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'Rugrats' Is Getting A Reboot

HuffPost - 18 Jul 2018
Rugrats is hands-down one of the most celebrated cartoons in TV history, and we are thrilled for a whole new audience to meet these iconic characters in brand-new adventures,” Sarah Levy, the chief operating officer of Viacom Media Networks and ...

The War on Christmas Comes to Rugrats in C is for Chanukah One-Shot

Bleeding Cool News - 21 Aug 2018
BOOM! Studios plans to usher in the not-so-happy holidays with a new Rugrats special that brings the War on Christmas to comics. Called Rugrats: C is for Chanukah, the oversized one-shot is about “a Rugrats family vacation to the mountains, complete ...

Rugrats is coming back – but will a CGI remake ruin it?

The Guardian - 24 Jul 2018
The Rugrats film will apparently be live-action with CGI characters, just like the Yogi Bear film or the Alvin and the Chipmunks films or the Garfield films. Even though the charm of the original Rugrats was how wobbly and hand-drawn it looked. Even ...

Don't worry – this ISN'T what the Rugrats reboot will look like

DigitalSpy.com - 24 Jul 2018
Although we're not sure we need a further reminder of our age in this way, the Rugrats reboot is moving full steam ahead – but don't worry, it's not in the direction you might think. Because you know that mock-up of Chuckie Finster that's scaring fans ...

'Rugrats' Reboot: Hold onto your diapers

Northern Star Online - 30 Jul 2018
As a 90's kid, “Rugrats” was one of my favorite shows. Released in 1991, it was a show about a group of toddlers who seemed to get into different sorts of trouble (as toddlers do). According to IMDb, Rugrats received over 20 awards during its 14-year ...

Rugrats is returning to our TV screens after 12 years

goodtoknow - 23 Jul 2018
Nickelodeon's most popular cartoon babies are back to answer all of your daytime children's TV prayers. Viacom Media Company have announced plans for a 26-episode series of new Rugrats episodes to air on Nickelodeon, to take you back a couple of ...

Melbourne Is Getting A Party Dedicated To The RUGRATS!

Hit 107 - 24 Jul 2018
Get ready to be transported to your youth… Melbourne is getting a RUGRATS PARTY! The team at Supersmall Club are promising to play the theme song to the iconic children's show every hour, as well as a string of 90's hits all night. The bar will be ...

These Rugrats-Inspired Nails Will Bring Back All Your '90s Feels

Clevver - 13 Aug 2018
Good news, '90s babies! We've seen lots of nail trends this season, but none have caught our eye quite like this one. That's right! Rugrats nails are here and they're just as perfectly nostalgic as you'd imagine. This nail trend comes to you courtesy ...

'Rugrats' Relaunch Set With Nickelodeon Series, Paramount Movie

Variety - 16 Jul 2018
Nickelodeon and Paramount Pictures announced today a relaunch of the kids' entertainment franchise “Rugrats.” A new animated-series revival featuring the characters from the '90s cartoon has received with a 26-episode order from Nickelodeon; and ...

The Five Spot: Chris Viscardi

Broadcasting & Cable - 30 Jul 2018
Nickelodeon is reaching into its vault of classic animated programming, bringing back the likes of Rugrats, Hey Arnold! and Blue's Clues to draw both its target audience of preteen kids as well as their parents, who grew up with those popular 1990s ...

¡Los 'Rugrats' vuelven a la TV! Tendrán su propio live action

Excélsior - 25 Jul 2018
La serie contará con 26 episodios y con las aportaciones como productores ejecutivos de Arlene Klasky, Gábor Csupó y Paul Germain, que fueron los creadores de Rugrats. "Los niños que crecieron con Tommy Pickles y la pandilla de 'Rugrats' serán ...

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