The method of "team writing" is employed on some longer dramatic serie... -
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The method of "team writing" is employed on some longer dramatic serie...

wikipedia - 19 Sep 2016
The method of "team writing" is employed on some longer dramatic series (usually running up to a maximum of around 13 episodes). The idea for such a program may be generated "in-house" by one of the networks; it could originate from an independent production company (sometimes a product of both). For example, the BBC's long-running soap opera EastEnders is wholly a BBC production, whereas its popular drama Life on Mars was developed by Kudos in association with the broadcaster.
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MLB.TV Media Center - 22 Mar 2018
In the U.S. and Canada, all live games streamed on any MLB.TV product and available through At Bat are subject to local, regional or national blackouts. Except for certain MLB regular season and Postseason games as described below or in certain ...
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In the end, The X-Files went bananas (blog) - 22 Mar 2018
The X-Files season finale was mesmerizingly insane. People exploded, every bullet wound was a headshot, half the main characters died. Agent Mulder killed everybody, and drove everywhere. Agent Scully was always on the phone, assaulted by visions that ...
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Television Q&A: 'Code Black' will be back April 25 - 22 Mar 2018
As I have said before, yes, it is. But CBS recently changed the date for the season premiere. It was previously set for May 2 in the “Criminal Minds” time slot, following that series' season finale on April 25. CBS has now moved the “Criminal Minds ...
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The Walking Dead: season 8, episode 12 recap – The Key

The Guardian - 19 Mar 2018
Negan was obviously going to live to fight another day, and then he did, because the season finale isn't for another four episodes. I said this the last time these two came to blows, and the encounter felt similarly impotent this time round: all ...
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Hap and Leonard: a poignant peak TV underdog that's no bromance

The Guardian - 21 Mar 2018
And so, with impressive economy and some festive wit, season three of frazzled thriller Hap and Leonard – subtitled The Two-Bear Mambo after the Joe R Lansdale novel it adapts – reintroduces its central duo and underlines their fractious relationship ...
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Survivor: Ghost Island recap: 'A Diamond in the Rough' (blog) - 22 Mar 2018
I have had next to no great obstacles to overcome in my life yet have little doubt if I was sent to Ghost Island that you all would have been stuck watching me cry on TV about the time my mom threw away my Millennium Falcon, X-wing, and Tie Fighter ...
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Riverdale Recap: The Real Housewives of Riverdale

Vulture - 22 Mar 2018
As Hal interviews Hermione about her mayoral campaign for a front-page story in the Lodge-owned Register, who should appear but actual, real-life Andy Cohen (a friend of Mark Consuelos, who plays Hiram), here to endorse his old Manhattan gal-pal. This ...
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Homeland recap: season 7, episode 5 – Active Measures

The Guardian - 18 Mar 2018
The Lucasville death toll is in: 19 dead, three of them children, five of them FBI agents. Saul has been around long enough to know the scent of the Russian bear when he sniffs it and he can smell nothing else right now. While the president and David ...

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