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Saturday Night Live” Takes on the Midterm Elections

The New Yorker - 11 Nov 2018
That's how the “Saturday Night Live” host Chris Rock, clad in black, framed the week's concerns, as he paced the stage of Studio 8H around midnight on November 1, 2014, before launching into controversial material about the Boston Marathon bombing, the ...
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SNL mocked my appearance. Here's why I didn't demand an apology.

Washington Post - 13 Nov 2018
Saturday Night Live” has created a comedic monster.) On the Nov. 3 show, SNL's Pete Davidson mocked my appearance — “he lost his eye in war . . . or whatever,” Davidson said, referring to the eye patch I wear. His line about my looking like a “hit ...
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How SNL's Surreal 'House Hunters' Sketch Came Together

Vulture - 15 Nov 2018
Saturday Night Live is at its most timeless when it gets really, really weird. Chevy Chase's Gerald Ford impression fell into obscurity when Carter was inaugurated, but people still remember “Land Shark.” Comedy nerds love these truly bizarre sketches ...
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'SNL' mocks exit of US Attorney General Jeff Sessions

NBCNews.com - 11 Nov 2018
"Saturday Night Live" had some fun with the ouster of U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who's being replaced by President Donald Trump loyalist Matthew Whitaker. The comedy showcase opened with Sessions, played by Kate McKinnon, getting ready to ...
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The Best Saturday Night Live Cast Members of the 1970s

Paste Magazine - 13 Nov 2018
If one thing's true about Saturday Night Live, it's that it was never consistently great. We remember the sketches and performances that were great, and ideally forget the rest. That's why every season people complain about how this cast isn't as great ...

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