The Serbian Campaign of World War I was fought from late July 1... -
serbian campaign of world war i

The Serbian Campaign of World War I was fought from late July 1...

wikipedia - 07 Nov 2016
The Serbian Campaign of World War I was fought from late July 1914, when Austria-Hungary invaded the Kingdom of Serbia at the outset of World War I, until the war's conclusion in November 1918. The front ranged from the Danube River to southern Macedonia and back north again, and it drew in forces from almost all the combatants of the war.
serbian campaign of world war i

Croatian Serb Leader Sees Campaign Behind Anti-Serb Incidents

Balkan Insight - 11 Oct 2018
A growing campaign against Croatia's ethnic Serb minority is jeopardising efforts to secure their rights and overcome the legacy of the 1991-95 war, a prominent Croatian Serb leader has told BIRN, days after he was pelted with scraps of food at the ...
serbian campaign of world war i

Serbian Women Still Fear to Say #MeToo

Balkan Insight - 17 Oct 2018
A campaign emphasizing the level of sexual harassment against women was bound to have a far stronger impact in public there than in Serbia, where histories of struggle for progressive values have long been marginalized and deliberately neglected. Even ...
serbian campaign of world war i

Russia's low-cost influence strategy finds success in Serbia

Washington Post - 03 Oct 2018
BELGRADE, SerbiaSerbian President Aleksandar Vucic looked giddy as he bounded across an airfield to accept a newly arrived gift from the Kremlin: Soviet-era fighter jets, castoffs by Russian standards but a treasure for a Balkan ally with few ...
serbian campaign of world war i

America's Biggest Battle, 100 Years On

National Review - 26 Sep 2018
Americans had put the world's most formidable fighting forces in the field against each other in the 1860s but had mostly forgotten the arts of war by 1917, when about 14,000 Americans (two-thirds the size of the Continental Army in mid 1776) were all ...
serbian campaign of world war i

Putin, Vucic Discuss 'Future Steps' on Serbia-Kosovo Deal

Bloomberg - 02 Oct 2018
While other ex-Yugoslav states Croatia and Slovenia have joined the EU and NATO, Serbia, Kosovo and Bosnia remain in limbo as world powers jostle for influence. In the Republic of Macedonia, Russia backed the opposition's campaign against a vote that ...
serbian campaign of world war i

Can land swaps bring lasting peace between Serbia and Kosovo? - 05 Oct 2018
The enmity between the men is clear; they were wartime enemies during the 1998-1999 Kosovo War, when separatists fought for Kosovo province to secede from what was then Serbia-Montenegro. Serbian forces were driven out of Kosovo in a NATO-led military ...
serbian campaign of world war i

Nato chief hails Serbia partnership despite 'painful' past

Times of India - 08 Oct 2018
In a speech kicking off the 40-nation civil emergency drills, Stoltenberg acknowledged lingering public unease over Nato, which conducted an 11-week bombing campaign in Serbia nearly two decades ago to force the end of a bloody war between Serb ...
serbian campaign of world war i

Honouring the Cypriot Muleteers of World War I

Cyprus Mail - 30 Sep 2018
The Salonica Campaign was perhaps the most diverse of the First World War, involving around 600,000 men in six national contingents: British, French, Greek, Italian, Russian and Serbian. Within the British and French forces were also found units from ...
serbian campaign of world war i

Hall Of Remembrance

Daily Mail - 11 Oct 2018
Explore the story of the never-built Hall of Remembrance and the artworks created to commemorate the First World War. This experience uses the latest web technologies to create a 3D experience. Please ensure you are using an up-to-date version of your ...
serbian campaign of world war i

Serbia to acquire sophisticated Chinese drone systems

B92 - 20 Sep 2018
Not sure, but you seem to have forgotten the fact that your Puppet Master (NATO/West) bombed Belgrade for 78 days straight - a world record actually, bravo to the bullies. If you also recall, during this 78 bombing campaign, plain Serbian citizens were ...
serbian campaign of world war i

Tension flares in Kosovo over possible land swap with Serbia

The Seattle Times - 29 Sep 2018
PRISTINA, Kosovo (AP) — Tension flared in a familiar section of the Balkans as thousands of people marched Saturday in Kosovo's capital against a possible territory swap with former war foe Serbia, while the Serbian government put its troops on alert ...
serbian campaign of world war i

Patriarch's Ukraine Bombshell Will Echo in the Balkans

Balkan Insight - 12 Oct 2018
The Ecumenical Patriarch's own act this week in recognizing the independence, or autocephaly, of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine, may turn out to be less seismic – but is still threatens to cause a major split in the world's Orthodox churches. ...
serbian campaign of world war i

What went wrong in eastern Europe?

Open Democracy - 18 Oct 2018
After the experience of fascism and the Second World War, liberal democracy became widely accepted in western Europe as it was simultaneously entrenched in a social-democratic welfare state. Eastern Europe was subject to a Soviet-style modernisation ...
serbian campaign of world war i

The World Cup Was Another Blow to the Stick to Sports Movement

Grandstand Central - 21 Sep 2018
The formation, fall, and re-formation of governments and states under and after occupation during the global conflicts eventually came to an end with the conclusion of World War II. Both Serbia and Albania were folded into Soviet republics during the ...

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