Shayne Lamas in a Coma -- Loses Baby -
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Shayne Lamas in a Coma -- Loses Baby - 10 Feb 2014
Tragedy has struck the Lamas family -- Lorenzo Lamas' daughter Shayne (famous for her stint on "The Bachelor") has just lost her baby from a freak pregnancy complication ... and she's in a coma. TMZ broke the story last month -- Shayne and her husband ...
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Lorenzo Lamas' Ex Wife Dies At 60

Radar Online - 22 Jan 2018
Smith, who passed away on Lorenzo's 60th birthday, was only 60-years-old and was the mother of former Bachelor star Shayne Lamas and her brother AJ. PHOTOS: Inside George Michael's Home — See Where The Singer Died. Smith appeared on the Lamas' hit ...
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You survived a heart attack. What do you do now?

Miami Herald - 25 Feb 2018
For many people who survive a heart attack, a long road to recovery is before them, as well as the need to change their lifestyle. “A heart attack is really a cold glass of water in the face for most individuals. It can really depress them. Most people ...
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Shayne Lamas Hospitalized After Miscarriage

People Magazine - 10 Feb 2014
Shayne Lamas miscarried after being rushed to the hospital, but is otherwise in good condition after a medical emergency, according to her father. “We are so grateful that my daughter, Shayne Lamas-Richie, is conscious and stable. She is not in a coma ...
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Shayne Lamas Speaks Out After Miscarriage, Medical Scare

People Magazine - 20 Feb 2014
Shayne Lamas, who was rushed to the hospital a week ago after a medical emergency, wants to let everyone know she is doing better. The former Bachelor star was 16 weeks pregnant but lost her son after doctors found that she was bleeding internally ...
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'The Bachelor': Every Reason Why the Couples Broke Up

The Cheat Sheet - 20 Oct 2017
Next: Matt Grant and Shayne Lamas. 11. Matt Grant and Shayne Lamas had nothing in common. Matt Grant told Radar Online that the two had “nothing in common” and that she was “no way appropriate for me.” He said he understood why producers supported ...
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Shayne Lamas and Her New Hubby Post Matching Tweets

People Magazine - 20 Apr 2010
Shayne Lamas got engaged after a whirlwind romance on The Bachelor in 2008 – and now she's gotten married after another brief courtship. The reality star and daughter of Lorenzo Lamas tied the knot with Nik Richie, founder of, over the ...

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