Here's Your St. Patrick's Day Drinking Schedule For Hot Messes -
saint patrick s day

Here's Your St. Patrick's Day Drinking Schedule For Hot Messes

Huffington Post (satire) - 17 Mar 2014
Well, here we are. St. Patrick's Day, or as it appears to be in the U.S., Monday, Drunky Monday. Now, we don't condone binge drinking and highly suggest that you learn about the true origins of the holiday or find a less destructive way to celebrate it ...
saint patrick s day

Saint patricks day 2005

Smashing Interviews Magazine - 17 Jun 2017
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saint patrick s day

From the archives: How St. Patrick's paid its dues

Montreal Gazette - 28 Jun 2017
The Irish Catholics of Montreal had been worshipping in St. Patrick's ever since the austere Gothic structure opened its doors on their patron saint's feast day in 1847. But though the church was solemnly blessed that day by Bishop Jean-Charles Prince, ...
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Three sells and a buy for Saint Patrick's Day

CNBC - 18 Mar 2017
It's said that everyone is a little Irish on Saint Patrick's Day. Even the Brazilians. Even Dubai-ites. Even Hong Kongers. Even the stock pickers. As political risks abound, animal spirits run wild and valuations divorce from reality, Brent Wilsey said ...
saint patrick s day

The Real History of St. Patrick's Day

Lifehacker - 17 Mar 2017
St. Paddy's Day started as a religious celebration in the 17th century to commemorate the life of Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. This “Feast Day” always took place on the anniversary of Patrick's death, which was believed to ...
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How to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day in Chicago

Chicago Reader - 08 Mar 2017
Fitzgerald's Saint Patrick's Day Festival A full day of traditional Irish food and drink plus live music and dance from the Mayer School Stepdancers, the Dooley Brothers, Fitz & the Celts, and more. Sat 3/18, 1 PM, FitzGerald's, 6615 Roosevelt, Berwyn, ...
saint patrick s day

Gung-ho culture at tour agency Warmbier used on N.Korea trip

WBAY - 21 Jun 2017
Scuba diving trips off the country's eastern coast. Saint Patrick's Day pub crawls in Pyongyang featuring drinking games with cheery locals. Since 2008, the Young Pioneer Tours agency built up a business attracting young travelers with a competitively ...
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The 30 Best Saint Patrick's Day 2017 Parties in Phoenix

Phoenix New Times - 08 Mar 2017
When it comes to St. Patrick's Day in the Valley, a few things are a given. Green beer will be in abundance, as will silly hats, Guinness necklaces, plates of corned beef and cabbage, shamrocks, and braggadocious claims of Emerald Isle ancestry, albeit ...
saint patrick s day

A St. Patrick's Day Tale of Two Cops, Terror, Family, and Pride

Daily Beast - 17 Mar 2017
When he strides up Fifth Avenue with the Saint Patrick's Day Parade, NYPD Lt. Brian Vaughan of the Counterterrorism Division will not be marching with his comrades, but with a visiting contingent of the Irish national police, An Garda Síochána. And he ...
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How I Stopped Hating Saint Patrick's Day

The Federalist - 17 Mar 2017
My response, without fail, included a diatribe against Saint Patrick's Day. Compare my two heritages: What is the most famous Jewish holiday? According to an extraordinarily scientific poll of my Twitter followers, it is Hanukkah. The story of Hanukkah ...
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Why Some Irish People Don't Want You to Call It St. Patty's Day

TIME - 15 Mar 2017
"Please share this simple message with your friends and relations in the United States and Canada," a post on the page in the Gaelic language reportedly read. "Using the power of your network, hopefully we can banish the scourge of St Patty once and ...
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Where to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day 2017 in Portland

Eater Portland - 16 Mar 2017
But this St. Patrick's Day is different than others in the past, mainly because it falls on a Friday, turning this one-day event into a three-day weekend party. Find a fairly wide array of activities to take in. Raven & Rose will host a pair of ...
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Saint Patrick's Day event street closures in Richmond on Saturday - 10 Mar 2017
With Shamrock the Block and the St. Patrick's Day Street Party set for this weekend, Richmond police are advising the public that there will be major street closures and traffic delays this weekend. Shamrock the Block is expected to attract thousands ...

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