RUBIK'S CUBE INVENTION: Google celebrates toy puzzle's 40th anniversary ... -
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Rubik's Cube Showdown: Nisei Week Opens

NBC Southern California - 18 Aug 2017
The competitors in the Rubik's Cube showdowns that take place around the globe. These talented cube wielders aren't going to spend too long getting a tactile sense of the cube; rather, they're busy lining up all of those squares, hue by hue, with ...
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Watch: The 2017 World Rubik's Cube Championship

Quartz - 11 Aug 2017
The 2017 World Rubik's Cube Championship took place in Paris in July. Over 1,100 speedcubers from 67 different countries competed against each other. The winner was Max Park from San Diego, California. His average solving time was 6.85 seconds, ...
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Dude astounds subway riders with Rubik's Cube madness

New York Post - 02 Aug 2017
A cool-as-a-cucumber straphanger was captured on cellphone video completing a Rubik's Cube in less than 30 seconds — with his eyes apparently closed. In the captivating, now-viral clip, the man, wearing a “Dragon Ball Z” t-shirt, effortlessly solves ...
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Watch a subway rider solve a Rubik's cube with his eyes shut

Mother Nature Network - 04 Aug 2017
Captured by Sheldon Serkin, a street photographer in NYC, the video shows a man dressed in a Sayian-themed shirt from the manga and anime franchise "Dragon Ball Z" who is solving a Rubik's cube while paying attention to his phone. Oh, and he was ...
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Dylan Cooper Clean & Jerks 300 lbs While Solving a Rubik's Cube

BarBend (blog) - 09 Aug 2017
In the video, as the title states, Cooper cleans 300 lbs, holds the bar on his shoulders, completes a Rubik's Cube in 24-seconds, then finishes the lift with a strong jerk. Whenever you add a Rubik's Cube to any lift I feel like it instantly becomes ...
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ENCORE | The Rubik's Cube's puzzling return in the digital age - 30 Jul 2017
In the 80s, the Rubik's Cube became one of the most popular toys in history. But the colourful, cubic puzzle is staging a comeback with a growing number of people obsessing over what they call "cubing." Massive cubing competitions are pitting ...
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Guy Solves Rubik's Cube While Waterskiing, No Big Deal

Technabob (blog) - 23 Jul 2017
Take, for instance, juggler and magician Joey Fratelli, who recently created a very cool POV video where he successfully solves a Rubik's Cube while waterskiing across a lake. Using just one hand no less. That's just showing off. And making the rest of ...
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Test your Rubik's Cube skills at a competition in September

Fresno Bee - 12 Aug 2017
Rubik's Cube players will be able to compete against each other during the World Cube Association Sanctioned Rubik's Cube Competition in downtown Fresno on Sept. 9. There will be five cube categories – 3x3, 2x2, pyraminx, 3x3 one-handed, and 3x3 ...
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Malaysian in Top 20 spot at World Rubik's Cube Tournament (Video)

The Sun Daily - 02 Aug 2017
PETALING JAYA: Malaysian Muhammad Hariz Azizan has taken 14th place at the World Rubik's Cube Tournament in Paris recently. He had to find his own funds to cover the expenses to be among the 1,100 participants from around the world. "I qualified for ...

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