A penumbral lunar eclipse took place on September 16, 2016, the... - dofaq.com
september 2016 lunar eclipse

Should Sadhguru be Hosted by India's Top Colleges?

The Quint - 17 Sep 2018
In one of his blogs on the Isha Foundation website, Sadhguru constructs a link between food poisoning and a lunar eclipse. “Certain things happen in the planet where anything that has moved away from its natural condition will deteriorate very fast ...
september 2016 lunar eclipse

Here's Your Lunar Eclipse Viewing Guide

Discover Magazine (blog) - 29 Jan 2018
On the morning of January 31, people with clear skies across western North America will have front-row seats to the first total eclipse of the Moon since September 2015. For 76 minutes, the full moon will lie completely immersed in the darkest part of ...
september 2016 lunar eclipse

Total lunar eclipse "trifecta" on January 31st

Phys.Org - 26 Jan 2018
January 31st will be a busy day in the sky, as three skygazing events are occurring together. First, there's a total lunar eclipse—the first time the moon has been completely immersed in Earth's shadow since September 27-28, 2015. Second, this event ...
september 2016 lunar eclipse

Century's longest lunar eclipse July 27

EarthSky - 30 Apr 2018
The total phase of the eclipse – called the totality – spans 1 hour 42 minutes and 57 seconds. That's in contrast to the shortest total lunar eclipse of this century, which occurred on April 4, 2015, and lasted 4 minutes and 48 seconds. And it's in ...
september 2016 lunar eclipse

Mars closest to Earth on July 30-31

EarthSky - 13 May 2018
Yadi Suryadi in West Java, Indonesia, wrote: “The moon became red when it began to reach the peak of the total lunar eclipse (right), and the red planet Mars around its opposition (left).” Early morning of July 28, 2018. Mars is closest in spite of ...
september 2016 lunar eclipse

Wednesday briefing: 'Pay with cash' – Trump on tape

The Guardian - 25 Jul 2018
On the tape from September 2016, Cohen can be heard explaining to the then presidential candidate how he would finance the purchase of the rights to McDougal's story. Trump interrupts Cohen to ask: “What financing?” Cohen tells Trump: “We'll ...
september 2016 lunar eclipse

Total lunar eclipse will be visible in Belgium on Friday

The Brussels Times - 25 Jul 2018
However, the full cycle of the lunar eclipse will not be visible in Belgium, the Observatory noted. The moon will rise in the southeast at around 9.30 p.m. and will already be totally eclipsed. It will have a reddish look and will be visible until the ...
september 2016 lunar eclipse

Supermoon, blue moon, total lunar eclipse to appear together

Scottsbluff Star Herald - 07 Jan 2018
The total lunar eclipse will be visible in central and eastern Asia, Indonesia, New Zealand and most of Australia, across the Pacific Ocean and in western North America because the Pacific Ocean will be turned toward the moon at the time, according to ...

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