Roy Stewart Moore (born February 11, 1947) is an American polit... -
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The Reluctant Townie: A Roy Moore review of 'The Last Jedi'

Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette - 17 Dec 2017
Editor's note: This week's column has (not) been guest written by controversial former Alabama Judge Roy Moore. First of all, let me start by saying Merry Christmas to y'all, be you upstanding Alabamians or morally unclean city folk from the Union. Is ...
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Pride and the fall: Why young evangelicals rejected Roy Moore

The Hill - 15 Dec 2017
I am a conservative Republican, and I want the party to succeed because I believe in its principles. Moore never talked about conservative solutions to the problems we face; he had no vision for improving the lives of Alabamians. My state is so ...
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Roy Moore 2.0: This Arizona Republican Could Cost the GOP the ...

Newsweek - 15 Dec 2017
Following Republican Roy Moore's historic upset defeat in Alabama, Democrats are giddy at the prospect of stealing another seat in a GOP stronghold. Meet Kelli Ward, a conservative former state senator running for the Republican nomination in the 2018 ...
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Roy Moore is still in the White House

Washington Post - 16 Dec 2017
“God showed up and showed out last night in Alabama,” an old college friend exclaimed in a phone call on the morning after Republican Senate hopeful Roy Moore's surprising and ignominious special-election defeat. That Moore took down with him the ...
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Roy Moore lost, but his noxious vision rides on

The Boston Globe - 15 Dec 2017
Roy Moore rode his horse to vote in last week's US Senate election in Alabama. By Renée Graham Globe Columnist December 14, 2017. The Alabama tide rolled and washed Roy Moore's misbegotten Senate bid out to sea. Yet he's not accepting defeat graciously ...
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Roy Moore Has One More Embarrassment Up His Sleeve | National ...

National Review - 15 Dec 2017
One of the many, many reasons you do not nominate unhinged narcissists for political office is that their ego won't let them do some of the most basic tasks in politics… like concede a race. Nothing has changed since late Tuesday night/Wednesday ...
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Roy Moore's Horse Ride Draws Late-Night Ridicule

New York Times - 13 Dec 2017
Welcome to Best of Late Night, a rundown that lets you sleep — and lets us get paid to watch comedy. What do you think of it? What else are you interested in? Let us know: 'The Horse You Rode In on'. The late-night shows all taped ...

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