RUBIK'S CUBE INVENTION: Google celebrates toy puzzle's 40th anniversary ... -
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Hobart schoolboy George Pelham is a Rubik's cube whiz | The ...

The Mercury - 17 Jan 2018
LEARNING to solve a Rubik's cube has never been easy, but for one 12-year-old, he can solve a puzzle in nine seconds — way quicker than it takes most adults to scramble a cube. George Pelham's hands move rapidly around the Rubik's cube. A couple of ...
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Watch this Rubik's Cube magician baffle Ellen / Boing Boing

Boing Boing - 15 Jan 2018
In this clip, magician Paul Vu spends a few minutes blowing Ellen's mind with his Rubik's Cube tricks. Though, I kind of got the feeling that she didn't like being duped by Vu, even in fun. Did you notice that too? (Likecool). SHARE / TWEET / 5 ...
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Teens make Rubik's Cube tactile for visually impaired

Seattle Times - 07 Jan 2018
Thomas and Mowrer find the tactile cube they created harder to solve than the traditional Rubik's Cube. The two have been friends since first grade. Thomas started a Rubik's Cube club in seventh grade at iTech, and Mowrer was one of the first members ...
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How A Minneapolis Man Conquered The Rubik's Cube, Beat World Record

CBS Minnesota / WCCO - 08 Jan 2018
MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It was all the craze in the early '80s: a cube of different colors that you had to twist and turn to get just right. Now, the Rubik's Cube is making a comeback. “You definitely don't have to be good at math in order to be good at ...
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Ice Rubik's Cube Gives a Whole New Meaning to 'Brain Freeze'

Nerdist - 03 Jan 2018
Everybody knows that boredom and cold don't mix. If you're stationed at a creepy Antarctic research station, for example, you can't just stand around waiting for the Thing to… do its thing. You need to keep your mind occupied, and diverted from the ...
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A fully-functional Rubik's Cube made of ice

Boing Boing - 28 Dec 2017
Starting in 1980, spurred by popularity of the Rubik's Cube, UK-based Tony Fisher started passionately collecting "twisty puzzles." Over the years, he's become quite the collector and inventor. All his "transformations" are really impressive. In fact ...
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Try to Solve This Rubik's Cube Made of Ice Before It Melts

Food & Wine - 03 Jan 2018
A toy designer has created an icy variation of the Rubik's Cube that will melt in your hand if you don't complete it in time. In 1977, Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Ernő Rubik released what would become the world's fastest-selling ...
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Cuddebackville teen can solve Rubik's Cube in seconds

News 12 Westchester - 10 Jan 2018
CC. CUDDEBACKVILLE -. A 14-year-old from Cuddebackville can solve a Rubik's Cube in seconds. Robert Cunningham's mom got the 14-year-old Port Jervis freshman a Rubik's Cube for his birthday last year and he hasn't put it down since. He says he carries ...
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WPI's Got What? . . . Rubik's Cube Club

WPI News - 22 Dec 2017
“Solving a cube requires just a little bit of time and instruction, not math or extreme intelligence.” After arriving at WPI and teaching a few friends how to solve a cube, McMillan was surprised to learn that WPI didn't already have a Rubik's Cube ...
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Rubik's Cube Table has A Hidden Surprise

Hackaday - 25 Dec 2017
[Nothorwitzer] built a pretty incredible Rubik's Cube table with hidden storage. The coolest feature of this table is the way it opens. Twisting the top section of the cube causes two drawers to pop out from the sides. The further you turn the top, the ...
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Babe Ruth of the Rubik's Cube

West Hawaii Today - 28 Dec 2017
A couple years ago while visiting Japan with his family, Matty saw a Rubik's Cube on a store shelf and had two immediate questions for his mother Rika: “What is it?” and “Can I have one?” Rika was hesitant to throw away the money. She'd had one as a ...
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The Spurs' sophomores benefit from a Rubik's Cube lineup

Pounding The Rock - 24 Dec 2017
At this point of the 2017-18 campaign, the Spurs have been dealing with a half-solved Rubik's Cube of a rotation. Saturday night's combination of Aldridge, Anderson, Forbes, Gasol and Parker was the 13th different starting lineup this season as ...
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Colonial Springs chitter chatter

Buffalo Reflex - 17 Jan 2018
January is Reminisce Month, so this week we will step back in time to the 1980s. What were you doing in the 1980s? I graduated from high school, then college, and in 1986 I moved to Missouri and have been here ever since. Actually, I have been at ...
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Legal update: Rubik's Cube solved

Lexology - 08 Jan 2018
The Rubik's Cube, named after its inventor Erno Rubik, was invented in 1974, but it was not until 1999 that a three-dimensional EU trade mark was registered. That registration was, no doubt, encouraged by the number of shape marks registered following ...

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