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Liberals are Unmoved by Evidence (subscription) - 13 Aug 2014
Rush Limbaugh, he's despicable," and when I was looking at it, I was like, "What? I just got done listening to his podcast, and I didn't hear anything." So I looked at the article, and I think it was article from the Washington Post, and I read the ...
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Rush Limbaugh does the math

Washington Times - 17 Aug 2017
Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh has addressed the resulting confusion, particularly the president's association with particular groups. “There is no history of Donald Trump associating with the Klan. None whatsoever. But beyond that, people are saying ...
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behind Charlottesville bloodshed? - 15 Aug 2017
There's a reason for that one-sided demand, explained talk-radio superstar Rush Limbaugh on his Monday program. Limbaugh said leftists demanded Trump specifically denounce the white nationalists and neo-Nazis because they're seeking to tie the ...
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The Revenge of Rush Limbaugh's “Infobabes”

New Republic - 11 Aug 2017
“This is a story I've been holding onto,” Rush Limbaugh said on his July 27 show, which I listened to later that day. “Emily Atkin is the infobabe that wrote it. And it's typical. The New Republic is a respected journal of liberal opinion.” Limbaugh ...
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Rush Limbaugh: Millennials think “Game of Thrones” is real!

Salon - 08 Aug 2017
During one of his rants on Monday, Limbaugh declared that the latest generation of young American adults is so disconnected from reality that they talk about the characters and events on HBO's dragons-and-ice-zombies fantasy series as though they're as ...
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From the right: Rush Limbaugh, pilot of the airwaves

Daily Commercial - 06 Aug 2017
In 1979 an artist by the name of Charlie Dore recorded a hit song titled “Pilot of the Airwaves,” which climbed to No. 13 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and earned her the Record World title “New Female Artist of the Year.” The opening and closing ...
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Rush Limbaugh celebrates radio show's 30th year - 01 Aug 2017
Rush-Limbaugh-EIB-Studio He said he feels “more intensely focused and committed than ever.” Limbaugh's radio show began in 1984 at Sacramento, California, radio station KFBK. Three years later, the Reagan administration repealed the Fairness Doctrine ...
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Rush: GOP 'Runs The Show' But Doesn't Act Like It

Fox News Insider - 27 Jul 2017
Rush Limbaugh tore into establishment Republicans for staging a silent coup against President Trump, Lisa Boothe reported. Limbaugh said Trump's frustration with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and others is not unfounded. Read Full Article. "Why aren't ...
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Rush Limbaugh: GOP Runs Show, Needs to Act Like It

Newsmax - 25 Jul 2017
After years of trying, Republicans finally control both chambers of Congress and the White House, but are making no progress on the conservative agenda, talk radio host Rush Limbaugh said Monday. "Six months into a Republican administration, after how ...
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Rush Limbaugh: My naïveté helped make me a household name - 01 Aug 2017
The honest admission from the broadcast legend came Tuesday, as Limbaugh completed 29 years as a national host and kicked off the start of his 30th year. “I'm constantly conscious, I'm aware each and every day of things – my life, circumstances, ...
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No, MSNBC, Limbaugh is not to blame for Trump

Washington Times - 02 Aug 2017
Steve Scalise's gun wound recovery because of his record “on race” — blamed voter racism and anger, fueled by talk show powerhouse Rush Limbaugh, for the rise of President Donald Trump. As if conservatives are cattle and can't think for themselves.

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