Constitutional scholar Akhil Reed Amar argues that the permanence of t... -
secession in the united states

Constitutional scholar Akhil Reed Amar argues that the permanence of t...

wikipedia - 11 Nov 2016
Constitutional scholar Akhil Reed Amar argues that the permanence of the Union of the states changed significantly when the U.S. Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation. This action "signaled its decisive break with the Articles' regime of state sovereignty." By adopting a constitution—rather than a treaty, or a compact, or an instrument of confederacy, etc.—that created a new body of government designed to be senior to the several states, and by approving the particular language and provisions
secession in the united states

This New York Village Seceded from the Union...for 85 Years

History - 18 Oct 2018
Sometime before the end of 1861, the men of a small New York hamlet gathered inside the village schoolhouse and voted 85 to 40 to sever ties with the United States. Seven Southern states had already seceded from the Union, but few could have imagined ...
secession in the united states

President Lincoln was a traitor and other 'truths'

Richmond Free Press - 19 Oct 2018
It was President Lincoln who did not recognize the seceded states as being out of the Union, and thereby, by his own definition, committed treason in violation of the U.S. Constitution by waging war on them. Later, when people of the United States ...
secession in the united states

The US never supported Kurdish secession, either in Syria or Iraq

The New Arab - 15 Oct 2018
In light of these historical episodes, and the lack of any evidence that the US is presently seeking to use Syrian Kurdish forces to spearhead the division of Syria, the prospect of Washington supporting any Kurdish secession in the Middle East is ...
secession in the united states

No US Brexit, but we've had our state and federal breakaways

Orlando Sentinel - 21 Sep 2018
To be sure, the more serious breaking of ties -- secession -- isn't a household word in American states today, although in 2009 Texas Gov. Rick Perry surmised that one day his state might secede, and GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin in 2008 ...
secession in the united states

Risk of a new civil war? Today 'us and them' differs from 1850s.

Christian Science Monitor - 19 Oct 2018
Modern America is not in danger of falling into a second Civil War, says Jason Phillips, Eberly Family Distinguished Professor of Civil War Studies at West Virginia University, and author of the new book “Looming Civil War: How Nineteenth-Century ...
secession in the united states

Sudanese Official: We Are Not Sponsoring Terrorists

Voice of America - 19 Oct 2018
The U.S. should consider removing Sudan from its list of states sponsoring terrorism, a senior Sudanese diplomat in Washington told VOA, citing the country's efforts against terror groups on its soil. Waleed Basheer, the deputy chief of mission at the ...
secession in the united states

Many Chuukese Immigrants Fear Losing Their Legal Status In The US

Honolulu Civil Beat - 27 Sep 2018
But Atifuk fears secession could eventually sever the treaty binding the U.S. and Chuuk and endanger the legal status for her and thousands of other Chuukese residents who are living, working and going to school in the U.S.. “I think it's going to be a ...
secession in the united states

Thousands Flee in Cameroon as Separatists Battle for New Nation

New York Times - 24 Sep 2018
The secession movement quickly picked up steam in a population that has increasingly felt marginalized since independence in the 1960s, when a referendum limited options for English-speaking areas to become a separate nation. Separatists in ...
secession in the united states

John Bolton Ups the Pressure on Iran

The National Interest Online (blog) - 05 Oct 2018
Bolton argued: “Iran-sponsored terrorist groups such as Lebanese Hezbollah, Hamas and Palestinian jihad continue to pose a threat to the United States and our interests. . . . This is not the Obama administration, would be my message to Iran and ...
secession in the united states

The rigging of American politics

Vox - 16 Oct 2018
Donald Trump is the duly elected president of the United States. Republicans hold a majority in the US Senate. Elected officials bear no responsibility to follow public opinion. Yet the left sees Kavanaugh's confirmation as illegitimate, and they're ...
secession in the united states

Russia backs Bosnia's integrity amid Serb calls for secession

Reuters - 21 Sep 2018
Lavrov, however, gave no public support for the separatist move, saying there is no alternative to the Dayton peace agreement, the U.S.-brokered peace deal that ended Bosnia's 1992-95 war. “We support Bosnia's sovereignty, territorial integrity and the ...
secession in the united states

Review: 'Sharp Objects' revives the Midwestern Gothic tradition

The Dartmouth - 19 Oct 2018
Airing in July this past summer, HBO's “Sharp Objects,” an adaption of “Gone Girl” author Gillian Flynn's book of the same name, sets out to remind its audience of what is unique to the identity of the Midwestern United States and what is possible ...
secession in the united states

UVA's Civil War Story Is Not All Confederate

University of Virginia - 20 Sep 2018
But many others remained pro-slavery and supported the Union because they believed slavery would be safer in a united country,” he said. “Their Unionism was often practical – they wanted to protect their families and ...

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