There are several varieties of salts. Salts that hydrolyze to produce ... -
salt (chemistry)

There are several varieties of salts. Salts that hydrolyze to produce ...

wikipedia - 17 Oct 2017
There are several varieties of salts. Salts that hydrolyze to produce hydroxide ions when dissolved in water are alkali salts, whilst those that hydrolyze to produce hydronium ions in water are acidic salts. Neutral salts are those that are neither acid nor basic salts. Zwitterions contain an anionic centre and a cationic centre in the same molecule, but are not considered to be salts. Examples of zwitterions include amino acids, many metabolites, peptides, and proteins.
salt (chemistry)

National Chemistry Week at MSU showcases the fun side of science

Mississippi State Newsroom - 22 Oct 2018
—Thursday [the 25th], 3:30-4:30 p.m., “Molten Salt Nuclear Reactors: How Chemists Will Help Save The World!” seminar by Michael Hanson, senior salt chemistry engineer with Kairos Power LLC. A startup in Oakland, California, Kairos Power LLC is ...
salt (chemistry)

Microplastics found in 90 percent of table salt

National Geographic - 17 Oct 2018
Microplastics were found in sea salt several years ago. But how extensively plastic bits are spread throughout the most commonly used seasoning remained unclear. Now, new research shows microplastics in 90 percent of the table salt brands sampled ...
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Sea Salt: Possibly The World's Dumbest Product

American Council on Science and Health - 18 Oct 2018
"It may come as a shock, but most table salt is not only unhealthy, but can sometimes be toxic." Just like anything else at a high enough dose. And his knowledge of chemistry seems to be nil: "The natural forms of important iodine is lost [nice grammar ...
salt (chemistry)

Chemistry Nobel for using evolution to create new proteins

Salt Lake Tribune - 03 Oct 2018
Stockholm • Three scientists won the Nobel Prize in chemistry Wednesday for using a sped-up version of evolution to create new proteins that have led to a best-selling drug and other products. The Royal Swedish Academy of Science said their work has ...
salt (chemistry)

Jobe's Cheese Lab practices cheesy chemistry

Moscow-Pullman Daily News - 23 Oct 2018
Ritchie said the most common ingredients used in cheesemaking are salt, milk, mold cultures and rennet, which contains the enzyme chymosin typically found in the fourth stomach of newborn cows and aids in the curdling process. Since he began making ...
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Mars could have enough breathable air for organisms, research shows

Pittsburg Morning Sun - 22 Oct 2018
In the first part of the paper, the authors use computer models to show that water mixed with salts already present on Mars could be stable in a liquid state at or near the surface. Once the authors were convinced that these liquid brines could exist ...
salt (chemistry)

Kilauea hazard assessments include analyses of salts on volcanic ash

Hawaii Tribune-Herald - 21 Oct 2018
However, vigorous volcanic ash production during this year's eruption raised new concerns about potential impacts for downwind communities. During an eruption, chemical reactions that occur between volcanic ash and the SO2-rich plume form salt coatings ...
salt (chemistry)

Lake George group targets major cut in road salt

Adirondack Explorer - 04 Oct 2018
He likened deposition from Midwestern coal-fired power plants — which made Adirondack lakes more acidic before tougher federal smokestack controls — to winter salt entering ground and surface water and the 32-mile-long lake, changing its chemistry.
salt (chemistry)

'Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat' Is a New Kind of Food TV Show

Eater - 13 Oct 2018
Like all pilots, this one crams a lot of business into its running time, but thankfully, the cast has good chemistry and there are a few genuinely funny jokes scattered throughout. It looks like, if given enough time to find its groove, I Feel Bad ...

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