Rumen Georgiev Radev (Bulgarian: Румен Георгиев Радев; born 18 ... -
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Rumen Georgiev Radev (Bulgarian: Румен Георгиев Радев; born 18 ...

wikipedia - 14 Nov 2016
Rumen Georgiev Radev (Bulgarian: Румен Георгиев Радев; born 18 June 1963) is a Bulgarian Major General of the Reserve and the current President of Bulgaria since January 2017. Radev served as Commander of the Bulgarian Air Force. He won the 2016 presidential election, as an independent candidate supported by the Bulgarian Socialist Party, defeating GERB candidate Tsetska Tsacheva in the second round.
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Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev is on a Visit to the UK - 18 Oct 2018
Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev is on a working visit to the UK at the invitation of Queen Elizabeth II. On the first day, he will visit Allied Maritime Command in Northwood and talk to Commander Vice Admiral Clive Johnstone. Later on 17th of October, ...
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Bulgarian President Radev goes on a Visit to London - 08 Oct 2018
President Rumen Radev will be on a working visit to Great Britain from 17 to 19 October at the invitation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The Bulgarian Head of State will have a meeting with Queen Elizabeth II on October 18th. During his visit Rumen ...
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Make or Break

Balkan Insight - 27 Sep 2018
The man drawing them seems to be President Rumen Radev, who was elected on the ticket of the opposition Bulgarian Socialist Party, BSP. While in the past Radev has mainly been politically in synch with the opposition BSP, he increasingly appears to be ...
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Bulgarian Parliament Approves New Ministers in Cabinet Change

Bloomberg - 20 Sep 2018
Parliament's vote on the changes was held up by a week after President Rumen Radev deferred signing the decree to relieve Marinov of his duties as the ministry's chief secretary, citing procedural reasons. The delay underscored tension between the ...
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President's Growing Ambitions Make Political Waves in Bulgaria

Balkan Insight - 24 Sep 2018
As Bulgaria's President, Rumen Radev, shifts away from supporting the opposition and – at the same time – challenges the Prime Minister, experts see this as a sign that he wants to show that he is a political force to be reckoned with. However, they ...
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Exclusive: Union open period events announced

Cherwell Online - 28 Sep 2018
With a new prominence of titled talks across Michaelmas, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev will also be lecturing on 'The Security Challenges Facing Europe.” Leaving current affairs behind for the metaphysical, the final debate of the Open Period, “This ...
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Tunisia's Foreign Minister is on a Visit to Bulgaria - 06 Oct 2018
Tunisia's Foreign Minister, Khemaies Jhinaoui, who is on a visit to Bulgaria, met with President Rumen Radev, on 5th of October. The Bulgarian head of state noted that Tunisia is an important partner of the European Union in the fight against terrorism ...

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