Alabama Certifies Jones Win, Brushing Aside Challenge From Roy Moore -
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Sheriff who backed Roy Moore allegedly had sex with teen girl

New York Post - 19 Jul 2018
The Gadsden Mall is where Roy Moore — then in his 30s and a prosecutor with the Etowah County District Attorney — allegedly cruised for underage girls in the 1970s. Nine women have accused Moore of pursuing them while underage, including three who ...
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Sheriff Who Once Endorsed Roy Moore Accused Of Second-Degree Rape

HuffPost - 19 Jul 2018
An Alabama sheriff who once endorsed Roy Moore for U.S. Senate — and whose office helped investigate a fire at the home of one of Moore's accusers — is now mired in his own scandal: Police are investigating him for allegedly having sex with underage ...
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Roy Moore Vows To Defend America From Sacha Baron Cohen

HuffPost - 12 Jul 2018
Moore said other than expenses, he was not paid for the appearance. He said he “did not know Sacha Cohen or that a Showtime TV series was being planned to embarrass, humiliate, and mock not only Israel, but also religious conservatives such as Sarah ...
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Sacha Baron Cohen Pranks Sheriff Joe, Roy Moore - 14 Jul 2018
Some politicians are going through the several stages of panic associated with an interview with Sacha Baron Cohen: remorse, damage control, anger and regret for being duped. One of the comedian's latest targets, defeated Senate candidate Roy Moore, ...
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Roy Moore is not done embarrassing Alabama yet

Yellowhammer News - 16 Jul 2018
Whether you view former Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore as the “Ten Commandments' Judge”, the “guy banned from the Gadsden Mall”, or the “guy who lost to Doug Jones”, you probably don't think very highly of him. He has brought loads of scorn upon ...
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MARK MAYFIELD: Kay Ivey's Roy Moore strategy

Tuscaloosa News - 09 Jul 2018
Here's a good rule to follow in every major political campaign — but most especially in Alabama's upcoming gubernatorial election: Don't vote for candidates who refuse to debate their opponents. I'm guessing, and I hope I'm proven wrong, that Gov. Kay ...
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Alabama Congresswoman Wins Runoff Turning on Loyalty to Donald Trump

NBC 10 Philadelphia - 18 Jul 2018
The most noteworthy, perhaps, was Alabama's own Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, who earned the president's strong backing but suffered an embarrassing loss just eight months ago. Voters indicated they were willing to move past Roby's criticism ...
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Duncan: 'Borat' comic tried to trick me onto new show

Index-Journal - 19 Jul 2018
Among those who say they were tricked into appearing on Cohen's half-hour show is U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson, R-2nd District, former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and Roy Moore, a Trump-backed candidate from Alabama who lost ...
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Who Is Sacha Baron Cohen Satirizing?

The Atlantic - 19 Jul 2018
Before the first episode of Who Is America? aired, some of Cohen's targets came forward to confess that they'd been duped, including Sarah Palin, Roy Moore, and Ted Koppel. The gun-rights activist Philip Van Cleave, it emerged, had posted a 1,400-word ...

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