Here's What TI Thinks Of Sammy Sosa's Skin Bleaching -
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Here's What TI Thinks Of Sammy Sosa's Skin Bleaching

BET - 14 Nov 2017
Sammy Sosa raised a lot of eyebrows when a photo of him sporting an unbelievably whiter complexion went viral on social media. It's no secret the former baseball star has been bleaching his skin for years now, but even then his new face was a complete ...
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Sammy Sosa's Brown Skin No Longer Exists

The Root - 12 Nov 2017
12, Sammy Sosa will celebrate his 49th birthday. The Dominican-and-Haitian baseball legend is one of the greatest to ever play the sport, but even with all of the accolades he's received over his career, it seems as though Sosa has issues when it comes ...
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Sammy Sosa's White Skin Has Twitter Freaking Out (Again)

Newsweek - 07 Nov 2017
When baseball legend Sammy Sosa was spotted in London, the former Chicago Cubs player looked lighter than ever. Back in July, the 48-year-old made headlines for appearing with significantly whiter skin. Born in the Dominican Republic, Sosa had ...
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Sunday Bird Droppings: Where it's Sammy Sosa's birthday!

Camden Chat - 12 Nov 2017
It's Sunday, Camden Chatters. The last day of the weekend, hopefully you made the most of your time off of work. There are 136 days until Opening Day. That's one day closer than we were yesterday, so that's something. In former Orioles news, ...
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PHOTOS: Sammy Sosa's Skin Looks Even Lighter in London - 10 Nov 2017
New photos of Sammy Sosa have social media “freaking out,” according to Sports Illustrated. The photos of Sosa were taken in London and quickly found their way to Twitter, where they have been analyzed and criticized for days. As you can see in the ...
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Turf Show Radio S9E18: Seven wins, Sammy and Sosa!

Turf Show Times - 14 Nov 2017
We discuss everything this week, as Sosa and I am are too analytical for Joe to keep up with. From the win against the Houston Texans, to QB Jared Goff's back-to-back 300-yard games, to the gauntlet of games the Los Angeles Rams are entering, and even ...
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What The Hell Happened To Sammy Sosa!?

The Interrobang - 13 Nov 2017
Photos emerged over the weekend of a very different looking Sammy Sosa. Not sure what it is, maybe he lost weight? Read more at Sammy Sosa went from “beisbol been berry good to me” To hi I'm chad from accounting. #SammySosa ...
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Sammy Sosa White Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details

COED (blog) - 10 Nov 2017
Legendary Dominican MLB player Sammy Sosa isn't at all recognizable from his time on the baseball diamond. Now, the retired star athlete looks like a white guy (seriously, check out the gallery). The 48-year-old MLB icon says that his new Caucasian ...
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MALCOLM BERKO: Selecting a broker and biotech stocks

The Northwest Florida Daily News - 22 Nov 2017
Because I know little about biotech stocks, I called Swami Sammy Sosa, who has always been a font of information for me. Swami Sammy was Bernie Madoff's personal golf caddie and claims to have a doctorate in finance from the University of Samoa.
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The Hall of Fame hypocrisy needs to end

Twinkie Town - 22 Nov 2017
Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa, the two hitters whose home run race in 1998 helped revive the popularity of baseball, will not be inducted. The aforementioned Palmeiro, who hit 569 home runs in his career, is out. Countless pitchers too will not get ...
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Baseball Writers' Association announces 2018 Hall of Fame ballot

Coastal Courier - 23 Nov 2017
Other holdovers from the 2017 ballot are pitchers Curt Schilling and Billy Wagner, first baseman Fred McGriff, second baseman Jeff Kent and outfielders Manny Ramirez, Gary Sheffield, Sammy Sosa and Larry Walker. Chipper Jones was the National League ...
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Touching All The Bases With Chad Finn

WBUR - 22 Nov 2017
Four names got leaked out out of 103 guys who tested positive: A-Rod, [Sammy] Sosa, and two Red Sox guys, Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz. One, that it was in the New York Times makes me suspicious of where that information actually came from, with two ...
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Hall of Fame ballot newcomers: Jones, Thome, Vizquel

Chicago Daily Herald - 20 Nov 2017
Other holdovers include Manny Ramirez (23.8), Larry Walker (21.9), Fred McGriff (21.7), Jeff Kent (16.7), Gary Sheffield (13.3), Billy Wagner (10.2) and Sammy Sosa (8.6). Newcomers also include Livan Hernandez, Orlando Hudson, Aubrey Huff, Jason ...

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