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Featured video: Solving a Rubik's Cube in record time

MIT News - 16 Mar 2018
Over the years, competitions have been held to see who could solve the Rubik's Cube the fastest by hand. Engineers then started building robots programmed to solve the cube at a lightning speeds. In 2016, a robot broke the world record and solved the ...
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Robot smashes Rubik's Cube record with 0.38-second solve

Ars Technica - 07 Mar 2018
Hardware hackers Ben Katz and Jared Di Carlo have smashed the previous record for solving the Rubik's cube robotically. Their machine solved the puzzle in 0.38 seconds—a 40-percent improvement over the previous record of 0.637. "We noticed that all of ...
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Torrey Hills Rubiks Cube teams win awards at competition

Del Mar Times - 14 Mar 2018
The Torrey Hills Rubiks Cube teams took part in the Super STEM San Diego Science Festival at Cal State San Marcos March 10. A team of eight students compete to solve 25 cubes in the fastest time. Torrey Hills had two teams, Division 1 (Grades 1-5) and ...
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Watch a Robot Solve a Rubik's Cube in 0.38 Seconds

Live Science - 16 Mar 2018
A robot built at MIT has reportedly set a world speed record for solving a Rubik's Cube, cutting the previous record of 0.637 seconds (set by another robot in 2016) down to just 0.38 seconds. If robots had grandparents, this one's would be very proud ...
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Blink and miss! Robot solves Rubiks cube in 0.38 seconds

Saudi Gazette - 12 Mar 2018
A graduate student constructed a machine capable of solving a Rubik's cube in a fraction of a second. Ben Katz, a student at MIT's Biomimetic Robotics Lab shared video of the machine completing the puzzle in 0.38 seconds. "The time is from the moment ...
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A machine can solve a Rubik's Cube in 0.38 seconds

For The Win - 08 Mar 2018
Charles is a writer for For The Win. He once dropped an easy foul ball at Shea Stadium and was booed by 35,000 angry Mets fans (and hasn't recovered from it). More … Recommended Videos. More FTW. We all win free Little Caesars pizza thanks to UMBC's ...
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Four lessons from 38 years of the Rubik's Cube - 16 Mar 2018
The founder of our company was Tom Kremer, a toy inventor who overheard Erno Rubik at a toy fair. He was talking about a rudimentary cube made out of elastic bands that he used to teach his architecture students about movement. Tom brought it to the ...
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Syria's Rubik's Cube: Everyone Plays With Slippery Fingers

Forbes - 21 Feb 2018
Making sense of Syria is like solving a Rubik's Cube with greasy hands. So let us isolate a limited number of perspectives and follow their permutations. Most recently, Prime Minister Netanyahu delivered a not-so-veiled threat to Iran at the Munich ...
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Another Voice: Health consumers facing a Rubik's Cube of change

Buffalo News - 09 Mar 2018
Add it all together, and it's more twisted than an IV line around a pirouetting figure skater. So, what does it all mean to the consumer? What impact will it have on us as we go to our doctors, visit our hospitals, pick up prescriptions from our ...
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Behold the Glory of a Working Cheddar Cheese Rubik's Cube

Nerdist - 28 Feb 2018
Somehow, we doubt Ernő Rubik could have ever foreseen the day one of his signature Rubik's Cubes could be made into an edible puzzle. But it's happened. Tony Fisher has created a fully functional Rubik's Cube out of blocks of cheddar cheese with ...
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Cube champions: Rubik's Cube gains popularity with local kids

Bloomington Pantagraph - 18 Feb 2018
Selah Baker, 8, of Bloomington participates in the Central Illinois Rubik's Cube competition Saturday, Feb. 17, 2018 at the Bloomington Public Library. LEWIS MARIEN, THE PANTAGRAPH · Facebook · Twitter · Email; Print; Save. 021818-blm-loc-2rubiks. Buy ...
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VIDEO: Rubik's Rumble a hit at Chilliwack middle school

Chilliwack Progress - 16 Mar 2018
It's said that it took architect Erno Rubik a month to solve his own puzzle, when he created that now-famous three-by-three cube. He hadn't meant it to be a toy, but a teaching tool to explain three-dimensial geography. Now, the 40-something Rubik's ...
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Une machine résout un Rubiks' Cube en 0,38 sec

Les Inrocks - 09 Mar 2018
Exit les longues et laborieuses parties, à essayer d'accorder les couleurs ensemble. Avec ce robot, à peine le temps de reprendre son souffle. 0,38 seconde lui suffit pour résoudre la combinaison d'un Rubiks' Cube. Ben Katz et Jared di Carlo, deux ...
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Renewed calls for action at Staindrop's 'Rubik's Cube' junction

Teesdale Mercury - 04 Mar 2018
PERSISTENT traffic problems near a dale school have reignited calls to clampdown on ignorant motorists. Parking near Staindrop Primary School has been a source of angst for the past couple of years with several near misses along Swan Wynd at drop off ...
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Hands-on Rubik's Cube museum exhibit opens at Destiny USA

WSYR - 19 Feb 2018
SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - A first-of-its-kind exhibit is now open at Destiny USA for a limited time. "Beyond Rubik's Cube" is the world's first museum exhibition all about the Rubik's cube puzzle. It features thousands of square feet of games ...

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