SyFy tweeted out the best parts of Sharknado 6 so you don't need to watch it -
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Tara Reid claims she's fine after bizarre interviews

Page Six - 22 Aug 2018
Tara Reid wants everyone to know that she's fine in the wake of a string of concerning interviews in support of her new film, “The Last Sharknado: It's About Time.” “I'd like to thank my fans from the depths of my soul for their continued support ...
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The Last Sharknado: It's About Time - 15 WTF Moments

WhatCulture - 22 Aug 2018
Some five years after the original Sharknado premiered on SyFy and became a surprise social media phenomenon, the sixth and apparently final entry in the series has made its dubiously awaited TV debut. Aptly - and hilariously - titled The Last ...
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Broadway World - 20 Aug 2018
Revealed over the weekend at the Sharknado 6 movie premiere in LA, Sharknado VR: Eye of the Storm celebrates THE TERROR and laughter of the famous fan-driven SHARKNADO movie franchise as well as adds a few new surprises not seen in the films.
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Sharknado 6, nel trailer finale draghi-squali e dinosauri - 20 Aug 2018
Come si vede nel trailer finale diffuso in questi giorni, e come anticipato negli scorsi mesi, Sharknado 6 vede i protagonisti della pellicola (e in particolare Ian Ziering di Beverly Hills 90210) viaggiare nel tempo per eliminare la minaccia alla ...
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Schlechter wird es nie mehr: "Sharknado 6"

n-tv NACHRICHTEN - 23 Aug 2018
Von Hedviga Nyarsik. Mit "The Last Sharknado: It's about Time" neigt sich die Kult-Reihe über Hai-Tornados dem Ende zu. Doch nicht ohne bombastisches Finale. Nun wird quer durch die Zeitgeschichte gegen feuerspuckende und laserschießende Haie ...
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The Last Sharknado Review

IGN Southeast Asia (blog) - 21 Aug 2018
The Last Sharknado is almost non-stop cluster-chaos. It used to be that we quasi-cared about the oddball bouquet of pop-culture midway rabble recruited for a Sharknado adventure, but this time around, for the sixth movie, I found myself heading in ...
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'The Last Sharknado' serves up stale buffet of warmed-over gags

CNN - 17 Aug 2018
(CNN) Proving even bad things must come to an end, the "Sharknado" franchise breathes its last -- at least for now -- with its sixth installment, "The Last Sharknado: It's About Time." Ridiculous even by the title's standards, this loud, obnoxious time ...
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What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Raine Michaels

Maxim - 14 Sep 2018
You've seen Raine Michaels before, but not like this. The 18-year-old daughter of Poison frontman Bret Michaels and actress Kristi Gibson is on a mission to ascend the ranks of the ultra-competitive modeling industry. She's already clinched one of the ...
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Hurricane Florence Won't Bring Sharks. It's Not Sharknado - 13 Sep 2018
The premise appears to have derived from the Hollywood movie Sharknado and its sequels. Some people are sharing a photo of a supposed news broadcast revealing that “Florence now contains sharks.” However, it's fake. That hasn't actually been reported ...
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The Last Sharknado: It's About Time jumps the shark

Hidden Remote - 21 Aug 2018
In this endeavor, The Last Sharknado mostly succeeds. Mostly. It's horrible. The story starts off just where Sharknado 5: Global Swarming ended. Fin (Ziering) and Gil (Dolph Lundgren) were bonding in a time traveling HMMWV. To be quite honest, it's ...
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Paste's Power Rankings: The 10 Best Shows on TV Right Now

Paste Magazine - 21 Aug 2018
Sharknado , Syfy's cult-classic franchise, is both the worst and the best kind of made-for-TV movie, and for that reason alone, some of us can't help but watch. The sixth and final installment, The Last Sharknado: It's About Time adds time travel to ...

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