayn Rand; George H.W. Bush promised a “kinder, gentler” tenure; George W. Bush ran on ...
ron klain

The 'words don't matter' president

Washington Post - 07 Nov 2017
Every morning begins with a blast of words from President Trump. His demand that the alleged attacker in New York get the death penalty. His absurdly false claims about his tax-cut plan. And the one that sparked the sharpest reaction recently: his call ...
ron klain

What does Trump think Mueller will find?

Washington Post - 04 Jan 2018
On Nov. 22, 2016 — a few weeks after winning the presidency — Donald Trump announced a stunning reversal. After months of “lock her up,” Trump said that he opposed further investigation of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, as it would be ...
ron klain

It's not that Trump said a dirty word. It's why he said it.

Washington Post - 17 Jan 2018
In 1995, Jim Lehrer wrote a novel about a conservative candidate for president (coincidentally named Donald) who was unmasked as a bully and abuser by a panel of journalists during a televised debate. In the novel, as proof of his wrongdoing mounts ...
ron klain

The one area where Trump has been wildly successful

Washington Post - 19 Jul 2017
Ronald Reagan named Sandra Day O'Connor to the Supreme Court and made five lower-court nominations in that period; George H.W. Bush made four lower-court nominations; Bill Clinton named Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the high court but no lower-court judges ...
ron klain

August is a dangerous month for Trump

Washington Post - 07 Aug 2017
Monday morning marks the start of the first full week of President Trump's vacation. After the rockiest first six months of any modern presidency, a new chief of staff has offered a glimmer of hope — just in time for August to provide time to regroup ...

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