Lifetime's 'Saved by the Bell' movie draws heavy Twitter jeers -
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Lifetime's 'Saved by the Bell' movie draws heavy Twitter jeers

Los Angeles Times - 01 Sep 2014
There were no sharknados to be found in Lifetime's "The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story" that aired Monday, but the behind-the-scenes drama about the early '90s teen sitcom drew its share of social media scorn and commentary. The movie, based on ...
saved by the bell

Saved by the bell? Maybe not, but my fear of heights is REAL

Mankato Free Press - 15 Nov 2018
And while there are a lot of beautiful things about First Presbyterian Church, easy access to said bell isn't one of them. So up a pair of tall, old ladders we went. Photographer Pat Christman and I joined a few church members ascending the ladders. I ...
saved by the bell

Mailbag: Leafs' Defence and Saved By The Bell

Pension Plan Puppets - 14 Nov 2018
I have, to my knowledge, never watched a complete episode of Saved By The Bell. Some might say that making such a ranking based on vaguely remembered snippets and Wikipedia articles is therefore absurd. To those people I say, you're right, but here we ...
saved by the bell

Ring in 2019 at a Saved by the Max Prom

NBC Southern California - 14 Nov 2018
If "Saved by the Bell" was one of your go-to shows, and for countless '90s youngsters, it was, then you might have never, ever believed that one day, on New Year's Eve, you'd get to magically step into a "Saved by the Bell"-like prom. Yes, "prom," a ...
saved by the bell

Saved by the Bell Is Coming Back...on Instagram?!

E! Online - 01 Nov 2018
Saved By the Bell is coming back…on Instagram. Sort of. The iconic 1990s series is getting a new life on the social media platform with specially cut episodes for IGTV and E! News has your exclusive first look at what the adventures of Zack, Slater ...
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Mario Lopez Reveals What Inspired His 'Saved By the Bell' Mullet

Us Weekly - 05 Nov 2018
What's up, preppy? A.C. Slater may have been the homecoming king of the '90s on Saved by the Bell, but he wasn't the only one ruling the decade. From 'NSync, to Janet Jackson, Mario Lopez talked about all things '90s, including what inspired his ...
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GIFT GUIDE: 'Saved by the Bell: The Complete Collection' - 12 Nov 2018
Thanks to Shout! Factory, fans of Saved by the Bell can own every episode of the memorable, influential TV series this holiday season. Their new 16-disc collection consists of everything — and they mean everything. Fans can find seasons one, two ...
saved by the bell

BenFred: Will the Cincinnati Reds be saved by the Bell? - 22 Oct 2018
That happened, officially, on Monday when the former Cardinals infielder and bench coach was formally introduced as the next manager of the Reds. Bell, 46, replaced Bryan Price and, in a bit of an ironic twist, blocked former Cardinals coach Jim ...
saved by the bell

Saved by the Bell is BACK (but not the way you think)

SHEmazing - 04 Nov 2018
Any Saved by the Bell fans out there? It was one of the TV shows I grew up with and like pretty much everyone else watching it, I had a massive crush on the blonde-haired boy next door – Zack Morris. Well good news lads – you can now you can binge on a ...

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