In the late-2000s, American manufacturing recovered faster from the Gr... -
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In the late-2000s, American manufacturing recovered faster from the Gr...

wikipedia - 13 Nov 2016
In the late-2000s, American manufacturing recovered faster from the Great Recession of 2008 than the other sectors of the economy, and a number of initiatives, both public and private, are encouraging the development of alternative fuel, nano and other technologies. Together with the neighboring Golden Horseshoe of Southern Ontario, Canada, the so-called Rust Belt still composes one of the world's major manufacturing regions.
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China's rust-belt region has a new hope for revival: North Korea

South China Morning Post - 21 Jun 2018
China's rust-belt region, which has been plagued by an inefficient state economy and exodus of talent, is now pinning its hopes on a new factor to help its revival: North Korea. The Chinese province of Liaoning, which shares a long border with North ...
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Old couch inspires original short plays at Rust Belt Theater

Youngstown Vindicator - 21 Jun 2018
Staff report. YOUNGSTOWN. Rust Belt Theater Company will present “The Life of a Couch,” an evening of shorts by local playwrights. Performances will be at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and also June 29 and 30, at Calvin Center, 755 Mahoning Ave.
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How Canada Forgot Its Rust Belt

International Policy Digest - 20 Jun 2018
The struggles of Ontario's rust belt are similar to those of our American counterparts: poverty, crime, drug abuse, homelessness, and low labour-force participation rates plague all of these cities. At an individual level, these issues are often linked ...
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The nation's freshwater coast is a key fulcrum for Rust Belt revival

Brookings Institution (blog) - 31 May 2018
For many Rust Belt communities that aren't home to a major metro area or anchored by one of the region's world-class universities, Great Lakes restoration is bolstering their economic standing. Only 67 counties out of 504 total—one in eight—in ...
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Rust Belt, USA

City Journal - 30 May 2018
Seth Barron: Welcome back to 10 Blocks. This is Seth Barron, associate editor of City Journal. A new report indicates that cities in upstate and western New York are doing poorly, in many ways upstate is similar to the part of the country called the ...
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The Rust Belt's Overlooked Legacy

Commercial Property Executive - 12 Jun 2018
For most people, the Rust Belt is a symbol of closed factories, vacant downtowns and decreasing population. The term was popularized by politician Walter Mondale in 1984, and it applies to the areas with a manufacturing-based economy that have been ...
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The rust belt is being sold a lie – China has funded US spending

The Guardian - 03 Jun 2018
But the prime reason why the US is running such a sizeable trade trade deficit is that the opening of the global economy has allowed US corporations to outsource production to where it is cheaper, which is why the rust belt has been hollowed out. Low ...
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The 'Rust Belt' Echoes American Loss, But It's No Cliché

The American Conservative - 30 May 2018
The Rust Belt largely owes its ambiguous designation to Walter Mondale. During the 1984 presidential campaign, the Democratic candidate railed against Ronald Reagan's trade position in a speech to steelworkers in Cleveland. The president had lifted ...
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Retaking the Rust Belt

Area Development Online - 23 May 2018
As the scale of manufacturing in the Midwest has decreased, the role of the remaining real estate many times has not. Cities across the Rust Belt like Muncie, Indiana — the subject of the Middletown Studies — are filled with abandoned warehouses and ...
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Retrofitting roofs in Pennsylvania's 'Rust Belt'

Penn State News - 06 Jun 2018
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — The dramatic deindustrialization of much of Pennsylvania during the 1980s and 1990s left many areas of the state in serious need of revitalization. Once vibrant and bustling communities have been left in disarray. Deteriorating ...
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The Surprising Rust-Belt Magnet for Educated Foreigners

OZY - 05 Jun 2018
But one subset apparently prefers the subtler charms of a sturdy outpost in the Rust Belt and the snow belt (100 inches annually on average). Companies in Erie employed 700 H-1B visa holders between 2010 and 2016, and 75 percent of them held ...
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GOP Hold on Rust Belt May Not Be Firm

The Epoch Times - 18 Jun 2018
The big story of President Donald Trump's 2016 electoral victory was his breaking through the “blue wall,” flipping the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa from the Democratic to the Republican column. Recent polling data, and ...
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GOP losing in Rust Belt states as Trump's trade war rages

Shareblue Media - 15 Jun 2018
“Democratic incumbents look increasingly safe in four Rust Belt states President Trump carried in 2016 — Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin,” Politico reports, noting that the map of competitive Senate races has shrunk in recent weeks as more ...
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A Tale of Two Cities

Pacific Standard - 21 Jun 2018
In recent years, a certain popular narrative has emerged about a number of post-industrial Rust Belt cities like Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Baltimore, and even Detroit. In cities like these, the story goes, decades of urban decay and decline have begun ...

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